Shri Mataji confirmed approval of book for a total of FIVE times!

Dear Violet,

i only felt good vibrations from what you have written.

Yes, Shri Mataji did say that "Everybody can publish a book with their experiences and their understanding of Sahaj Yoga. It will help Sahaja Yogis also." Only myself asked Her again and again if i should write and publish Shri Adi Shakti: The Kingdom Of God. The reason is that i knew SYs would be opposed to the book unless Shri Mataji approved of it.

Given below is an account of Shri Mataji's third and what i had believed to be Her final approval to write the book.

On September 18, 1997 i was summoned by Shri Mataji to meet Her in Toronto. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi requested my son Kash and his younger brother be brought back to Canada from Dharamsala, India. This was because world leader Yogi Mahajan, who briefly knew about the contents of the book, was adamant in expelling them. He labeled Kash as possessed and demonic just because this child could meet the Shakti in his own Sahasrara.

There was somehow not even the slightest ripple of reaction from me when Shri Mataji. For some reason, in my thoughtless state, the most ridiculous of charges by Yogi Mahajan sounded like music to my ears. Shri Mataji had done Her best to keep Kash in Dharamsala (twice for the matter and Dr. Ashish Pradhan is the witness in Cabella), but Yogi Mahajan overturned even Her final decision.

When Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi had finished talking about the school board charges the issue of publishing this book was again raised for the third time. i had accepted all allegations with complete calmness and was prepared for a negative answer. This would be the best opportunity for the Great Divine Mother to stop its publication. Kash, the very child to whom Shri Nirmala Devi had revealed Her Ultimate Reality, was facing serious charges; accusations that he and his brother vehemently denied, but fabricated by Yogi Mahajan to force them out. (Their mother had already crumbled under the onslaught of recent events. It was she who reminded me to make sure that Shri Mataji's permission to publish the book be again obtained. In her mind these Revelations were still for the family only, and the Great Primordial Mother might terminate publication of this book — and give her family some peace of mind.)

Shri Mataji told the leaders and SYs present that permission had already been granted previously, and there was no need to ask again. i spontaneously raised my folded hands high above my head in Namaskar and exclaimed, "Jai Shri Mataji!" (Victory to the Mother!) The Great Divine Mother ended the meeting with Her blessings of Anant Ashirvad (Everlasting Blessings) to him in his endeavor.

But the negativity continued and Yogi Mahajan began a subtle campaign to discredit and demonize the family. Being the most powerful world leader he had far more ears eager to listen. Subsequently these mouthpieces carried out his campaign over the years. Even his subsequent fall and expulsion from Sahaja Yoga by Shri Mataji did little to stop these murmuring souls.

So in order to again stop these chamchas (groveling but aspiring underlings) of Yogi Majajan from destroying the Truth i again requested Manoj, the North American leader, that Shri Mataji confirm the contents of the book on two more occasions i.e, once in Cabella 1999 and next in India 2000 ........ for a total of fives times. FIVE TIMES!

Even then Her answer was the same. In fact She was so happy that She congratulated me before leaders and SYs in Cabella 1999 with these words, "Jagbir, tumne kamaal kardiya!" (Jagbir, you have performed a miracle). She was beaming in happiness and joy that i had managed to write such a detailed account and give evidence of Her presence in the Sahasrara, a fact that She has always claimed. (That is why i have addressed the Shakti in the Sahasrara with the 1000 Names of Shri Lalita Sahasranama)

. i remember so many SYs excited and thrilled by that approval. Where are they now? Why are they silent when murmuring souls and negativity continues to work to destroy the Truth that Shri Mataji has left for all future generations? Does Shri Mataji's approval obtained five times not enough for these murmuring souls?

Why don't they ask Shri Mataji for the sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth or tenth time instead of branding me a non-SY? And where today is that all-powerful world leader Yogi Mahajan who started all this? Looks like that these SYs do not have this kind of recognition. ... their capabilities are not up to that. The intense jealousy in their hearts is too much to bear. i ask them this - What if the same had happened and your children had similar experiences daily for years? Would leaders have approved if children of council members, instead of mine, been able to meditate with the Shakti in the Sahasrara? Would Yogi Mahajan labeled his own daughter possessed and demonic if she was able to meet the Shakti in the Sahasrara? You can bet your last dollar that just a single "yes" from Shri Mataji would have been more than enough to publish a book ............. because the children of the 'chosen ones' are more gifted than those of ordinary SYs. It cannot be the other way round by reason of pedigree.

However, i am happy to hear that certain member(s) of WCASY have passed judgment against me, over and above that of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. It is my wish that they now do so officially instead of spreading rumours that i am not a SY any more. If they do not do so then you should know the real culprits behind this excommunication have done so on their own, without Shri Mataji's advise or permission.

From what i know these people are acting on their own i.e., a council member or two asking the local collective facilitator put pressure on you to quit or be punished. There is not a council decision at all. Just hang on Violet because these control freaks Down Under have absolutely no right to remove you from the collective. On whose orders is this Inquisytion acting on? Are they members of the dreaded ASSS (Aussie Sahaja Secret Service)?

If i were you Violet i would go to the local collective and call the bluff of these dominating personalities. They have picked on you because you are the most vulnerable. These domineering and control obsessed facilitators are acting on their own as no other country is following them? So go to the local collective and call their bluff because i know a loose world council canon is firing on its own. The remaining 30 canons are silent and have no idea canon #AW29 is malfunctioning and firing on its own.

These de-winged Aussie 'leaders', now demoted to facilitators, are still trying to flex their muscles .... er, i mean wings. They have absolutely no right or power to remove/excommunicate any SY. But, sadly, they have high aspirations to become canons too. That is why muskets like RP295 and JN362 are trying to emulate and please canon #AW29. (Are they actually trying to turn this in a Church? Then they should be called local collective priests.)

But i will see how many SYs will they throw out of Sahaja Yoga just because WCASY do not want them telling the truth, even though Shri Mataji has always encouraged us otherwise. Let the Divine Drama play on!

warmest regards,


BTW, why am i feeling good vibrations despite being thrown out of Sahaja Yoga by WCASY? i know for sure that i will only grow more deeper and stronger with the guidance of the Shakti within. Let's see who is better in the end-game. i am not throwing an empty challenge and will single-handedly complete the advancement of the Divine Message to humanity if WCASY force my hand. Don't ever think that you have more power than the Shakti and can organize the truth the way you see fit! Let sleeping dogs like me lie in peace because my bark is worse than my bite. You murmuring souls should stop prodding and goading me for no rhyme or reason. You people have caused my family much pain and anxiety for more than a decade and yet you continue despite even my leaving the collective to find peace of mind. So do not force me to play the endgame because the Truth will only destroy those against it:

"The Truth which is absolute has to express itself in these Modern Times. And even if it is not accepted it will never die. On the contrary, if it is not accepted, it will expose all falsehood and destroy it."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

--- In, "violet_tubb" wrote:

Dear All,

I have been told by the local collective facilitator (new name for `leader' in Australia) that the World Council's stance regarding these websites is...

"All we have to do is give Self-Realization"..."Jagbir is not a Sahaja Yogi"... and "the World Council do not want Sahaja Yogis to partake of Jagbir's websites".

I would sincerely like to know if it is really true that this is really and truly the World Council's stance on these websites,which are the only ones I can see which reach into the outside world to give the Full Message of Shri Adi Shakti to all "Her Flower Children" which I believe from my understanding of what Shri Mataji has taught us, refers to All Her Children, in the whole wide world... non-Sahaja Yogis as well as yogis.

Shri Mataji has told us at her Birthday Puja Talk (Synopsis) on the 21st March 1993 in New Delhi that: -

"I hope many people write books. I am sure books can be written by every doctor. Everybody can publish a book with THEIR EXPERIENCES AND THEIR UNDERSTANDING of Sahaj Yoga. IT WILL HELP SAHAJA YOGIES ALSO. All those who have such ideas should make an effort to create new books, some new ideas, new creations. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT, because in these modern times, people want to do something new; something novel. UNDER THESE CIRCUMSTANCES I AM SURE IT WILL WORK OUT."

The above statement of Shri Mataji gives Sahaja Yogis a 'blanket' approval to write honestly and truthfully of our own understanding of the experience of the great gift of Sahaja Yoga that the Divine Mother, the Adi Shakti has given to us, in order to share it with the whole wide world. Everybody needs to know about Shri Mataji's Full Message of the Last Judgment and Resurrection which fulfills what Christ and Mohammed Sahib talked about. Shri Mataji also says that She believes that "under these circumstances it will work out."

No World Council of SY or `facilitator' needs to give Sahaja Yogis permission to publish when this permission has already been granted by Shri Mataji Herself, who has not only given us permission to do so, but actually ASKED us to do so. It really is that simple.

However, it does not seem simple to Organization SY. Because I have taken Shri Mataji at Her Word and doing as She has asked, I have been asked to quit these websites (and the order is purported to come from the World Council). When I explained to the facilitator that I am my own guru and I have to do what I believe is right in my own heart and mind, it was made very clear to me that my being my own guru made me an uncomfortable catalyst for 'so-called disruption' within the collective, who already have had to cope with the downgrading of their leaders from being called 'leaders' to now being called 'facilitators'. Facilitators now have a big job on their hands because till now instead of encouraging yogis to be their own gurus, they have made them listen to what they think is right. Surely there is every good reason to change such a negative trend, so yogis can have freedom of speech to express their own understanding of the Divine Message of Sahaja Yoga. This individual expression is the only way that the world will grasp Shri Mataji's Message.

I am not a 'follow the leader' type, especially when it goes against everything i have learned from Shri Mataji. Therefore I have said that if it makes the `facilitator' happy I won't attend the collective anymore. I was not asked to leave by him. I volunteered to stay away, so that he could feel that he had more control of the situation.

I have subsequently been unsubscribed from the local collective SY websites when i have done nothing wrong. All i have done is stand up for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. If doing what Shri Mataji has asked us to do results in such a consequence, then i accept it and am will leave it to the Divine to work out. I am not cut off from the Global Collective, or from Shri Mataji Herself.

Shri Mataji has talked about dominating personalities in Sahaja Yoga. This is from the Australian Sahaja Newsletter 25 April 1998: -

"She (Shri Mataji) talked a lot about "dominating personalities", people who think they are controlling everything and feel responsible all the time... how they hurt and torture others...and specifically about leaders in Sahaja Yoga who think they can tell others what to do and make people afraid of them by saying that Mother has said that and threatening to tell Mother if the people do anything wrong. Shri Mataji said She is never angry with us only sometimes for the "play". She appears angry but that a Mother can never be angry... She only loves. She said these people who dominate others get some kind of cruel joy from treating others like this. And that some people are always in the front and She knows who they are... that they think they are important and must always be there... but really they are not so really happy people... that is why they do it. She said that animals are aggressive to each other but that they have a hierarchy, a structure... it is not random cruelty... but that human beings can be cruel for no reason. She said some people think that to be a `leader' is to be something... they call Her and ask to be `leader', so what can She do."

(Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Easter Puja, Istanbul 1998)

Things have changed now. Facilitators do not now say "Mother has said that you must"... instead they now say ... `the World Council have said you must do thus'. So what has really changed?

Here are excerpts of a letter written to me from a yogi in a country where they treasure their freedom of speech. This yogi writes...

"Dear Violet... It is horrible to know you were pushed to the point where you had to stop visiting your collective. It just cannot fit my mind how that is possible. For me it looks like a thought control that they are concerned with the way you understand things. I don't understand on which right someone tells you whom you can support and whom you cannot.

We have a large collective, but I have only two cases on my memory where people were asked to stop visiting sahaj events, and both cases were based on those people's immoral actions towards the collective. There's no way for us to control every sahaja yogi's understanding, and we are not even able to know all the people, and everyone is enjoying, grows in the diversity of understandings, which are there of all kinds.

All this is very frustrating and I don't understand this, it shouldn't be like that.

I'm sending you a lot of love and my support. Maybe you should take time and write more so that the Truth was uncovered fully in the internet."

Because of the encouragement of this fellow yogi I have been encouraged to do just that.


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