SYs, is it Alan or me who is going against Shri Mataji's approvals and wishes?

--- In, "Violet"
> Dear Jagbir,
> There is one more thing that i need to say. At that time, any
> thing that would promote the Incarnation of the Adi Shakti was
> welcomed. The rank and file assent was there that it was a good
> thing, even if this was not voiced verbally, but non-verbally (but
> i could feel this feeling of assent)... that confirmation of the
> Incarnation of the Adi Shakti was going to come from outside of
> the Organisation. It was like this big bonus, that gave
> confidence... because... imagine... the Advent of the Shakti was
> so great, that special people... EVEN OUTSIDE OF THE
> ORGANISATION OF SAHAJA YOGA, were going to be a witness to that
> on behalf of Sahaja Yogis themselves!
> Of course... nobody knew then (at least i don't think anybody knew
> then) what the nature of this confirmation of the Incarnation was
> going to be... such as children being given information never
> given to human beings before. We were "absolutely clueless" on
> that count. We had no idea what was to come, and the jealousy of
> it all that was to come on account of exactly that... from the
> leaders of the Organisation of Sahaja Yoga.

Shri Mataji predicted in the early 1990s that the task of confirming Her incarnation would be undertaken by certain people. Since the Adi Shakti and Her incarnation Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi have now been witnessed and declared to all humankind, as She predicted, on what basis is Alan Wherry claiming that "contains much erroneous and inaccurate information"? i mean She is the cause behind both the book and subsequent website whose contents are the same. Yet we have a WCASY council member obviously very unhappy about it and bent on carrying out a vendetta, possibly personal, and enlisting others to help him. By his email remarks it is clear that Alan is denouncing as erroneous and inaccurate all the facts Shri Mataji predicted will be revealed about Her by children outside the Sahaja Yoga organization. Despite Shri Mataji's repeated approval of book, and reminding dissenting leaders that i am doing nothing wrong by having the site, Alan Wherry continues to go against Shri Mataji's approvals and wishes. Just like the expelled ex-world leader Yogi Mahajan, Allan Wherry has taken matters into his own hands and acts with extra-judicial impunity. The fact that council member Viktor Bondar follows him blindly goes to show that they care two hoots about Shri Mataji's previous approvals and wishes. Obviously as re/presenters of Her Will both are taking advantage of Her incapacitation.

i have given evidence below to back my claims. Will Alan Wherry now produce evidence to:

i) back what he claims in this confidential email to Viktor Bondar;

From: Viktor Bondar
To: "Yura" < inspired@...>
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2006 17:23:59 +0200
Subject: Fw: Hi Viktor

John Noyce of Australia has been keeping a close eye on the activities of the owner of , who used to be in SY but clearly isn't a Sahaja Yogi now, and is openly critical of all Sahaja leadership, including, at times Shri Mataji Herself.

He is somewhat eccentric and for example, advocates not using a photo of Mother when meditating, not footsoaking etc. The owner of this site, one Jagbir Singh of Canada is on a crusade to spread his own eccentric, supraconscious view of what Sahaja Yoga is, and where possible we should advise people not to go there - although of course, individuals are free to do what they like.

John tells me that the web site links to

Obviously, I don't know the owner of that web site, Yuriy Linnyk, whether he is Sahaj or not, but in the event that he is known to you, is it possible that you might prevail upon him to remove the link as it contains much erroneous and inaccurate information. Yuriy lists before the official Sahaj Yoga website.

Much love and best wishes

Jai Shri Mataji


ii) deny the charges levelled by Chandra against him;

Dear Jagbir,

I must admit that I greatly admire your apparently boundless enthusiasm and limitless energy in doing the work of our Divine Mother. You have now created five web sites to express the glory and love of the Goddess of the Universe, namely,

But, horrors of horrors, you have done all this without going through the proper channels, without the approval of the world council, and, the greatest sin of all, without an imprimatur from Monsignor Alan Wherry.

I don't know if you are aware of the devious scheming that is still going on behind the scenes to undermine you. This much I have heard: These people whom you refer to as murmuring souls are now trying a new tack. Believing Shri Mataji to be incapacitated, these people are now apparently approaching Sir CP probably with a view to persuading Sir CP to order you to cease and desist. This cunning trick is not going to work, of course, because Shri Mataji had found nothing to object about your work and had asked these people to leave you alone. But this has not deterred these devious Iagos. (Iago, as in Shakespeare's Othello) Furthermore, this sly act is an insult to Shri Mataji as She had previously given an instruction that you be left alone, and this instruction is being ignored, Her perceived incapacitated condition being cleverly taken advantage of. This is also an insult to Sir CP as he is being unwittingly made used of by these Iagos to settle old scores. Enough said.

Yes Jagbir, you are indeed an embarrassment to Sahaja Yoga (the organization of Sahaja Yoga, that is). You are embarrassingly enthusiastic, embarrassingly exuberant, embarrassingly loud, embarrassing energetic, embarrassingly tenacious, embarrassingly industrious, embarrassingly creative,... but, what the hell, keep it up! Don't let the howling hyenas and baying jackals and the evil Iagos distract you from doing such great work.



i want Alan to specifically produce the evidence that, contrary to what Shri Mataji has read and praised as a miraculous work, the resulting site "contains much erroneous and inaccurate information". In other words, i am implying that he accuses Shri Mataji of being totally ignorant and blind to the much erroneous and inaccurate information he has found. Will Alan Wherry produce a list of what he regards as erroneous and inaccurate so that i can forward it to Shri Mataji, and She can ask forgiveness from him?

It is now up to SYs to determine for themselves whether it is Alan Wherry or me who is going against Shri Mataji's approvals and wishes. i also wish WCASY members determine if it is true that the site, based entirely on what Shri Mataji has revealed, "contains much erroneous and inaccurate information" as claimed by their fellow council member Alan Wherry.

So to all SYs, i have given evidence of an arrogant council member carrying out a personal vendetta, enlisting the help of a fellow member as the hatchetman. Let's see if my assumption that for years it has been more than a personal vendetta is true, and that there are more Alan Wherrys and Yogi Mahajans within WCASY that previously suspected. For those alarmed and concerned about the blatant disregard and disapproval of unassailable evidence given to confirm Shri Mataji's powers to manifest the Truth, a better chance to check the integrity and dharma of WCASY members may not come again. You can either rally behind and safeguard WCASY, or unconditionally surrender and protect Shri Mataji and Her Divine Message, never both.

Jai Shri Ganapathi,


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