Shri Mataji: "No, he is not Shiva, on the contrary he is the opposite."

"We are forwarding an email sent to us by a yogi who works in the area of psychiatry. Some of us have known for a long time about all what you've written in regard about Sir C.P. We have kept quiet for a long time because out of respect for our beloved Shri Mataji. Now it is time to reveal the real truth. Thank you dear yogi for revealing much of the truth to us."

from Igor Gulik
reply-to Igor Gulik
to Jagbir Singh
date Sat, Oct 22, 2011 at 1:44 PM
subject one more letter about events of the past
Important mainly because of the words in the message.

Good day, jagbir,

it's igor from Russia. I've been following the forum. The last post 13437 made me send you a letter i was reforwarded to in February, just after Shri Mataji's Mahasamadhi. I don't know a name of the person who sent it originally to group of sy's named themselves as '4truthinvishvanirmaladharma':

From today onwards 4truthinvishwanirmaladharma will stop. So please don't send any more emails. Thank you to all the yogis who had shared your heartfelt stories and for supporting us.

We are forwarding an email sent to us by a yogi who works in the area of psychiatry. Some of us have known for a long time about all what you've written in regard about Sir C.P. We have kept quiet for a long time because out of respect for our beloved Shri Mataji. Now it is time to reveal the real truth. Thank you dear yogi for revealing much of the truth to us.

Shri Mataji has told a handful of us in person (not in dreams) on different occasions & separately, who Her husband is really is. One time She was laughing so much when She heard about the rumours which went around that Her husband being Shri Shiva. Suddenly She stopped laughing and said in a serious voice "No, he is not Shiva, on the contrary he is the opposite of Shiva". On other occasions She really said that word r...... about him. As for the other 2 things you mentioned Shri Mataji had confided to some of us separately on separate occasions & how we had to witness Her crying because of what he had done to the Adi Shakti.

Shri Mataji You are free from this 'human' body which was poisoned by drugs. Our love for You is fixed in our heart forever. Jai Shri Mataji!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: 23 February 2011 16:50

I write to you from the position of a mental health professional as well as a sahaja yogi to inform you that I have witnessed many times in my career the devastating side effects of Risperidone which leave the patient long term very poor quality of life. Risperidone also has been the cause of very painful & unpleasant death in many patients.

In the case of Shri Mataji, She being the Shri Adi Shakti, She has been able to over come the devastating side effects of these terrible drugs (the toll on Her as been obvious).

I note with sorrow how in these very sad days when Shri Mataji`s health is failing peoples are arguing and fighting amongst themselves. As we are in Her body it is not, is it, auspicious for us to be quarreling with each other. We should be still and silent praying to Her for forgiveness for all our errors and desiring Her wellbeing and not causing Her more distress.

Shri Mataji has given us the best years of Her life - She has loved us, healed us, nurtured us and taught us how to be deep and dedicated personalities devoted to God and this we must eternally aspire to and adhere to come what may in the future.

In Her honour I reveal the truth - here are facts from eye witnesses going back several years and who are prepared to testify to these truths should the need arise.

In the early days of sahaja yoga Shri Mataji could be found crying and said that Her husband was violent to Her. Several yogis actually saw cp raise his hand to strike Her and Her automatic reaction of shielding Her face (implying that this had happened often). He was also known to be having affairs with young girls. Is this the behavior of Lord Shiva - definitely not - this is the behavior of a rakshasa.

Other witnesses have seen through the years how Shri Mataji`s family have abused Her through the use of force - regarding drugs given and through threats of physical harm and through the repeated shouting at Her - totally disregarding Her feelings and totally disregarding Her Divine Nature and the retribution that must surely follow at some time.

In 2003 at an Inaugeration in India Shri Mataji gave a speech during which She said that the men of Uttapradesh were violent towards their wives and later in the speech She said that Her husband came from there. The english subtitles to this talk were removed.

Soon after this event the long term drugging of Shri Mataji began.

In 2003 a yogi wrote to all the leaders notifying them about Shri Mataji being drugged with risperidone and other drugs. There is also the letter of cp confirming the same - for anyone to read. So no leaders can deny knowledge of the same and but for a few leaders who did not tow the line (by agreeing to the drugging) and who consequently had to leave sahaja yoga or were thrown out all the other leaders are complicit in this horror for the last seven years.

Can anyone tell me which form of medicine Shri Mataji favours - has She not always said Aryueveda is best followed by homeopathy and way down on Her list is western medicine - so why would She decide to use alleopathic medicine for Herself - see it doesn`t add up does it. It is far too harsh for Her very sensitive chakras and subtle system.

In 2003 Shri Mataji asked Dr Engelbert to visit Her and She told him to tell Her family to stop drugging Her or She would jump out of the window. Such was the pain and distress to Her of the drugs. Dr Englebert went to Her family to protest against the drugs and one of Her daughters screamed at him and told him never to come back.

In 2004/5 a yogi who is also a doctor was shocked to see that the prescription for Risperidone was 4 times the dose.

Another yogi was serving Her and went into Shri Mataji`s room - she saw a tray with many drugs on it and the yogi was very upset and shocked also to see the appalling side effects of each drug.

In Australia Shri Mataji was with Doctor Ramesh and Bogdan and they were seen to be about to inject Her with drugs and She said why don`t you give Me more. They said this could kill you. She said Go ahead and do it why not. The suffering She was undergoing for us was too much.

Towards end of 2007 a yogi was told by Doctor Wells that he was administering risperidone to Shri Mataji and why and it was a complete nonsense - a mental health drug for a salt imbalance!

All the doctors are also a very guilty party in this very wicked scenario (as well as the family) as they are colluding with the family and agreeing to their requests to silence Shri Mataji with drugs. The doctors story that they only drugged Shri Mataji for two years is a total lie as it started in 2003 and Dr Wells was talking of doing it in 2007.

In 2007 at Diwali Puja Shri Mataji spoke to give a very serious warning to us all about our behavior and how we need to act.

In 2008 at Guru Puja Shri Mataji spoke of us being our own guru and to act independently now as we have all the powers. She also said if you remember that She wished to retire from public life - did you allow Her to do that - did you allow Her to rest or did you clamour for yet more and more pujas and events to gratify you needs completely denying Her needs to have peace and solitude.

Before Babamama died he warned about the family and what they're going do to Shri Mataji.

You need to judge for yourself the right course of action for you to take now - is it to detach yourself and introspect this situation and distance yourself from all the evil and so survive with a clear heart and conscience.

Or are you one of those who vilefies people brave enough to stand up and speak the truth and stand by Shri Mataji in Her hour of need.

We need to be careful now as history will record our actions and our allegiencies. If anything kill Shri Mataji it was the drugs and the evils surrounding Her.


P.S. Here are fragments from three other letters receved in spring-summer this year concerning Shri Mataji's husband:

'Sent: Tue, March 22, 2011 10:26:19 AM
Subject: Fwd: Fw: Dear All Sahaja Yogi brothers & sisters
Jai Shri Mataji!

Your email was forwarded to us and it's much appreciated that more yogis are coming out to stand up for the Truth, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

The family wielded great powers over the running of SY & many of the leaders ever since they drugged Shri Mataji. In Eruope alone there are about 50 yogis on the payroll. The manager of some dubious title, Robert Hunter, is being paid around Euro 5000 per month. Corruption committed by the family, including Sir C.P. is well known in Europe but was very much under wrapped purely out of respect & love for Shri Mataji when She was living...'


'... this has caused the world collective to become mesmerised by the most powerful of the rakshasa`s the evil 1000 headed kaliyan - who is cp'...


On Thu, May 26, 2011 at 5:17 AM, Vishwa Nirmala Dharma
<> wrote:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: 25 May 2011 08:07
To: Vishwa Nirmala Dharma <>


On one occasion when I had the opportunity to do some house-cleaning in the inner sanctum of Shri Mataji's living area, I was unaware that cp had come into the room. I was bending down collecting some things off the floor and out of the corner of my eye saw cp standing nearby...the first thing that stunned me was how furious he was at finding me there, and the second thing, which took my breath away, was the impression of a very, very strong huge serpent-like tail seeming to trail away from his tall frame all the way into Shri Mataji's bedroom, and the third thing was, how dark was his aura!

It is only fitting that the one to challenge the Divine Kundalini at the time of Sahaja "Kundalini" Yoga is it's opposite force, pure matter, embodied in the form of Kaliya/Kaliyan, who in turn is the embodiment of Kroni, the primodial evil. When it is the ultimate of greatness that is the outcome of Sahaja "Kundalini" Yoga, so too must be the greatest of falls, into the hands of evil, Kaliya, whose enticement is money and the power that money brings.


Jagbir, of course, i understand that you and most authors of the forum put another meaning into the word 'Truth' if we compare it with the way it was used in above mentioned letters.



Oct 24, 2011
SYs are collectively furious against the crimes against Shri Mataji.

Dear Igor, Kyyan, Violet and all,

i too am distressed and screaming in silence at the way Shri Mataji had been abused by the cabal that was WCASY. Sir CP craftily declared the WCASY as representing Shri Mataji's Will and country leaders fell over each other to serve him and his daughters in gratitude. Sir CP, the wily fox with decades of bureaucratic experience, had all of them indebted to him. He knew he could even get away with 'murder'. i doubt he misses Shri Mataji.

But Sir CP _never_ believe that Shri Mataji was the incarnation of the Adi Shakti. Neither did the daughters, son-in-laws or their children. So striking, abusing or poisoning Her was bound to happen, and Shri Mataji had to endure them. She also had to endure all the leaders and SY doctors who continued to drug Her against explicit written instructions. So how different are they from Sir CP?

There is one truly disturbing fact. In all these recent years of public exposure of the wrongdoings by warring SY factions against each other none has ever charged the other of this: the editing out of the advent and message of Shri Mataji (eg. the Nov 27, 2006 email). SYs are collectively furious against the crimes against Shri Mataji. Yet they remain unaware of their own crimes against humanity. One day they will know the latter carries a far heavier penalty. Reason: They were helpless to stop the crimes against Shri Mataji and can be forgiven but they collectively participated in the crimes against humanity, and continue to do so.

i am glad that we denounced Sir CP long before his dark nature was exposed. Years ago we had no inside evidence to nail him. But we had the conscience then. We have it now. We will have it in future too. But that is insignificant compared to the conscience of declaring the advent and message of Shri Mataji in its entirety. Period!




Mon Nov 27, 2006
Dear Jagbir,

Jai Shri Mataji! We're so glad to have been told about your Shri Adishakti website because it has been very difficult and frustrated of not being able to express our views in these past two years due to the total control of the Sahaj official website and national websites around the world by WCASY and their followers.

My husband and I, who have been in Sahaj for more than 20 years, truly admire you and your family for having such tremendous courage and inner strength to stand up for the Truth and sticking to your principles because we also have been subjected to similar fate as you have been through in the past 3 years. We also have great admiration for those true yogis like Sergei, Guido, Derek, Al Ganesh, Henry Ho, the late Dr. Harald Knobel, Avinash and several more of my true brothers and sisters, whose characters have been tarnished, vilified and defamed publicly around the world in recent years by WCASY and their followers. How many times have Shri Mataji talked of Love? It is so apparent that after all these years they've never felt God's love in their heart and this is why so many of them have fallen in the spider's web.

However much they try to attack and discredit me, they can never ever ever destroy my spirit, my faith and my love for Shri Mataji which are a permanent fixture in my heart! I must say, there have been times when the attacks they inflicted upon me was so horrendous that it has posed risk to my health and danger to me and my family, I thought I would not be able to last any longer. My survival through this awful time only comes from the protection, guidance and love of Shri Mataji and using clearing and cleansing techniques which She has recommended to us on a regular basis. She would come into my dreams regularly before, during or after an attack either to forewarn, to indicate, to soothe, to advice, to love, to correct or to reassure me.

My family and I withdrew from the collective which has nothing to do of how we've been treated, but it has to do of how they, disgustingly, have been treating our Holy Divine Mother, God Almighty, Shri Adi Shakti for the past 3 and a half years. Often I would cry my eyes out and feel so ashamed of us as human beings who have been giving the greatest blessing of all and look at what they've done in the name of God. They violate Her Divine body by silen(cing) Her with this anti-psychotic drug, they parade Her around without any respect for Her physical well being, they have group photos taken with Shri Mataji in order to pamper their ego, they totally disregard all protocols which are needed to be observed for Shri Adi Shakti, they anointed and pontificated Sir C P and claimed publicly that Shri Mataji speaks through him and that he is Shiva, they sanctified Kalpina and Sadna by using shri before their names, they show photo of Sir C P's feet in the official website, they praised Sir C P by chanting "Bolo, shri papaji qui jay!" at the last Diwali puja, and finally, the ultimate sin committed against Shri Mataji is that they are doing their utmost to destroy by politicising, organising and distorting the teachings and works of God Almighty!

Shri Mataji has said that She is the Adi Shakti and She is the only Incarnation on this earth, are they deaf or what? For all the years we've been in Sahaj, of course we've great respect Sir C P and his family, we never once regarded them as SYs. The only member of the family who is a SY was Shri Mataji's beloved brother, BabaMama. I would like to ask if anybody has witnessed any members of the family worship, meditate and bow to Shri Mataji at pujas in all these years?

I know that those who are now considered as 'outsiders' will continue carrying the divine flame of Shri Mataji's and no one on this earth, particularly the WCASY and their followers, can stop us from spreading the True Message of our Holy Divine Mother. Gregoire had mentioned about fear in us, but do they have fear of the wrath of God?

Jagbir, we'll keep in touch.



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