Subtle system SYs will bear the greatest ignominy in history: Her death

Just want to get this off my chest: They can only blame themselves

> Feb 1, 2001
> The worst has come and will never go away now. They can only
> blame themselves for that sad, miserable end, one that they fully
> deserve.

Mar 5, 2011

Just a few years back we had a happy, healthy, mentally alert and vibrant Shri Mataji. Back in 2004 i never thought that She would pass away a couple of years later. At that time i still believed Shri Mataji would pass 90, perhaps even reach 100.

For a few days now i have been realizing that Shri Mataji's death has been vastly accelerated since being medicated and sedated against Her will and written instruction. Not even three years have passed since Her 2008 Guru Puja speech! Other than the Risperidol 'poison' how can She die so quickly?

That no one allowed Her rest despite Her request at the 2008 Puja speech can be another contributing factor. This request for retirement speech was heard by most SYs and yet they wanted Her to be present again and again. i believe those in charge of Shri Mataji used Her presence for their own selfish agendas. SYs are just as guilty for actively desiring Her presence at pujas, functions, kindergartens etc.

What is truly appalling is the number of SY doctors who never protested that Shri Mataji's age and medical condition demanded complete rest. That they did not act despite the grueling duties for someone that old, and which She requested an end to, is appalling. What tye of doctors do we have in Sahaja Yoga? Why didn't they do something to help Her? What happened to their conscience and I.Q.?

In the end, a few ordinary folks had to take drastic action that should put all SY doctors to shame! This PDF document to legally rescue Shri Mataji from further abuse tells it all:

i have a beautiful dog by the name "Gauri". When she grows old i will make sure she is not under strain or duress of any kind, and will give her as much rest as possible. If she becomes sick and refuses medication i will respect her wishes too. (But if i force medication to prolong her life and yet abuse her frail health with public displays, and she succumbs, i fully deserve the consequences of my selfish agendas.)

And if i see any animal being mistreated i will protest loudly and raise the awareness of those standing nearby so that collective action can be taken. That is how much i care for animals. i believe Shri Mataji was a human being.

i hope by stating the obvious we can get the closure we need. Our conscience is clear as we did protest unflinchingly ... even against Sir C.P.! We can all sleep well for the rest of our lives. Thanks for all the help and support to make our voices heard.

Again, thank you!


Mar 17, 2011

SYs will bear the greatest ignominy in history: Her death

Dear disciples of the Spirit-Paraclete,

i am still disturbed by the almost complete absence of press coverage surrounding Shri Mataji's death. Except for a brief, petty mention by an Indian paper or two, the rest of the world did not give a hoot to who ever this woman was.

But today i am shocked and silenced. i am shocked and silenced after reading that even someone like Sri Daya Mata was given prominent coverage by the New York Times Dec 3, 2010. Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) made an even greater media impact. (And Amma has a far larger following than both Sri Daya Mata and Osho).

Truly, i cannot express myself concerning the humiliation of the indifference of the world to the passing away of Shri Mataji. How can Her death be so insignificant? How can someone who has spent nearly four decades in selfless service to humanity lay buried unrecognized and unappreciated? Without question, the rank and file subtle system SYs are 100% responsible for the greatest ignominy in history. They are fully responsible for the fact that no one gave a damn to the Adi Shakti's death. They are guilty of corrupting the advent and message of the Paraclete unlike anything known to humankind.

The Paraclete's death today is as unknown and insignificant as that of Jesus two thousand years ago. The trivial death of Jesus was caused by a powerful and convinced establishment. The trivial death of the Paraclete was caused by a corrupted and cowardly establishment.

And to all the Yogi Mahajans, Alan Wherrys, John Noyces, Patrick Lantoins, Manoj Kumars, Ed Suagstads, Kuntal Soods, Rajs, Richard Payments, Diane Ruellands, Robert McNeils and others who actively and collectively conspired since 1994 against me and my family, thank you for bringing about the greatest ignominy in history.

i did say Feb 1, 2011 that "their memory will always be of a lonely, sick, helpless, isolated Divine Mother". Today i add " the greatest ignominy in history: Her death". You all richly deserve that legacy, one that i will not wish upon my enemies. But all of you have been more than my enemies: you have always collectively and deliberately resisted the Spirit-Paraclete since 1994, despite Shri Mataji's repeated and explicit assurance that my children and myself were telling the truth.

Today, unlike your SY organization upon which the sun has set, the death of the Paraclete brings for us the dawn of the Age of the Spirit-Paraclete. With that dawn we are going to keep the memory of Shri Mataji alive, and give Her the greatest of world recognition and homage She truly deserves. Unlike the end of your reign on Her Mahasamadhi Feb 23 2011, ours as the Spirit-Paraclete has just begun. All i need is a few more years.

regards to all,


Sri Daya Mata, Guiding Light for U.S. Hindus, Dies at 96
Published: December 3, 2010

Sri Daya Mata, who for more than five decades was the leader of one of the most influential Hindu groups in the United States and an ardent advocate of the healing power of meditation, died on Tuesday at the group's retreat for nuns in Los Angeles. She was 96.

Her death was confirmed by Lauren Landress, a spokeswoman for the group, the Self-Realization Fellowship/Yogoda Satsanga Society of India, which is based in what once was an elegant hotel on Mount Washington in Los Angeles.

From 1955 until her death, Sri Daya Mata — her name means "true mother of compassion" in Sanskrit — was the society's president and spiritual leader. In her flowing ocher sari, she presided over an organization that now has more than 600 temples, centers and retreats in 60 countries, about half of them in the United States. Ms. Landress estimated that the society had "hundreds of thousands" of followers, but said she could not be more specific.

The society, whose monks and nuns adopt Indian names, teaches that there is a unifying truth behind all religious experience, and the group encourages its members to honor their roots in other faiths. Most members follow a vegetarian diet, practice yoga, chant and meditate.

Meditation, Sri Daya Mata said, is a universal balm: "If we turn our consciousness within, in deep meditation, communing with God even a little bit every day, we begin gradually to experience that love which is our real nature.

"Feeling love within ourselves, it is very easy to give it to others."

The Self-Realization Fellowship was founded in 1920 by the Indian yoga master Paramahansa Yogananda soon after he arrived in the United States as a delegate to the International Congress of Religious Liberals in Boston. He became well known as the author of "Autobiography of a Yogi," which was first published in 1946.

Catherine Wessinger, a professor of the history of religions at Loyola University New Orleans, said on Thursday that Sri Yogananda was "the most significant teacher to popularize Hindu ideas and practices in the United States after the initial one, Swami Vivekananda," who came to the United States in 1893.

"Of course, in the 1960s, numerous gurus immigrated to the United States," Dr. Wessinger said, "but the S.R.F. remains influential."

Sri Daya Mata, who was born Faye Wright in Salt Lake City on Jan. 31, 1914, was a daughter of Clarence and Rachel Wright, who were Mormons. Her grandfather Abraham Reister Wright was an architect of the Mormon Tabernacle.

Faye was 15 when she picked up a copy of the Bhagavad-Gita, a sacred Hindu scripture. Two years later, in 1931, she attended a lecture by Sri Yogananda in Salt Lake City.

Soon after, with her mother's blessing, she moved to Los Angeles and joined the society. She took her vows in 1932, becoming one of the first nuns of the Self-Realization Fellowship order. Her mother, sister and two brothers later became members of the society as well.

For more than 20 years, Sri Daya Mata was one of Sri Yogananda's closest disciples, serving as his secretary and helping compile the detailed instructions on yoga meditation that the society distributed by mail order.

In 1955, three years after Sri Yogananda died, she succeeded the Rajarsi Janakananda as president of the society. As a spiritual successor to Sri Yogananda, she supervised the training of disciples who resided in ashrams around the world and the administration of the society's humanitarian services.

Besides its headquarters, the society owns a 10-acre sanctuary in the Pacific Palisades, near Malibu, Calif., where a temple crowned by a golden lotus was built in 1966 under Sri Daya Mata's guidance. Followers come from around the country to meditate.

J. Gordon Melton, director of the Institute for the Study of American Religion in Santa Barbara, Calif., who has compiled a census of Hindu groups in the United States, said that while the Self-Realization Fellowship's "strength still is in Southern California, Daya Mata built a following that it is now a much more substantial national movement."

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