So why are subtle system SYs unable to have the same qualities?

--- In, Avnish Bhagat
> Hi Jagbir,
> The talks are absolutely fantastic! There's a lot of
> useful information in there. Sm herself recommended
> that we get hold of her pre 1980 talks.
> Im not sure i heard her right, but she mentioned that
> that the three channels meet at the vishuddi. And
> thats why krishna is known as a complete incarnation.
> That does not match what the traditional SY Subtle
> system diagram shows. I wonder why!
> Actually, if you compare the qualities of all the
> right side chakras, they are all of the same polarity
> i.e. aiding/governing the physical/mental
> aspects....but at vishuddi the qualities are reversed
> i.e. confidence is a quality of the left vishuddi.
> Is there any chance that there was an 'original' subtle
> system diagram that was later simplified :)
> Jagbir, just wanted to check with you on whether there
> is any way you might have the transcripts of these
> talks too?
> Thank you, for giving access to these precious talks.
> Warm regards,
> Avnish

To all subtle system SYs,

Thanks for the comments Avnish.

BTW, all religions and scriptures do mention the subtle system and chakras in one way or another. However no religion, holy scripture or prophet ever allotted more than 1% space to this petty subject. It is only SYs, not Shri Mataji, who have now given it 99% priority and made the Sahaja Yoga Subtle System Religion out of it.

Even Shri Krishna's Bhagavad Gita hardly mentions anything, although He does give unsurpassable knowledge of yoga throughout this priceless scripture. So when i hear that He may be a complete incarnation because three channels meet at the vishuddi i do not know what to say to such speculation. The point i am trying to make is that if SYs discover a subtle system chart depicting just that then they will also be complete incarnations .............. or will become so if they are able to do the same. What nonsensical seeking is this?

And i have to tell you that this is just 0.01% of the subtle system pettiness that keeps SYs in their kindergartens. If you examine all the records of SYs discussing the subtle system over the decades you will realize that what is true today was false yesterday, and vice versa. It is so confusing and conflicting at times that you have to spend years just trying to get the correct information ....... an exercise in futility. Avnish's 'truth' can easily be another SY's falsehood, and there are countless subtle system 'facts' to disagree about. That is why most SYs are still in kindergarten today, and will remain there for a long time.

To those who really want to advance just meditate on the Adi Shakti within and remain Silent to absorb all the pure knowledge of the Spirit. Do not ever bother about chakras, catches and cures of the Sahaja Yoga Subtle System Religion. To us Shri Mataji is the incarnation of the Devi, not a subtle system teacher. That is why we have the confidence and faith and conscience to say exactly that. So why are subtle system SYs unable to have the same qualities despite cleansing their chakras daily for years/decades. You go figure this.

It is common knowledge that yoga paths/schools are at variance as to the color, attributes, functions, mantras, deities and even number of chakras along the subtle system. So how on earth are SYs going to prove that they have the better knowledge and not their rivals? What evidence do they have to convince others that the SYSSR is superior in all aspects? i know they keep on parroting "cool breeze", "cool breeze", "cool breeze" but for the majority it is no big deal. 99.99% have left despite this ceaseless claim by SYs that feeling the "cool breeze" is all that is required to bring people to Sahaja Yoga. Other schools like Reiki and Mahikari talk about this "energy" too. (In the 1980s i witnessed Mahikari members able to keep a glass-encased orange fresh for weeks with vibrations [energy] from their hands, in comparison to a rotting one beside without vibrations. Despite this extraordinary feat and display of powers i still did not join them because i wanted a connection with GOD. All the cool breeze and evidence of energy from within humans was no big deal. Subtle system SYs should realize that i was shown both evidence and powers of the cool breeze, and yet i walked away.)

So why should seekers following paths displaying similar powers and/or subtle systems join Sahaja Yoga? No senior SY or council member have the answers ................... as has been the case for decades now. The best defence has been, is now, and will always be "Just give Self- realization." i have heard that one repeated every time i asked those difficult questions that embarrassed the 'chosen ones'.

But what about the many subtle system charts of various gurus that are in harmony? i want the subtle system SYs to give me _10 good reasons_ why others should defect and embrace the Sahaja Yoga Subtle System Religion? The WCASY have no notion what mess they have got themselves into. Despite the writing on the wall they continue to fanatically enforce it on all newcomers and themselves. Thus SYs conditioned by the subtle system just cannot relate the Divine with anything else, and Avnish's inability to expand his consciousness beyond the subtle system perimeters is typical of those subject to this mass collective indoctrination.

Actually i can keep writing about this petty subtle system subject but i have written enough over the years to earn a Ph.D. i assure all that the Great Primordial Mother took birth on Earth to give you the ultimate knowledge to make you eternal. i beg you not to confuse yourself and others with this petty knowledge. The subtle system is just Chapter One out of 108 chapters. You must understand all the remaining chapters if you want to progress. For this no external rituals, images or humans are needed - only in Silence will you understand the remaining 107 chapters of the ultimate knowledge.



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