Sudhir Kakar uses the SYSSReligion to brand Shri Mataji a cult leader

"Essentially, Mataji's model of the human psyche is comprised of the traditional tantric and hatha yoga notions of the subtle body, with its 'nerves' and 'centers,' and fueled by a pervasive 'subtle energy' that courses through both the human and the divine, through the body and the cosmos. Mataji's contributions to this ancient model are not strikingly original: as a former medical student she has sought to give it a scientific, neurological veneer; as a former faith healer, she has elaborated upon those aspects of the model that are concerned with sickness and health; as someone born into an Indian Christian family she has tried to introduce notions of traditional Christian morality into an otherwise amoral Hindu view of the psyche."

Kakar, Sudhir (1984) Shamans, Mystics and Doctors: A Psychological Inquiry into India and Its Healing Traditions, ISBN 0-226-42279-8 p196

"The organization has been criticized by writer Sudhir Kakar who describes the organization as a cult."


Note: The Wikipedia article on Sahaja Yoga is probably one of the most damaging as it uses many sources, of which Sudhir Kakar is one. That it registers highly on Google only makes matter worse. The present Sahaja Yoga organization will NEVER ever fulfil the emancipation of humanity, far from it. The SYSSReligion has attracted so much negativity for so many years from so many sources that it is now almost devoid of life and vitality. All one needs is to google "Sahaja Yoga" and the chances of attracting are grim and negligible.

And with Shri Mataji's recent final farewell the future is bleak and hopeless. The glory days are gone and there is so little to show. The colossal, collective waste and deliberate disregard of the greatest of opportunities to declare the Blossom Time of the Comforter is unprecedented in the annals of history. Those days are gone and will never come again for those who never had the courage and vision to rise to the occasion despite all of Shri Mataji's efforts.

It is now left to the devotees of the Great Mother to rise to the challenge with the absolute freedom and blessings bestowed by Her incarnation, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 20 July 2008. And we challenge all the Sudhir Kakars of the world to try bend even a single hair of the Devi now.

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