Sir CP had no right to make public Shri Mataji's medical health and file

> Dear Jagbir,
> Jai Shri Mataji! We're so glad to have been told about your Shri
> Adishakti website because it has been very difficult and frustrated
> of not being able to express our views in these past two years due
> to the total control of the Sahaj official website and national
> websites around the world by WCASY and their followers.
> My husband and I, who have been in Sahaj for more than 20 years,
> truly admire you and your family for having such tremendous courage
> and inner strength to stand up for the Truth and sticking to your
> principles because we also have been subjected to similar fate as
> you have been through in the past 3 years. We also have great
> admiration for those true yogis like Sergei, Guido, Derek, Al
> Ganesh, Henry Ho, the late Dr. Harald Knobel, Avinash and several
> more of my true brothers and sisters, whose characters have been
> tarnished, vilified and defamed publicly around the world in recent
> years by WCASY and their followers. How many times have Shri Mataji
> talked of Love? It is so apparent that after all these years
> they've never felt God's love in their heart and this is why so
> many of them have fallen in the spider's web.
> However much they try to attack and discredit me, they can never
> ever ever destroy my spirit, my faith and my love for Shri Mataji
> which are a permanent fixture in my heart! I must say, there have
> been times when the attacks they inflicted upon me was so
> horrendous that it has posed risk to my health and danger to me
> and my family, I thought I would not be able to last any longer.
> My survival through this awful time only comes from the
> protection, guidance and love of Shri Mataji and using clearing
> and cleansing techniques which She has recommended to us on a
> regular basis. She would come into my dreams regularly before,
> during or after an attack either to forewarn, to indicate, to
> soothe, to advice, to love, to correct or to reassure me.
> My family and I withdrew from the collective which has nothing to
> do of how we've been treated, but it has to do of how they,
> disgustingly, have been treating our Holy Divine Mother, God
> Almighty, Shri Adi Shakti for the past 3 and a half years. Often I
> would cry my eyes out and feel so ashamed of us as human beings
> who have been giving the greatest blessing of all and look at what
> they've done in the name of God. They violate Her Divine body by
> silen(cing) Her with this anti-psychotic drug, they parade Her
> around without any respect for Her physical well being, they have
> group photos taken with Shri Mataji in order to pamper their ego,
> they totally disregard all protocols which are needed to be
> observed for Shri Adi Shakti, they anointed and pontificated Sir C
> P and claimed publicly that Shri Mataji speaks through him and
> that he is Shiva, they sanctified Kalpina and Sadna by using shri
> before their names, they show photo of Sir C P's feet in the
> official website, they praised Sir C P by chanting "Bolo, shri
> papaji qui jay!" at the last Diwali puja, and finally, the
> ultimate sin committed against Shri Mataji is that they are doing
> their utmost to destroy by politicising, organising and distorting
> the teachings and works of God Almighty!
> Shri Mataji has said that She is the Adi Shakti and She is the only
> Incarnation on this earth, are they deaf or what? For all the years
> we've been in Sahaj, of course we've great respect Sir C P and his
> family, we never once regarded them as SYs. The only member of the
> family who is a SY was Shri Mataji's beloved brother, BabaMama. I
> would like to ask if anybody has witnessed any members of the
> family worship, meditate and bow to Shri Mataji at pujas in all
> these years?
> I know that those who are now considered as 'outsiders' will
> continue carrying the divine flame of Shri Mataji's and no one on
> this earth, particularly the WCASY and their followers, can stop us
> from spreading the True Message of our Holy Divine Mother. Gregoire
> had mentioned about fear in us, but do they have fear of the wrath
> of God?
> Jagbir, we'll keep in touch.
> Love,
> Xxxxxxx

--- In, "jagbir singh"
> Dear Xxxxxx,
> Thank you for this 'shocking' mail. i did not know Sir CP is now
> regarded as Shiva. Shri Mataji never ever even once hinted that her
> husband was in any way divine. On the contrary, She did lament that
> even Her own family (husband and children) do not recognize Her. How > come now when Shri Mataji is old, drugged and incapacitated we start
> hearing of things She never said? i.e., words are put in Her mouth
> because She refuses to say so on Her own.
> So maybe we will have to wait for Sir C P to officially announce
> that he is Shiva. Perhaps then WCASY can request SYs to start
> meditating on his lotus feet too.
> regards,
> jagbir
> Note: i just realized that WCASY's Sir Shiva has a serious
> credibility problem that will now haunt all of them. It is as if
> Shri Mataji knew what was coming and gifted the guilty parties with
> enough rope to hang all who participated in this terrible
> transgression and blasphemy despite Shri Mataji's explicit
> instructions: "Specially my husband has no right over my body and
> any advice from him should not be accepted at all".
> Why do i have this feeling that WCASY's Sir Shiva will need a lot of
> smoke and mirrors to pull this off? ................. sorry, i forgot
> wool for SYs. But does Sir C P know he has been elevated to Shiva by
> WCASY, perhaps without his knowledge or consent? WCASY is more
> sinister than we think ............... and time will tell.

Dear Xxxxxxx,

i consider Sir C P's divulging of Shri Mataji's medical health and history to all SY leaders as one of the greatest misfortune in Sahaja Yoga history. Such matters were supposed to be strictly confidential that, in order to be made public, required the express permission of Shri Mataji due to the highly damaging and explosive nature of the medical file.


Any information about you, whether in electronic or physical form, regarding your medical history, mental or physical condition, or treatment is subject to California laws protecting your medical record confidentiality.

To be valid, an authorization form used by health care providers, HMOs and health care contractors must:

Be handwritten by you (or your authorized representative signing the authorization form) or be typewritten in no smaller than 8-point type.

Be clearly separate from any other language on the same page and have a line for your signature that serves no purpose other than to authorize the release of your information.

Be signed by one of the following:

-- you, the patient,
-- your legal representative if you are a minor or incompetent,
-- the beneficiary or personal representative of a deceased patient,
-- or your spouse or person financially responsible for you for the sole purpose of processing an application for health care insurance or enrollment in a health care service plan or employee benefit plan when you are to be an enrolled spouse or dependent under the policy or plan.
-- Specify the uses and limitations on the types of medical information to be disclosed,
-- Specify the name or functions of the health care provider that may disclose the information,
-- State the name or functions of the persons or entities authorized to receive the medical information,
-- State the specific uses and limitations on the use of the medical information by the persons or entities authorized to receive the medical information,
-- State a specific date after which the health care provider is no longer authorized to disclose your medical record information, and
-- State that you have a right to receive a copy of the authorization.12


Yes, but only in certain limited situations when necessary to provide you with appropriate health care. Your doctor or HMO is required to release your medical record information, even without your written authorization, to the following:

A court pursuant to a court order.

A board, commission, or administrative agency for purposes of resolving a dispute pursuant to its lawful authority.

A party to a proceeding before a court or administrative agency pursuant to an investigative subpoena.

An arbitrator or arbitration panel, when arbitration is lawfully requested by either party pursuant to a subpoena.

A government law enforcement agency pursuant to a search warrant

None of the above conditions or reasons were met.

Yes, some SYs may wonder why am i saying it only now. Well, i was under the impression that the 10th. Dec 1998 letter of Shri Mataji was a forgery i.e., She never wrote it. Only lately i realized that She did in fact write it and Her instructions were crystal clear and unequivocal.

If WCASY had sided with Her instead of Sir CP, or at least got Her express permission first for medical treatment and release of information, the present crisis would not have come. After all, how difficult was it for them to ask Shri Mataji on probably Her most important personal desire? WCASY seems to have all the time and luxury to ask 1001 mundane questions but not concerning Her express written order!!!??? How many of you would want your medical file be made public without your permission? This reeks of a most frightening negativity and foul play!

So SYs now think that WCASY's claim that Shri Mataji speaks through Sir CP is true and that he is Shiva? Let me tell you something to the contrary.

Last year a SY ENT expert, Dr. B, was summoned to Genoa, Italy by Sir CP to treat Shri Mataji's ear as She is hard of hearing. At the appointed hour Dr. B met Sir CP and Shri Mataji. Dr. B asked Shri Mataji if She wanted to be treated. There was no reply from Her. Then Dr. B again asked in a louder voice if he could examine Her. Again Shri Mataji remained silent.

It was then when Sir CP told Dr. B to go ahead as She had agreed. Dr. B was quite shocked by Sir CP's insincerity since Shri Mataji never gave any verbal hint or physical gesture that She can be examined. Dr. B then silently asked Her for forgiveness as he was about to perform an ear examination without Her permission. This incident is evidence that Shri Mataji does not talk to Sir CP as has been claimed by WCASY and himself. It is just not true as She has stopped talking due to the medication administered to Her.

WCASY's claim that Sir CP is Shiva is just pure fabrication. It was necessary for WCASY to bestow divinity on him as Sir CP holds the de facto power in the organization, not Shri Mataji. She is now reduced to a mere puppet involuntarily holding a rubber stamp that is used by WCASY to endorse and bless any undertaking - from assassinating Guido, poisoning Avinash, garroting Perezhogin to suppressing my websites and demonizing my children. WCASY and their hired hit man Alan Wherry is rumored to have now set the cross hair on Derek Lee. Yes, WCASY claims that all such acts have the blessings of Shri Mataji who 'speaks' through Sir Shiva ................. just ask Dr. B and you will know how much Shri Mataji's talks to Sir CP, in public or private.

But the main question is: "Did Sir CP have Shri Mataji's permission to make public Her medical health and file"? i have the right to ask because WCASY and Sir CP are now putting too many words in Her incapacitated mouth. Their outrageous claim that Sir CP is actually Shiva is the last straw. Tens of thousands of SYs are either too blissfully unaware or unfortunately dull to comprehend what is at stake! It is outsiders like us who have to wake them up.

Everything will be alright one day i am sure too that the darkest hour comes just before dawn. Your Mother Kundalini within is recording all during the Last Judgment! Don't be fooled by humans who claim to be Her Will or Shiva. The Devi within has no partners or spouse. Even Shri Shiva meditates on Her! So do all others - Shri Ganesha, Jesus, Krishna, Radha, Rama, Sita, Brahma, Saraswati, Prophet Muhammad, Guru Nanak, Mahavira, Buddha - and all liberated souls in the Spirit World. So stand your sacred ground and don't budge an inch. Gladly leave the organization to continue on your own but don't ever sell your soul to WCASY or Sir Shiva. Your allegiance and attention at all times must be exclusively, unconditionally and without any question whatsoever on the Adi Shakti, the Devi within:

"Now listen attentively about the supreme devotion (parabhakti) which I will now describe to you. He always hears my glories and recites my name. His mind always dwells in me, like the incessant flow of oil, and he is the receptacle of all good qualities and gunas. But he does not have the least trace of any desire to get the fruits of his actions (karma). Indeed, he does not want the various levels of release (moksha), including being on the same plane as God (salokya), nearness to God (samipya), having the form of God (sarsti), union with God (sayujya) and other forms of release. Devi continues noting that true worshipers abandons all concepts of themselves, completely identify themselves with Devi, and make no distinctions between themselves and anything else. Worshipers find Devi in everything, including other souls:

He becomes filled with devotion for me alone, worships me only, knows nothing higher than to serve me, and he does not even want final release. He does not like neglecting the notions of "serving" (sevya) and the "servant who serves" (sevaka). He always meditates on me with a constant vigilance, actuated by a feeling of supreme devotion. He does not think of himself as separate from me, but rather thinks to himself, "I am the Lord (Bhagavati)." He considers all souls (jivas) as myself, and loves me as he loves himself. He makes no distinction between the souls and myself since he finds the same pure consciousness (caitanya) everywhere and manifested in all. He does not quarrel with anyone since he has abandoned all ideas of separateness. He bows down and worships the pure consciousness and all the souls. He becomes filled with the highest love when he sees my place, sees my devotees, hears the scriptures, describes my deeds, and meditates on my mantras. His hairs stand on end out of love for me and his tears of love flow incessantly from both of his eyes. He recites my name deeds in a voice that is choked with feelings of love for me. With intense feeling he worships me as the mother of this universe and the cause of all causes." [Devi Bhagavata Purana, 7.37]

Jai Shri Ganapathy,


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