This evil of jealousy among human beings

From: "jagbir singh"
Date: Wed Jun 25, 2003 8:51 am
Subject: This evil of jealousy among human beings.

To all the Adi Shakti's devotees,

Brother Akplogan Christian has just submitted a post titled "Great News from Sanjay Talwar-India." There is an interesting comment by Sanjay Talwar on his release by `Times Music' his first commercial music album titled "Jai Jagdambe Maa." He also talks about resistance from fellow SYs against him making bhajans to honor the Adi Shakti. i quote:

"Once there was a gap of about two years, when I had not made a new Bhajan Tape. She ordered me not to discontinue making them. There were many others who had also started doing the same, and there was a big competition. I was being stopped by many from continuing, but then She told me, that She was trying to overcome this evil of jealousy among human beings, and that till such time it happened, I must not lose hope and learn the art of forgiveness."

i think Shri Mataji, magnanimous as usual, refrained from using the word "sahaja yogis." So She was referring to this evil of jealousy among Sahaja Yogis who gossip, slander, backbite and put all kinds of obstacles against fellow SYs who are endowed with special talents. That Sanjay Talwar had to undergo all this negativity for just being a talented singer is beyond my comprehension. i feel sick and disgusted that established SYs go out of their way to drag down and discourage those who rise above them.

But Sanjay Talwar is a very artistic singer whose only crime is that he sings well. Apparently some SYs could not forgive him for that.

However, in the case of my family, our only crime is that my children are able to visit and converse with the Adi Shakti in their Sahasraras. It is a boon that has brought immense resistance and negativity since 1994, and some have gone to extraordinary lengths to demonize them and destroy the Truth they continue to witness.

Of all the culprits the most jealous, deceitful and devious was Yogi Mahajan and his crony Mrs. Chitnavis, the former principal of the International School. Let me quote this fraud first:

"Only those who go deep in the source discover the Golden Goddess that resides within. Her touch enlightens and enthralls the total being. It is indeed the miracle of miracles. This miracle resides in every being. The wise pursue it, the scriptures speak of it, and the saints glory in its praise." (Yogi Mahajan, The Ascent, Motilal Banarsidass Publishers, Delhi, 1997 p. 4.)

Ever since early 1996 when he came to know that Kash was able to meet the Golden Goddess in the Sahasrara, Yogi Mahajan carried out a cloak and dagger operation to assassinate his character and destroy Shri Adi Shakti: The Kingdom Of God. He picked on weak and easily influenced SYs who unwittingly carried out his devious plan. ............ and i have to admit that he was very successful as till today his pervasive negativity still lingers on. He has managed to spread such ugly and repulsive rumors that i am loathe to mention them. He is the epitome of this evil of jealousy among SYs which Shri Mataji refers to.

But the eternal Adi Shakti who is within all Sahasraras destroyed him. May Shri Mahamaya continue to destroy all who conspire, out of sheer jealousy, to harm those unwaveringly dedicated to Her cause and mission on Earth. ............. even if they are the greatest of leaders and closest to Her. Jai Shri Mataji,


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