Shri Mataji: The Book of Thomas "talks about Sahaja Yoga out and out."

Stevan L. Davies, The Gospel of Thomas
"There may be very little time left to take the adventure into total being that the Gospel of Thomas advocates with such astringent brilliance and precision. In such a terrible age as ours, it is easy to believe that the dark powers, the powers of that corpse of the world that the Jesus of Thomas so fiercely denounces, have won already, and there is nothing even the most passionate of us can do to turn around a humanity addicted to violence and destruction.

Despair, however, is the last illusion. The Gospel of Thomas and the Jesus who gave it to us continue to challenge us to dare to become one with the Divine and start living the revolutionary life that streams from union and that can transform all things. This worst of times needs the clearest and most unflinchingly exigent of visions to counteract and transform it; in Jesus' words in the Gospel of Thomas and in his living out of their reality through and beyond death itself into the eternal empowering glory of the Resurrection, we have the permanent sign of the Way, the Truth, and the all-transforming life that, even now, can build here on earth the reality of God's Kingdom."

Stevan L. Davies, The Gospel of Thomas
Shambhala Library (December 2004) pp. xxvi

May 25, 2011
Dear disciples of the Paraclete,

Just can't believe i found this:

The Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
"Actually, thank God they have found out now the book written by Thomas who has described Gnostic way of life, where gnya means 'to know.' In Sanskrit language, gnya means 'to know,' gnya. So he has described very nicely the gnostic life. This was the Gnostic Bible, or whatever we call it, saying about a personal experience of achieving God realization, Self-realization. It talks about Sahaja Yoga out and out."

The Paraclete Shri Mataji
Christmas Puja, Pune, India 25 Dec. 1987

So we are 100% on the right track! We should read the appended Fri May 13, 2011 post again. It will confirm, yet again, that critical aspects of Shri Mataji's message have been edited out by those in charge of Sahaja Yoga.

The appended post not only vindicates the past and but also comforts the future: "Without question it is Jesus! Again, and again, and again, and .... ... again. Absolutely! 100%! No question about this finality! Take a leather sandal and each hit my Sahasrara 108 times if i ever waver! You have my word that my head will be offered if i ever deviate, or err!"

And since you have Shri Mataji's word that the Gospel of Thomas is "a personal experience of achieving God realization, Self- realization. It talks about Sahaja Yoga out and out", then deviating or erring is now out of question.

When Shri Mataji told us back in 1987 that the Gospel of Thomas "talks about Sahaja Yoga out and out", She meant it explains Sahaja Yoga most precisely. One does not say "out and out" unless conviction is unshakable. Yet not a single SY since 1987 bothered to check. Neither did any country leader, WCASY member, coordinator, Sir C.P. or anyone else for the matter.

Today is May 25, 2011 and Shri Mataji has died. Nearly a quarter century has passed since She told us about Thomas. We are beginning to resurrect Her core message of Self-realization, starting with the Gospel of Thomas. We should feel good that we are no longer diseased by the SYSSR and will attain Self-realization exactly as Shri Mataji and Jesus wanted.

For those in SY collectives and here too, it is going to take a long time to rid oneself of the SYSSR. You will have to let go completely of the SYSSR/SY collectives if you want to achieve Self-realization. i can assure you that the SYSSR is not Self-realization, but only the brief, initial rising of the Kundalini (being born of the Spirit). You do not need the SY collective, or any other person for the matter to attain Self-realization. On the contrary, you are in grave danger of not attaining the salvation (moksa) promised by both Jesus and the Paraclete as you allow intermediaries to lead you i.e., the priests and bishops of Sahaja Yoga preaching their SYSSR.

The Gospel of Thomas: The Enlightenment Teachings of Jesus
"Pagels concludes:

"Could the title of The Gospel of Thomas—named for the disciple who, tradition tells us, went to India—suggest the influence of Indian tradition?"

Dr. Marvin Meyer, Professor of Bible and Christian Studies at Chapman University, is one of the foremost authorities on Gnosticism; the Nag Hammadi Library (having edited the first edition of the English translation); and so-called apocryphal, or non-canonical, texts.

He studied the

"...early form of spirituality that emphasizes gnosis, or 'knowledge'— mystical knowledge; knowledge of God and the essential oneness of the self with God. This spirituality is commonly described as 'gnostic,' but there was a debate in the ancient world over the use of the term, and that debate continues to the present day among scholars. Such a direct approach to God as is to be found in the gnostic spirituality requires no intermediary—after all, God is the spirit and light within—and the evidence from the early Church, and the heresiologists (heresy hunters) within the Church, indicates that the priests and bishops were not pleased with these free-thinking gnostics."

In gnostic texts,

"Jesus is primarily a teacher and revealer of wisdom and knowledge, not a savior who dies for the sins of the world. For gnostics, the fundamental problem in human life is not sin, but ignorance; and the best way to address this problem is not through faith but through knowledge."

The Gospel of Thomas: The Enlightenment Teachings of Jesus
Robert Wolfe, Robert Wolfe, Karina Library (Nov 11, 2010) pp. 37-38

That knowledge must be complete and not corrupted. Unfortunately, those who took over and organized in the name of Jesus and Shri Mataji have edited out the most important of their teachings i.e., the knowledge or gnosis of Self-realization and life eternal. The difference between the Church/Sahaja Yoga is that of heaven and earth.

This will be your last birth on earth if you follow both Jesus and the Paraclete Shri Mataji. That finality is promised, and the Cool Breeze confirms evolution into the eternal afterlife. The Spirit World (Heaven) awaits all who achieve Self-realization. Please do not allow the negativity of corruption and editing out of knowledge make you fall when the end of a multi-million-rebirth journey is so near.

The Supreme Devi awaits your arrival. She is the Mother that Jesus and all other incarnations meditate on in the Spirit World. She is the Holy Spirit that Jesus talks about in the Gospel of Thomas:

The Way of Jesus Christ
"The second idea sees behind the human motherhood of Mary the motherhood of the Holy Spirit. The ancient Roman baptismal creed therefore has the parallel formulation 'born from the Holy Spirit and Virgin Mary', Believers experience the motherhood of the Holy Spirit in their own 'miraculous birth' from the Spirit of God. That is why the Gospel of John directly precedes its statement about the incarnation of the eternal Word by saying: 'But to all who received him, who believed in his name, he gave power to become children of God; who were born, he gave power to become children of God; who were born, not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man, but of God' (1.12, 13). If those who believe in Christ are 'born from the Spirit' to be God's children, as the metaphor says, then the Holy Spirit is the divine mother of believers—and of course the 'virgin mother.' The ancient Syrian and the more modern Moravian doctrine about 'the motherly office of the Holy Spirit' has its roots here, as well as in the function of the Paracelete, who comforts as a mother comforts....

When we remember the feminine symbolism about the nature and activity of the Spirit which we find in Jewish, Syrian and Christian traditions, this idea is not wrong or inappropriate. In the Gospel of Thomas, Christ talks about the Holy Spirit as his 'mother'."

The Way of Jesus Christ: Christology in Messianic Dimensions
Jurgen Moltmann, Harpercollins (December 1990) pp. 83-84

So, again, do not fall down by following the Church or the Sahaja Yoga organization. Just follow the teaching and knowledge of Jesus and the Paraclete that has been edited out by them.

"[...] what Jesus taught which was of real meaning in his life was not about founding a new religion, a church riddled with priestly mediators between "sinful man" and forgiving God. This corruption of his message was long suspected..."

The Gospel of Thomas: The Enlightenment Teachings of Jesus
Robert Wolfe, Karina Library (November 11, 2010) p. 204

Of all the gospels, it is the Gospel of Thomas that overwhelmingly confirms Shri Mataji's Self-realization (Atmajnana). It leads to the Kingdom of God (Spirit World) promised by both Jesus and the Devi. Absolutely!



Fri May 13, 2011
Shri Mataji's Blossom Time, ignored and unattended for so long, became a backyard of weeds

> The book has the author's articles concerning Jesus' explanation of
> Self-realization. There is no incarnation who has the depth and
> vastness of enlightenment as that of Jesus. His precise, priceless
> knowledge and technique required for attaining life eternal are
> beyond reproach. It is unassailable! It is unsurpassable! It is a
> way of daily life like no other, one that is beyond the ignorant
> masses and their religious leaders to attain.

All four books about the Gospel of Thomas have arrived. They are just incredible. A casual leafing left me with this:

We have become blind, deaf and dumb. That is the only conclusion and closure to all these years and decades of negativity. All our experiences--being born again (kundalini awakening), feeling the Cool Breeze (Paramchaitanya), keeping the commandments/sayings (chakras and catches) etc.--are but the teachings and message of Jesus Christ.

Everything that is called Sahaja Yoga is but the message of Jesus, now completed by the Paraclete (Adi Shakti). Sahaja Yoga is nothing but the Resurrection. Sahaja Yoga is nothing but the Last Judgement. Sahaja Yoga is nothing but entering the Kingdom of God promised by Jesus.

But why have Jesus' teachings been edited out again? Again, as they were two thousand years ago? Or should i say the Paraclete's teachings?

Yes, the negativity has made us blind, deaf and dumb to all that is nourishing, eternal, divine and wholesome. i forgot "promised". How and why so many succumbed is beyond my comprehension. Shri Mataji's Blossom Time, ignored and unattended for so long, became a backyard of weeds. i cannot display anger because there is none left.

But what stumps me is why it is taking so long for those overcome by the negativity to come to their senses. What happened to their conscience? Why are they still paralysed and unable to act? Why are they 'against' Jesus and not Sahaja Yoga? Why are they fanatical in their subtle system beliefs, yet oblivious to the source of their faith? Why are so many acting in such a bizarre manner?

However, for those of us here there is no need to answer. Again i must repeat: The Self-realization that Jesus wants us to achieve is beyond words. Nothing comes a close second. There is no scripture or prophet to compare. Jesus is a spiritual revolutionary par excellence. His Sayings brings one to the doorstep of the Kingdom of God, and beyond into eternity. His is a way of life on earth, a life that answers and fulfills the deepest meaning of human existence.



April 29, 2011
Self-realization: Jesus' approach is outright revolutionary, one that will be cursed by ecclesiastical authority today

Dear disciples of the Paraclete Shri Mataji,

i have come across a most amazing book by Richard Valantasis and ordered it after coming across the sayings of Jesus that left me silenced .......... for loss of words to describe their immense depth and grandeur:

The Gospel of Thomas (Richard Valantasis)
Order Placed: April 27 2011 order number: 701-1624392-6645XXX
Order Total: CDN$ 21.49 (Second-hand)

The book has the author's articles concerning Jesus' explanation of Self-realization. There is no incarnation who has the depth and vastness of enlightenment as that of Jesus. His precise, priceless knowledge and technique required for attaining life eternal are beyond reproach. It is unassailable! It is unsurpassable! It is a way of daily life like no other, one that is beyond the ignorant masses and their religious leaders to attain.

i totally agree with this customer review:

"I know that Routledge has put out some amazing books and it quite suprized me that they would be interesting in publishing a book concerning the gospel of thomas. But nevertheless, this is a very scholarly book. The author does not delve himself into mindless speculation, but rather the hard facts. Those that have read Elaine Pagels' 'Beyond Belief' should rather focus their attention on this book if they wish to read a scholarly book at its finest. Definitely worth the price."

Yes, it is far better than Elaine Pagels 'Beyond Belief'. No question about that! Valantasis covers the entire Gospel of Thomas in rich detail and esoteric depth, which was what Jesus was trying to convey. Each saying is worth pondering. Many are priceless. Collectively, they all lead to _true_ Self-realization. i must emphasize "true" because Self-realization is far more than kundalini awakening and chakras.

i have never come across any Self-realization that conveys more meaning and awe. One can almost feel the presence of Jesus guiding from within. His teachings and warnings come to life today (and again you are assured that the edited and corrupted SYSSR is sure 'death').

The Self-realization that Jesus teaches is what the Paraclete and Spirit-Paraclete have revealed. With this book we can finally approach Christians and non-Christians alike concerning what is believed to be an overwhelmingly Hindu concept. It is not. Thus seeking God in the churches (and synagogues, mosques, temples and gurdwara) will cease. Jesus' assures us that we can and must worship God in Spirit and truth _within_ ourselves. A reader admits that the "addition of this book to the Bible would make this world a better place. We Christians would be more like Buddhists."

To be honest, i now understand Self-realization better. It makes much more sense. Jesus' instructions are down to earth, contemporary and brutally honest. Jesus' approach is outright revolutionary, one that will be cursed by ecclesiastical authority today exactly as it was anathema to them two millennia ago. Surely one must agree:

"Readers experience for the first time the irony and sarcasm possible in these collections of sayings. The narrative strategy has already invested the reader with a kind of full authority to find the community's interpretation of the sayings, a process that has guaranteed immortality. When we first hear about "leaders," they are giving bad information, directing the seekers' attention to the sky or under the earth. To follow such leaders results in getting lost. In contrast to such misguided leadership, Jesus directs the readers to understand their own empowerment: the imperial rule of God is found both within and without the seeker. True leadership directs the seeker inward to a new understanding of the self, and outward to a new understanding of the world in which God's imperial rule is manifested. The seeker guides the self into knowledge, requiring no external guidance other than the saying of Jesus that directs the seekers to themselves.

The important point is not only that there is a new understanding of an empowered self, but also that God's imperial rule must be understood anew. The location of God's imperial rule is not in the heavens, nor is it under the earth (other creatures would experience the rule of God first, if this were the case), but God's imperial rule is within and without the person. The interior location of the imperial rule, as Patterson (1993:71-72) argues, finds specific thematic parallels with Luke 17.20-21 ("for behold, the kingdom of God is in the midst of you") and perhaps with Matthew's "warning against those who would locate the kingdom in a specific place" (Matthew 24.26). The Kingdom of God in this saying, however, remains interior in that it emerges from self-knowledge and exterior in that it depends upon a self-awareness that leads to a new understanding of the mundane world.

This relocation of the imperial rule of God probably represents one side of an ongoing conversation among early Christian people about authority and power: some probably expected an apocalyptic rule of God inaugurated from the heavens (as Paul did in 1 Thessalonians), others may have experienced the church community itself as the inauguration of the reign of God (as Matthew did in his gospel), still others at once interiorized the rule of God and, therefore, reinterpreted its external significance (as in this saying).

This new awareness and understanding of the self develops from the kind of seeking mentioned in the previous saying. The readers, and the seekers, will find this understanding of the rule of God as they come to know themselves. Self-knowledge reveals the connection to the Father, not as an external adoption by a distant heavenly Father, but as "children of the living Father," a Father who is present and vital. The opposite of this self-knowledge is poverty: true wealth does not consist in anything but knowing self, poverty both as a state of being and as a condition of life follows from the refusal to seek.

All of these issues are intimately connected. The true self, the empowering strategy both of the narrator and of Jesus' sayings, the alternative understanding of the world, the redefinition of poverty both as ontological and social, the rejection of hierarchical leadership—all these conspire to create alternative understandings of self, relationships, and world. These alternatives work ascetically; they are a part of a systematic means of redefining and reorienting the seeker to the world (see Valantasis 1995b). They open the possibility of transformation and renewal through the interpretative practices outlined in the sayings."

Richard Valantasis, The Gospel of Thomas
Routledge; 1 edition (June 27, 1997) p. 44

So we will wait for the book to arrive. i believe Jesus Christ is to spirituality and eternal life what Che Guevera was to socialism and armed class struggle. Both were revolutionaries who urged radical means to confront and overcome the oppressors. Both paid the ultimate price and pain for their beliefs and struggle, Jesus far more.

But i said that "Jesus is to spirituality and eternal life". The arrival of the Paraclete Shri Mataji concluded His teachings, and has now set His radical spiritual revolution in motion. Upon the death of Shri Mataji the Spirit-Paraclete within took over, for all times.

The Self-realization that Jesus speaks about is as revolutionary as it is foreboding. It grants eternity to those who believe, death to those who taunt. The same fate awaits the world's ecclesiastical authorities poised to oppose it!

In the "Gospel of Thomas" Jesus promises to protect and nurture the tiny community of believers bearing that spiritual revolution till they are strong enough to set the world ablaze with the declaration that the Resurrection and Last Judgment has begun: "I have cast fire upon the world, and look, I'm guarding it until it blazes."

There is still a lot of work required to present the divine eschatological fire of the Paraclete in a manner that can be understood and accepted by the world. Above all, we need to persevere against the tens of thousands of SYSSR fools who tried to extinguish this fire. They almost succeeded but that danger is now gone. Without question, Shri Mataji has taken care of this negativity that nearly destroyed Her advent and message.

The eschatological fire will blaze one day. We have the Savior's word on that! And the Paraclete's too! In the meantime, the Spirit- Paraclete comforts as we wait for the eschatological fire to spread and set the world ablaze. It is only a matter of time.

regards to all,


May 21, 2011
Jesus: "But if you will not know yourselves, then you dwell in poverty, and it is you who are that poverty."

> i strongly believe "No rule, no ritual, no ruler" to be a necklace
> of priceless pearls, one whose simplicity, beauty, and warmth will
> attract many seekers in the future. That it was first used to state
> the core of Jesus' message, in as few words possible, will one day
> enter human consciousness on a global scale. It will be a 'sacred
> mantra' for all who seek Self-realization, and want others to
> achieve the depth of enlightenment that Jesus, the Paraclete and
> the Spirit-Paraclete have in mind. "No rule, no ritual, no ruler"
> will all they need to grasp, and follow for the rest of their
> lives. It will give them all the protection, guidance and comfort
> they need from all external forces!
> If we truly penetrate the depth of "No rule, no ritual, no ruler" we
> will understand Self-realization better ...... and foremost should
> be the priceless pearl of Silence! The rest of the pearls will be
> slowly realized over time.

Dear disciples of the Paraclete,

Until recently, i always considered Self-realization to be the domain of Eastern religions. Many a times i had asked myself: "How will Christians understand Self-realization?" There was no answer.

As far i was concerned, Self-realization was much more than this Wikipedia statement:

"Sahaja Yoga, created in 1970 by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, defines self realization as a connection with your self or the first encounter with reality."

As i have said before, i truly did not understand Self-realization despite the fact that my children experienced that encounter with reality hundreds of times. There was something still missing.

Over the last few days i have begun to realize that the Kingdom of God within that Jesus ceaselessly preached is the core of Self- realization. It has far more depth and reality than any other concept or path available. Moreover, and exclusive to the Savior's stamp of authenticity, His teaching of Self-realization begins with the experience of the Cool Wind, promised two millennia ago to all born of the Spirit. Unlike all other teachers, Self-realization is about evolution into the eternal spirit. It is an unprecedented spiritual path and journey. It bears the Savior's promise of assured success to all who follow. For me, Jesus word is sufficient. A promise is ...

Over the last four decades, hundreds of thousands who have attended the Self-realization programs of the Paraclete Shri Mataji have felt the Wind of being born again of the Spirit. It is but the first step to enter the Kingdom of God promised by Jesus Christ. It is Self- realization par excellence, far beyond human comprehension.

i have appended articles explaining Self-realization. That is the closest one gets to the brief meaning of Self-realization. Only then is it possible to begin gauging the chasm that separates humanity from the Kingdom of God within. i am disturbed by the difference between heaven and earth.

The question no longer remains: "How will Christians understand Self- realization?" It should be asked: "Who understands Self-realization?"

But that would only bring us back to this side of the canyon, again to the chasm that separates the Self-realization of centuries past from the Kingdom of God of the future. It is indeed the difference between heaven and earth. As Shri Mataji has said:

"There has been nothing written about Sahasrara before. In none of the scriptures Sahasrara is described. Nobody knew anything about Sahasrara. They just left it at the Agnya Chakra — finished! They could only go until Agnya and nothing has been written about Sahasrara so far. And there is no mantra written about Sahasrara."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
The Announcement, Sahasrara Puja, Fuiggi, Italy — May 6, 1990

The Paraclete might as well have said:

"There has been nothing written about the Kingdom of God before. In none of the scriptures Kingdom of God is described. Nobody knew anything about Kingdom of God. They just left it at the Agnya Chakra — finished! They could only go until Agnya and nothing has been written about Kingdom of God so far. And there is no mantra written about Kingdom of God."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
The Announcement, Sahasrara Puja, Fuiggi, Italy — May 6, 1990

Then we should be able to understand this:

"Today we are celebrating the opening of the Kingdom of God. On this day I must say it was a great happening that took place on all the humanity. It was such an achievement, which I never realized before. Now I can see that without Self-Realization it would have been impossible to talk to people.

Then this happened! I thought that how I will talk to people about it because no one would understand Me and it would be a big mistake on My part to say something about Kingdom of God because even about Kingdom of God nowhere in the scriptures something was described. It was absolutely an ambiguous description I would say where people could not even have thought there is a realm beyond Kingdom of God, and one has to enter that realm where is the Reality."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
You Dissolve Into The Divine Power
Adi Shakti Puja, Cabella, Italy — June 9, 1996

Those who have entered the realm have described the Kingdom of God that Jesus ceaselessly preached. Entering this realm of the Sahasrara within and encountering the Reality is Self-realization.

i will be posting in parts a lengthy article titled "Self-realization and the Kingdom of God" extracted from Robert Wolfe's "The Gospel of Thomas: The Enlightenment Teachings of Jesus". It is required reading in a series of extracts from books about Jesus' teachings on Self- realization and the Kingdom of God. It may take a few weeks or even months to extract all the necessary knowledge.

Jesus said that "if you will not know yourselves, then you dwell in poverty, and it is you who are that poverty." The Paraclete Shri Mataji spent four decades explaining about Self-realization and the Kingdom of God. It is time to hear the Savior's version. If you do not, or think that you know all about Self-realization, then it is you who are that poverty.

regards to all,


"Self-realization is a concept that has become widely popular in the Western and that has great influence from some Eastern religions. For instance, for the Hindu or Bharat religion self-realization refers to a profound spiritual awakening where there is an awakening from an illusory self identify image (Ego), to the true, divine, perfect condition that the individual is. The branch of Advaita Vedanta is the one that has especially developed this concept.

Furthermore, the method of meditation Sahaja Yoga, created in 1970 by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, defines self realization as a connection with your self or the first encounter with reality.

One of the definitions in the Western can be found in Merriam Webster's dictionary. It defines self-realization as "fulfillment by oneself of the possibilities of one's character or personality".

Also, Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers, American psychologists, developed the concept of self-actualization in Humanistic Psychology. Maslow defined then self-realization as "the impulse to convert oneself into what one is capable of being."

Based on Maslow, the most common meaning given to self-realization is that of psychological growth and maturation. It represents the awakening and manifestation of latent potentialities of the human being -for example, ethical, esthetic, and religious experiences and activities.

Aajit K. Das, in the International Journal for the Advancement of Counselling, compared and contrasted Maslow and Rogers' concept of self actualization with the concept of self-realization in Vedandic Hinduism and the two major schools of Buddhism: Theravada and Mahayana. The author concluded in this paper that the two concepts complement each other." Wikipedia

Living Nonduality

As Ramesh Balsekar has said, "...even for those who have already understood something very clearly, a particular statement made in a particular context often brings out a subtle aspect which had earlier escaped their attention. It is therefore important not to take a repetition lightly, as a mere repetition."

There is probably no person alive who has not pondered that which some intellects have termed "ultimate reality"—the source of animation and activation that expresses the phenomenon that we call life. Because this noumenon is immaterial, to the senses, it is sometimes described as "spirit".

An interest in the spiritual need not have any inherent relationship with what is defined as religion. It can be free of: required beliefs; worship of forms (or even the absence of form); dictates of regulated behavior; or ideas of right versus wrong. It can be free of all doctrine or dogma, allowing you to discern and verify for yourself what is true.

In the latter category, is an area of interest in ultimate reality (or the "spiritual") which is referred to as self-realization. This is a direct, unmediated confirmation of the nature of truth concerning the root questions of worldly existence: what can be said about this life?

There is a motivation for exploring this area, this personal investigation into our intrinsic essence. Each person, universally, possesses a sense of immediate and unique presence. This specialized sense of personification results in an experiential image or form which is characterized as our ego.

This ego plays a pivotal and crucial role in our relationships with other life forms. Resolving the questions about the nature of ultimate reality can have a profound effect on the isolation or alienation that we countenance from within the perspective of our encapsulating, or self-limiting, ego. It is this ego which is the progenitor of the bulk of the conflict which we daily experience, for the duration of a lifetime.

The consequence of the internal inquiry, into what you are that is in transcendence of the individual ego, is the revelatory awareness that is known as self-realization. This can be independent of any and all of the behaviors and attitudes that are associated with religion. This is not an inquiry into the supposed existence (or non-existence) of a god or gods, but an investigation into the relationship (if any) between the self, that you are conscious of, and the ultimate reality in which you are conscious of it. And this is a discovery which can be immediate and direct, without reliance on any religious propositions.

Robert Wolfe, Living Nonduality: Enlightenment Teachings of Self-Realization Karina Library; 2nd edition (August 2, 2009) pp. iv-v

"All three of my main kundalini teachers refused categorically to discuss the seventh chakra. They felt that this chakra should be encountered without preconceptions of any kind to interfere with direct experience.

It is therefore with a bit of hesitation that I write anything at all about this ultimate chakra... The Sanskrit name of this energy center is sahasrara, which means "to multiply by a thousand." In a looser translation, sahasrara means tapping into the infinite spiritual dimensions that lie beyond the personal parameters of consciousness. Awakening the seventh chakra is most definitely an experience in which we transcend our individual minds and enter into perfect conscious harmony with the infinite spiritual wholeness of the universe.

The ancient Chinese book of wisdom, the Tao Te Ching by Lao-tzu, begins by saying that it is impossible to vocalize a name for the ultimate God. In like manner there is no chant for this chakra. The sound that comes to you in meditation upon this chakra is nothing less than the sound of the universe vibrating directly within you...

Let me simply say that the seventh chakra is the swirling energy vortex located right in the top of your head and swirling also above the top of your head, where you transcend individual consciousness and tap into infinite consciousness. "You" are gone. There is no "you." There is only infinite consciousness, of which you are an integral part.

This egoless experience brings you into an ultimate state of spiritual bliss. In fact, the remarkable thing about the seventh- chakra consciousness is that it seems to be bliss itself. The universal consciousness, if we were to give it any label at all, would be Bliss Consciousness. This is all we can say."

John Selby, Kundalini Awakening, Bantam Books, 1992, p. 190.

Articles based on Shri Mataji quotes:
"A day will dawn when whole world would bow to this country India"
"A great war is taking place between satanic forces and Divine Forces"
"About Sahasrara nowhere in the scriptures something was described"
"Achieve your Self, become your Self"
"After all we are all human beings created by one God"
"All the people laugh at us, nobody believes us."
"All these rituals have entered into Sahaja Yoga."
"Among Muslims there are Sufis... who are realized souls"
"And now the time has come for it to be blasted.
"Announce it to all the seekers of truth, to all the nations."
"Anyone can commit any sins in the name of religion."
"But if you put one little fish and two eggs for ten people"
"But the Muslims do not want to talk about Resurrection at all"
"But this Judgment is so beautiful ... you enjoy the bliss of your Spirit"
"But you know that you have eternal life. You can never die."
"Death does not exist for you — It is finished... your spirit is free."
"Do not destroy your spirit by going to such people."
"Every religion has said you have to have Self-realization"
"For all people whom I gave Self Realization yesterday"
"He (Jesus) was the Holiest of the Holy. You accept that position."
"I don't care for your protocols and rituals. It is nonsense for me."
"I have to warn all the SYs ... Sahaja Yoga is the Last Judgment"
"I must say they are committing the greatest sin ..."
"I was with Him (Guru Nanak Ji), in fact with all of Them." - 1
"I was with Him (Guru Nanak Ji), in fact with all of Them." - 2
".... if you see around the world is in chaos"
"Indians have no goal as far as spiritual life is concerned"
"It is the greatest event of all spiritual happenings of the Universe."
"It means the Last Judgment has begun with full force"
"It will be slowly revealed by Me because ..."
"Like all the thieves of the world ... have taken over."
"Meditation is not to sit before the photograph"
"My actual sign name is Lalita ... the name of the Primordial Mother"
"Nobody has to change dresses or anything - it's nothing outside."
"Now watch. I will change the direction of the waves."
"No reality in those Divine Force working"
"Pure knowledge is not of chakras, vibrations, kundalini but of God"
"Self-Realization will progressively lead to the creation of a new race"
"Some are money-oriented ... some are violent"
"Tell Jagbir now to leave it to Her."
"That's not the way it (Al-Qiyamah) is going to work out.' "
"The expression of the Adi Shakti within you is the Kundalini."
"Christianity has nothing to do with Christ."
"The time has come for you to get all that is promised"
"The ultimate act against Spirit is to worship that which has no Spirit"
"The whole Cosmos is waiting for their arrival."
"They are stagnated at the point of dharma, so they start telling ..."
"There is so much blind faith, there is so much of wrong ideas"
"They came to Sahaja but they said "We cannot worship Goddess."
"They made Christ look like a TB patient"
"You have to enter into the Kingdom of God"
"Your job is, in a way, greater than the saints and sages."
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