Shri Mataji said there was no knowledge before about the 7th chakra

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I did not have any reply from Jagbir yet because at first I sent a long email to him under Xxxxx Xxx, then I realised the people in XXX will easily make it out who it is, so I immediately cancelled the previous one and changed to a new email under Xxxxx Xxx. I've also sent him couple of emails under this new name to enquire if he has received my first email. I hope he doesn't think that I'm playing pranks on him.

My husband told me that Shri Mataji said there was no knowledge before about the 7th chakra and which incarnation is ruling it. She said it was meant to be a secret about Her and the opening of the Sahasrara because it was too futuristic and the people were not ready collectively. Like Shri Kalki, we're not to know who he will be in person because He is the future. I knew of a little girl of nine told me few years ago that she dreamt all the people wearing kurtas and punjabis (I guess she meant yogis) were standing looking up towards the sky and came down a white horse with somebody on it, but this person was covered in cloud and mist so she could not see his face but only his legs and the horse. 10 or 12 years ago some yogis were collecting photos of children around the age of toddler up to age 2 for Shri Mataji, apparently She wanted to see who is Shri Kalki. Christ mentioned on the cross "Behold the Mother" "I will send you the Comforter, the Redeemer, Who will teach you all the knowledge and give you all the techniques." Something in that line. But it was left open who this incarnation will be. Lord Buddha predicted 2500 years ago Maitreya, the future Buddha, will restore dharma and give illumination to mankind collectively, Maitreya's pacify smile will awaken in man the consciousness of Nirvana which is hidden in the depth of the being, but he did not mention if Maitreya is to be male or female. Shri Mataji said that Matreya means Mother of the three channels.

Shri Adi Shankacharia who was an incarnation, lived in the 12th cent., asked his older brother who is also a saint for permission if he could talk openly about the kundalini because it was a secret then and it was not meant to talk about it. Shankacharia did not talk about it but he wrote a book about Shri Mataji in every aspect. Shri Mataji said that he described Her in Her form that She is now, even down to Her physical appearance, the lines on Her back, how Her hair falls on Her back like snakes. Because he was unknown hardly anybody read his book in those days and even now. There have been some scriptures mentioned about God as a female power but through the influence of churches and translation into western language has been changed into male. But none of them describes Shri Mataji as She is now.

In regard to false gurus, one of the well-known leaders who is now an outsider mentioned to me recently that Shri Mataji told him that some of these false gurus like Rajneesh used Her speeches to make it if it's their own.



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