Shri Mataji: "The whole Cosmos ... is waiting for their arrival."

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Subject:  Shri Mataji: "The whole Cosmos ... is waiting for their arrival."

Shri Mataji: "The whole Cosmos ... is waiting for their arrival."

The Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

"And I have to specially make a very important request to the women that in these modern times they are the ones who are going to save the world, not the men. They have done their job before. 

Now it is for you to save with your understanding, with your compassion, with your sacrifices, with your wisdom, and innate love not only your children, your husband, your family, but the whole world. It is a very great opportunity for all of you to do your bit. . .  . 

The whole Cosmos, just in complete respectful attendance, is waiting for their arrival."

Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Cambridge, U.K. — June 1988

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Subject:  Some modern prophecies

All that is changeable is but reflected;
The unattainable here is effected;
Human discernment here is passed by;
The Eternal-Feminine draws us on high.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832), Faust

Woman-Saviour now we muster
To await thy advent sure,
In the cluster of thy lustre,
Come and leave the earth no more?
Then before thy gentle look,
Swords shall quail and warriors fail,
And the spear, a shepherd's crook,
Shall adorn the daisied dale.
Woman-power! Incarnate love!
Human Goddess come and be,
If the Bridegroom's tears can move,
Bride unto Humanity.
Thou alone of all can save us
Let us be what thou would have us!

Goodwyn Barmby, The Woman-power (1842), English radical

The Muse of the New Era, as our grand-grandchildren, or an even later
generation will know her, when will she reveal herself? What will
she look like, what will she sing? Which strings of the soul will she
vibrate? Till which height will she elevate her Era?

Hans Christian Andersen, The New Century's Goddess (1861),
Danish writer

Let it be known: today the Eternal Feminine
In an incorruptible body is descending to Earth.
In the unfading light of the new Goddess
Heaven has become one with the depths.

Vladimir Soloviev (1853-1900), Russian philosopher

It was generally considered, at the turn of the next century, that the
next Divine incarnation was about to come to earth and would be
female, the advent of Divine Wisdom, or Theo-Sophia, and that the
present age would be the age of making known all that which has been
kept secret from the beginning.

Lady Caithness, The Mystery of the Ages (1887), French theosophist

The word which shall come to save the world, shall be uttered by a
woman. A woman shall conceive, and shall bring forth the tidings of
salvation. For the reign of Adam is at its last hour; and God shall
crown all things by the creation of Eve.

Anna Kingsford, Clothed with the sun (1889), English theosophist

There is no line of work or study which woman in the West does
not undertake and does not accomplish as well as man. Even in
social and political activities, in religion, in spiritual ideas, she
excels man. ... I can see as clear as daylight that the hour is
coming when woman will lead humanity to a higher evolution.

Hazrat Inayat Khan (1882-1927), Indian Sufi in the West

A great era has begun: the spiritual "awakening", the increasing
tendency to regain "lost balance", the inevitable necessity of
spiritual plantings, the unfolding of the first blossom. We are
standing at the threshold of one of the greatest epochs that mankind
has ever experienced, the epoch of great spirituality.

Vassily Kandinsky/ Franz Marc, Blaue Reiter Almanac (1911), abstract

The Cycle of the Children. It is impossible to gauge the significance
of the present time or to realize what is in store for humanity during
the next hundred years, merely from our own experience and from
recorded history. For this is no ordinary time. It is not simply the
culminating point of the past hundred years, but of thousands of
years; the night of centuries has passed, and with the new dawn comes
the return of memories and powers and possibilities of an age long

Katherine Tingley, The Path of the Mystic (1922), American

The Father has not saved the world,
The Son has not saved it,
The Mother shall save it;
The Mother is the Holy Spirit.

Dmitrii Merezhkovskii, The Mystery of Three (1925), Russian exile in

We are entering the cycle of epochs when the feminine soul will become increasingly pure and broad, when more and more women will become deep inspirers, sensible mothers, and wise and visionary leaders. This will be the cycle of epochs when the feminine component of humanity will manifest itself with unprecedented strength, balancing the previous dominance of masculine forces in a perfect harmony.

Daniil Andreev, Roza Mira (completed 1958), Russian dissident


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