SM: "Angels ... they are there, sometimes working through a human form to help you in many ways."

--- In, "Violet"
> Dear Jagbir,
> Thank you for your email:
> i have a better understanding of the great responsibility that you
> and your wife have, since you have actually explained that it has
> been revealed that both Kash and Lalita are angels. You and your
> wife are blessed indeed, and so are we, who believe in angels.

Thank you Violet for expressing the outpouring of joy that Shri Mataji expected from SYs. It was supposed to be a blessing for all SYs to deepen their faith and convince all others - Hindus, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Sikhs that She is indeed the incarnation of the Adi Shakti.

Few understand the sheer immensity of Her powers in not only enabling Kash and Lalita to witness Her, but also ensure their births took place on the holiest days in Christianity and Islam. This is an essential fact to authenticate the identity and divinity of Shri Mataji sent to deliver the Good News of the Last Judgment and Resurrection. Only the Shakti entrenched in the scriptures can harmoniously synthesize the three great religions of Hinduism, Christianity and Islam and bringing their followers together.

What now humbles me into Silence is that, while i was wallowing in drunken stupor and wantonness till I reached 42, She was quietly going about and laying the groundwork required to complete Her work. Only the Adi Shakti can accomplish and set in motion a chain of events to unfold in a preordained pattern. We are yet to witness the end of this Divine Drama that will run well into the future.

> Your email has evinced a need for some more information in order
> to understand things better. As Shri Mataji has said that all
> Sahaja Yogis are "angels", what is the difference between Sahaja
> Yogis being "angels", which Shri Mataji has also called us... and
> Kash and Lalita being "angels"? Does this just mean that they
> are "completely-born-realised souls"... or that they are "special
> angels" that we would know the identity of... if you told us. (Are
> there any particular angels that accompany Shri Mataji, or is it
> just all the angels?)

"Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi attended this recent Sahaja Yoga public program held at Albert Hall, London, UK. Below is a quote from the Sahaja Yoga News magazine:

"Then She asked if anyone wanted to ask questions. A stream of questions began and again Sri Mataji turned many of them into a joke and got everyone laughing. It felt very luxurious as though we had all the time in the world, that everyone was going to be completely satisfied.

Somebody asked Her about Angels and She said that Angels are like the flowers. They are beautiful. You cannot see them but they are there, sometimes working through a human form to help you in many ways." "

Carol Robertson, Sahaja Yoga News, 13/10/00

I think when Shri Mataji says we SYs are all angels it is more a figure of speech. Definitely, there are SYs who are angels, great souls who have accompanied the Adi Shakti to help complete Her task and ensure victory. But they are just unaware of their past lives. However, the majority of SYs are just self-realized souls on the verge of attaining moksa (liberation). Kash and Lalita are ancient liberated souls. I did not ask Shri Mataji of their identity and have no desire to. Neither are any of them interested nor think nothing much of themselves.

> Also... i realise that angels are known to be the "Messengers of
> Truth", who usually announce the Incarnation of someone, like what
> happened at Shri Jesus's Time, when i think it was the Angel
> Gabriel who announced the fact to the Blessed Mary, Mother of
> Jesus that She was to have a "special child" born to Her.

Yes, angels are messengers of Truth and Message, and act on behalf of God Almighty to help deliver it.

> Another interesting thing that i believe that i remember Shri
> Mataji telling us... is that "Michaelangelo" (the Sistine Chapel
> painter) was also an incarnation of the Archangel Michael. Maybe,
> you would like to confirm that, but i am 99.9% sure Shri Mataji
> stated that this was the case... and that She also stated that
> the "angelo" bit at the end of his name means "angel".

I believe I heard the same from SYs in my early years.

> So, given the fact that it has been revealed that Kash and Lalita
> are "angels" incarnated, this should not be too shocking to
> spiritually knowledgeable Sahaja Yogis at this Last Judgment and
> Resurrection Time, when it has also been predicted in the Koran,
> and when Shri Mataji has also stated that She has come with all
> the angels together.

When Shri Mataji has also stated that She has come with all the angels together, it means both visible and invisible. Kash has told me that all the deities are around Shri Mataji and guarding Her at all times. These deities/angels cannot be seen with physical eyes but they exist. So it is true when Shri Mataji says the deities are around Her, especially during pujas when all are present to bear witness.

Only those SYs who know the scriptures thoroughly, especially the Bible and Qur'an, will be able to understand and believe that angels are essential to validate this Last Judgment and Resurrection Time. Since most are just in the subtle system kindergarten we cannot blame them for their ignorance and disbelieve. To proclaim Shri Mataji as the Comforter sent to deliver the Divine Message of the Last Judgment and Resurrection requires the testimony of special personalities which Shri Mataji talked about a decade ago. Only now it is clear they are angels.

Christianity and Islam demands that angels must bear witness to any Divine Messenger. This is what the Qur'an says about the Spirit who reveals the Message of the Resurrection during the present Night of Power:

We have indeed revealed this (Message) in the Night of Power:
And what will explain to thee what the Night of Power is?
The Night of Power is better than a thousand Months.
Therein come down the angels, and the Spirit by Allah's permission,
On every errand: Peace! This until the rise of morn!

surah 97:1-5 Al-Qadr (Night of Power)
(Abdullah Yusuf Ali, The Holy Qur'an, 1989.)

The Qur'an is clear that the Messenger of the Resurrection must be accompanied by angels. The angels accompanying Shri Mataji were born on the holiest days of Christianity and Islam - Lalita on Easter Sunday (April 3, 1994) and Kash on Id Al-Adha (October 19, 1980). So Shri Mataji is telling the truth when She said that She has come with all the angels. By this She also means invisible angels eg. the angels attending Her Guru Puja at Camp Talooli, Syracuse, USA on July 16, 1995 which the Adi Shakti confirmed to be true:

So we have both visible angels in human form and invisible angels in spirit form bearing witness to surah 97:1-5 Al-Qadr (Night of Power), leaving no room for Muslims to wriggle away.

> So... if you care to explain a bit more, i am sure that (not only
> myself, but others too) will be only too joyful and happy to hear
> more about this good news, and the spiritual knowledge that you
> say they have given, especially for Her Devotees. (Of course,
> those old fuddy-duddy-priestly-class will never be happy about
> that. You will wait till the Kingdom of God is established on
> Earth, and i am sure they will still be unhappy about the Kingdom
> that they thought they were going to rule on Earth).

I remember Kyyan and others requesting more information on Shri Shiva, Hanuman and Sita/Rama. This is where i have stopped since the negativity was overwhelming. Remember me telling that i can feel the havans initiated against me. Let Shri Mataji destroy this negativity first.

> However, there are a lot of us who are open to the Truth of the
> Spirit, and we don't give a "fig" if the John Noyces of this world
> break out into an allergic reactions. Let them! Let them sweat it
> out of their system! Let them stew in their jealousy juices! The
> more you give them, the more they will stew in it! Good. If
> jealousy is what they feel, then that is their own problem. Why
> let such narrow-minded religious dominators dominate the mystical
> beauty of Shri Mataji's Truth. They have dominated it and detained
> it for long enough! And... it looks like they have been trying to
> even dominate angels now. This is not surprising at all, of
> course. It is to be expected of the same ones, who also declare
> that they are the Will of Shri Mataji now. It all is
> very 'horribly logical' now... exactly what is happening. It is
> the priestly class having their last fling for Power on Earth...
> power over the masses.

Kyyan has given evidence of the dire straits of the Vancouver ashram, the headquarters of the Inquisytion, and i am waiting for Part 2. The problems are almost the same in most SY collectives worldwide. It is evident that the stubborn subtle system camel is dying of thirst. After all these years, we can now afford to wait a bit longer and bear witness to the impending death throes.

> Alternatively, however, as far as the rank and file SY's are
> concerned, it may finally open their eyes and spiritually awaken
> them to a greater truth than their 'fenced-in and very externally-
> focussed' Sahaja Yoga Subtle System Religion that the priestly
> class organised so well for them, so all that they had to do was
> YOGI!" i am sure it will help SY's in general to liberate them
> from the Formula of Sahaj that has been organised and imposed upon
> them by leaders, especially when they hear and understand the
> amazing Revelations that the Shakti has given... especially for
> Her Devoted Devotees. According to Shri Mataji: "It is especially
> for them!"


I have a weak swadhisthana, Left side to be precise, can u please tell me any talk of Mother in which She has talked on Swadhishthana chakra mostly or any puja cassette related to Swadhishthana... I'll be greatfull

Thanking in anticipation

With Love for my siblings

> i now have something of interest to tell you... Jagbir... as well.
> Only it is such a vague memory, that i can only give an indication
> of it. i will tell what i can vaguely remember: -

Violet, you have brought to memory a chain of events that i never knew happened, events that are critical to evidence the authenticity and powers of Shri Mataji. Future generations will marvel and pay homage to those who strived so hard against the odds to lay the foundation of Her Divine Message. i am indeed fortunate to have you. Or is it that She is using Her instruments to complete Her task?

> i recall Shri Mataji telling in person because i heard Her speak
> it and (i can't exactly remember the venue), but it was in Sydney,
> Australia somewhere, and it was either the third-last or the
> second-last major visit to Australia. The date therefore was
> between 1993-1995-6).
> Anyway, She told the group of Sahaja Yogis that there were
> two "special personalities" who either would be born or were to be
> born in Montreal, Canada (i can't remember which it was)... so
> please bear with me on that account. i think She said something
> about them being children at the time, or one was born, and
> the other 'yet to be born'. (i just can't remember which it is.)

So Shri Mataji did talk about them. This is so comforting to hear Violet.

i also heard something to that effect in my early days i.e., about Canada being the place from where Sahaja Yoga will spread. Our `leader' Robert and wife Lisa who lived in Val David, Quebec, told this to us in Montreal. It was then that i thought it may have to do with what Kash was daily witnessing and revealing about Shri Mataji. (However, i never suggested it to anyone since no one was interested in what Kash was experiencing. As far as they were concerned, he was just having some sort of visions due to serious Agnya problems.)

Perhaps that is the reason why Montreal, Canada was chosen to hold the North American Guru Puja at Camp Interval, Quebec, Canada on July 23, 1994. Since there were so few SYs in Montreal i was wondering why hold a grand Puja. This may well not be the reason why such a puja was held in Quebec but i did hear that Canada would be the place from where Sahaja Yoga will spread.

> (Btw. the reason i remember the place as being Montreal, Canada,
> is because i come from Canada too, and i agreed wholeheartedly
> that Canada should be so blessed to have such "special
> personalities" born there, and i visualised this in my mind, as
> being Montreal Canada at the time, and pondered on that, and felt
> very happy for the country of my birth... being blessed too.)

Canada is indeed a blessed land. i welcome all to immigrate and make it their home.

> In any case, according to Shri Mataji, their incarnation (of these
> two) would be that they are "special personalities" which would
> give a great blessing to mankind because they would confirm Her
> (Shri Mataji's Incarnation). i will even go as far as saying that
> Shri Mataji might have said that they too, were some kind of a
> special incarnation, but i am not sure... but i think that was
> what Shri Mataji was saying. (It seemed like that to "me", anyway,
> but i could have misunderstood Her; it could be that by
> saying "special personality, i only understood it "myself" as some
> kind of special incarnation).

Violet, this is just unbelievable. Since reading it there has been much joy and relief. It is as if She has given me a weapon to fight and destroy all Her foes. You have lifted a heavy burden off my back. Thank you so much my sister.

Since this is the case why should SYs still be jealous? Why should WCASY members like Alan Wheery and Viktor Bondar continue preventing SYs from visiting/linking to Why should John Noyce continue spying on this forum and report to his master Alan Wherry?

> She also said that they were yet to grow up and that we would not
> really hear much about them until they were older. She also said
> something about them not actually being in the Organisation of
> Sahaja Yoga itself, but they would be doing a separate job... a
> job about giving confirmation of Her Incarnation. Shri Mataji said
> that She only needed to mention this, and that there was nothing
> that we needed to do about that information, but that we would
> know about them at a later time.

All Shri Mataji said have indeed come true. None of my family knew this but still it took place as She said would happen. i just don't know what to say. Only the Adi Shakti can manifest such powers and i bear witness and present evidence that She has fulfilled what She said a decade ago.

> (Jagbir this memory came back because you revealed that your
> children are "angels" according to the Revelations of the Shakti.
> That triggered this memory, which was there somewhere in the
> background since 1993-1996) but which i had hidden.

i would not have mentioned about them being angels but a chain of events just brought forth the issue. i believe the mention of Alan Wherry's email to Viktar Bondar triggered these events and forced the issue. Today i am glad it happened and Chuck's words carry great weight, almost prophetic in nature: "I believe we are going through a very great change which is commencing as I write this."

> What Shri Mataji told was most enigmatic for me. For a start,
> children who had yet to grow up; then people who were not even in
> the Organisation of SY; then confirming that Shri Mataji is an
> Incarnation...what is that all about? There were too many unknown
> factors, plus the fact that Shri Mataji was so casual about it,
> and said it was not necessary to do anything about that; that time
> would reveal everything.

It is obvious that such a number of unknown factors, at times even confusing and vague, would have quickly faded from collective memory. The fact that it was not necessary to do anything only ensured SYs forgot the whole issue over time.

> Can you blame me for being so vague, then, with all these what i
> would call quite 'wishy-washy' type of information, which seemed
> to have little relevance for me at the time... and then also being
> told that we do not need to have any concern about it. No wonder my
> memory is vague, and not only that, "special personalities" is not
> a thing Shri Mataji talked about really. She said everyone was
> special, so that was another reason, i never remembered this till
> you mentioned the word about Kash and Lalita being "angels". That
> obviously triggered this "special personalities" memory that Shri
> Mataji told that day. i am sure most SY's won't remember either,
> because these seemed like such petty details at that time, and
> really meant very little to us Sahaja Yogis. There was no
> understanding by myself also. Who would understand such a thing?!)

Yes, all these do seem like petty details of a causal talk. Now it evokes memories and fulfils the hope and great expectations long forgotten.

> So... i thought i would tell you this, then... of what i have
> remembered about Shri Mataji having told us. i can tell you i
> would never have remembered this, if you had not told the "angel"
> word.
> warmest regards,
> violet

Thank you Violet for all this. You have no idea how much all this means to my family. Maybe the Inquisytion will end now.

warmest regards,


> --- In,
> "Violet" wrote:
> >
> > Dear All,
> >
> > i have received an email in which the sender who prefers to
> > remain anonymous, reveals why SY's believe that there is no link
> > to Jagbir's websites and forums on the official SY website. i
> > also want you to know that this sender reworded their email for
> > purposes of confidentiality, before they would give me
> > permission to post it for them. They just did not want to be
> > victims and have to endure the by-now-famous "John Noyce
> > Clearing Treatment of Sahaj Love" ... which is known to clear
> > yogis right out from the Organisation of Sahaja Yoga, against
> > their own will... just for speaking up and telling the Truth
> > about Shri Mataji... and also for revealing that the WCASY have
> > an Inquisition Department (which i'll bet most yogis
> > do not even know about as yet, because they have been led to
> > believe that the Inquisition Department is actually the White
> > Knights Department, who are there to protect them)... that is...
> > until they want to find out for themselves and read this forum
> > with an open mind and heart, and do not allow themselves to
> > remain indoctrinated by anyone... but to really find out the
> > truth for themselves... "like a scientist".
> >
> > Anyway... here is the email: -
> >
> > "There was someone really nice who has been in SY for quite some
> > time that I spoke to about the forums, and I wanted to know what
> > this person thought of Jagbir's forum, and about there being no
> > link to it on the official website. This person told me that
> > Jagbir's children have high vibrations, and that people are very
> > jealous. I think that there are a lot of people who do
> > appreciate and understand what Jagbir is doing. Jealousy is
> > behind a lot of behaviour that hurts people."
> >

Articles based on Shri Mataji quotes:
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"A great war is taking place between satanic forces and Divine Forces"
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"After all we are all human beings created by one God"
"All the people laugh at us, nobody believes us."
"All these rituals have entered into Sahaja Yoga."
"Among Muslims there are Sufis... who are realized souls"
"And now the time has come for it to be blasted.
"Announce it to all the seekers of truth, to all the nations."
"Anyone can commit any sins in the name of religion."
"But if you put one little fish and two eggs for ten people"
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"But this Judgment is so beautiful ... you enjoy the bliss of your Spirit"
"But you know that you have eternal life. You can never die."
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"Do not destroy your spirit by going to such people."
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"Now watch. I will change the direction of the waves."
"No reality in those Divine Force working"
"Pure knowledge is not of chakras, vibrations, kundalini but of God"
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"The expression of the Adi Shakti within you is the Kundalini."
"Christianity has nothing to do with Christ."
"The time has come for you to get all that is promised"
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"They came to Sahaja but they said "We cannot worship Goddess."
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"Your job is, in a way, greater than the saints and sages."
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