To all people around the world

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> Last night my daughter Lalita came into my room to meditate after
> decorating the Christmas tree. (Earlier she and her eldest brother
> had pleaded with me to buy the tree right away from the nearby
> mall. BTW, we always celebrate the Christmas of Shri Jesus, not
> Santa Claus.)
> Lalita sat on the bed beside me and whispered in my ears that she
> had something to tell me. i asked her what it was. Lalita replied
> she had a wonderful experience where, while meditating, she
> requested Shri Mataji to pour all Her goodness into her. As soon as
> she made that request a tremendous amount of Cool Breeze began
> to flow out of her hands.
> But Lalita never expected the Cool Breeze to be "sooooo much", to
> the extend that her hands became quite cold. That made her rub the > hands all over her face, arms, legs and body as the torrent of
> Cool Breeze just kept on flowing. It was the only way to warm
> them, all the more since it is winter here. Her hands were indeed
> cold and she had to use her body heat to make them warm and
> comfortable again. That must indeed have been a lot of Cool Wind.
> "The wind blows where it wants to, and you hear its sound, but
> don't know where it comes from and where it is going. So is
> everyone who is born of the Spirit." John 3.8
> i know Lalita had a great experience because she almost never
> talks about them ............ unless something extraordinary
> happens.
> i thanked her and told her to continue meditation, which she did.
> There was no image or altar to put external attention, just on the
> Divine Mother within.
> i lay in bed thinking of her experience which had moved me. Here
> was a child saying something that i had not experienced, perhaps
> because i still do not have the genuine innocence that children
> have despite years of meditating. That was when i thought of Chuck
> and felt in my heart that here is a few months-old SY who is
> capable of achieving a state that Shri Mataji wants us to attain:
> When asked who was the greatest in the Kingdom of God, Jesus
> answered, "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like
> children, you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Whoever
> becomes humble like this child is the greatest in the Kingdom of
> Heaven. Whoever welcomes one such child in My name welcomes
> Me." [Mt. 18:1-3]
> with love and season's greetings,
> jagbir

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To all people around the world

Bonjour ,

Today my father questioned me again on what happened when I asked Shri Mataji to give me some of her goodness . He asked me if I put my hands over my head and body because my hands were feeling cold , I answered no , it was because I was actually putting the goodness She gave me all over my body . My dad asked me to write my experience in my own words onto the forum so that I can correct his misunderstanding ...

My dad was sleeping when I woke him up at 12:30 AM to tell him what happened yesterday morning . He was probably half-asleep like he is a heavy sleeper , and maybe because I whispered too softly he couldn't really hear what I was trying to say . It happened like this ... A few days ago I went to meditate and after when I was finished meditating I stood up in front of Shri Mataji's photo my eyes open , I asked her to please give me some of her goodness. As soon a I was done asking her my hands were filled with lots and lots of Cool breeze , the amount was unimaginable. She was pouring it on my hands a lot of it. After a while I took my hands and rubbed them softly over my head and body to spread the goodness over me ... Then I was so shocked I stood there speechless looking at my hands for quite a while. I then rubbed my hands together and thanked Shri Mataji repeating a few times over and over and then went to bed thinking of the feeling of the Cool breeze . Well now at least you all understand what I was trying to explain .

This is my first time writing on the forum . I am now eleven years old and started meditating as soon as I started walking , at the young age of 3 years old . I like to meditate as I get to talk to Shri Mataji . My father reminds me every day how important it is for me to meditate , to stay a " good girl ", to study and to be an educated person. Shri Mataji , Shri Ganesha , Shri Jesus , Shri Krishna , Shri Shiva are all true and that I have met them .

I clearly remember when I was small every week they used to have a small Sahaja Yogi's gathering ... But as soon as my dad started explaining on the internet whatever happened to Kash , Arwin and me there were no more , not until now . Most of the people don't believe what my dad is trying to explain on the internet , 99% of the Sahaja Yogi's are against us , why ? I have no idea why is that . I understand it is hard to believe because if a little girl told me the same thing I wouldn't really believe it unless she has a lot of proof or I have seen it happen . But my dad has every piece of proof all of you need ! What is there not to believe !

My brother Shahwin has just told me that people don't believe what we are trying to prove and that they think that we are " possessed " !!! POSSESSED !?!? Just because Kash , Arwin and me can see Shri Mataji or any other Yogi that doesn't mean that we are possessed . I am just a normal girl , happy little girl who still loves Spongebob . All my friends think I am normal and anyways if I were possessed I don't even think I would have any friends

I don't understand why people do not believe us , my dad is just writing down what we experienced onto the internet so people can see and BELIEVE. Why would people call us possessed ? I am normal ! What is there not to believe? Why do some people hate us ? My brother Shahwin has said to my dad if people hate us , at least have a reason to hate us so we can think " Yeah , maybe we are like that " . But if you have no reason to hate then , WHAT IS THE POINT?

Right now I'm too young to do anything for the world but when I'm older I'll help , and when my father will be gone to heaven I'll join him after a while . This isn't the only life there is ... Earth is just a temporary place to live . The Last Judgment is taking place , be good , lead a joyous life , then after when you die you'll go to heaven and it's a much better life up there . The spirit world exists . Believe in God ...

To all people around the world ,


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> Dear Lalita,
> Your post was really heart melting. I was experiencing loss of
> words for a while. At just age 11, you are indeed very young to
> have been the recipient of some harsh and false allegations. In my
> view, the wonderful experiences you and your siblings have had,
> should have been welcomed as one welcomes a cool breeze on a
> hot summer's day. For it brings the proof of a much awaited
> promise.
> In this age of kalyug, when there is so much chaos, if one could
> meditate and possibly meet Shri Mataji , Shri Ganesha , Shri
> Jesus , Shri Krishna , Shri Shiva, then that is something to look
> forward to and accept especially now that you have experienced
> it. And there is proof! Yes, you are a very sweet normal little
> girl and I like Spongebob too. Not only sweet, you are brave too I
> hope your post reaches out to many many people out there and
> open doors of many a heart. I am sure it will, and in time, we
> will see a change in the current situation. Till then, keep smiling!
> Love, Sohniya

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Dear Aunties and Uncles,

Thanks you for all your replies .

I have read your posts and I find it hard to answer because I am still a kid living in a SpongeBob world . So I will use this cartoon I love as my answer .

Spongebob is a very innocent , hardworking , trustworthy person who loves jellyfishing and does everything Mr. Krabs or Squidward tells him to do . SpongeBob is a very forgiving person , he doesn't realize how much Mr. Krabs and Squidward are using him . Even though Squidward doesn't like him at all he still considers him as a friend because he doesn't know that Squidward doesn't like him at all . He still believes in Santa Claus who is known to bring presents for every child in the world .

Patrick is a very innocent person too , he is SpongeBob's best friend and I mostly think because they are both very innocent , trustworthy , both believe in Santa Claus and he too loves Jelly fishing .

Sandy is a warm hearted squirrel , a little bit hypocrite but is still a good friend . She is very strong and muscular , and is very active . She cares a lot for SpongeBob .

Mr. Krabs is like the real world out there , he is a very bad and cruel person , he would do anything to get money out of something . In one of SpongeBob episodes Mr. Krabs used SpongeBob by asking him to go and catch a lot of Jellyfishes so he could use them to make a new Krabby patty recipe and make more money by selling them in his restaurant . And in another episode The flying Dutchman was to take him to go to Davis Jones locker because he is very selfish and needs a punishment , a smelly and rotten place ( Something like jail ) . But SpongeBob stood up for him and when the flying Dutchman said if Mr. Krabs would sell his soul for all the money he had in his pocket Mr. Krabs asked how much , the flying Dutchman then said 68 cents , he accepted , and because of that SpongeBob had to take his punishment instead of him going to Davis Jones locker .

Squidward is something like Mr. Krabs but a little different . He is mean , dull , boring but loves art and loves playing his clarinet . He hates SpongeBob because he think he is annoying , too childish and not mature enough to be his friend . He always ignores SpongeBob and his best friend Patrick as he wants to be away from them . No matter how mean he is to them , they still say that he is their friend . He once wanted to move to another town so he could have some peace , but unfortunately he never has the chance to do so .

I live in a Bikini Bottom world and I hope to stay there for as long as possible before I enter the real world ...

This will be my last time replying on the forum as I do not think I should be doing any work over here , because I am still a kid and a kid shouldn't worry about anything at all , and anyways I think my world is better !

I would just like to remind you all that I am not really affected by whatever other people say about me because if they don't want to believe us it's alright with me . And I don't think about that a lot so I don't really remember every day . My father told me if I'm going to continue on the forum I might be affected by everything they are saying because some Sahaja Yogis are just like that . But I would like to tell them that the Spirit World is full of SpongeBobs and Patricks there are no Mr. Krabs , no Squidwards , or any Planktons there .

Merry Christmas to all ,


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