To the general public the Sahaja Yoga message of Love is no different from any other guru

Dear Friends:

Please find below New Year Greetings from Guruji Sri Amritananda Saraswati and Guruji-Amma Annapurna:

My dear all,

We are remembering you with gratitude and affection at Devipuram this new year. May the miseries of last year be just memories to be forgotten, and may happiness and love soar in the world like the new year crackers towards the heavens.

We are always with you; praying for you in your difficulties and successes.
As you probably know by now, this year is starting with Maha Kumbhabhisheka at Devipuram - January 30th to February 2, 2007. It is very important to send your prayers for peace and love to all at this time. We have many dreams; you can check them and share them by going to

With our love and Devi's blessings.

Guruji and Amma

--- In, Sambhav
> Dear All
> I was happy to see a good improvement in Mother's Health. Also in
> Sir CP's speech he said that now we have to declare openly about
> shri Mataji (Through all meand including media).
> Sambhav

Dear Sambhav,

i assure you nothing has changed except for the increase in the decibel and quality of the hype. It is the same old wine - message of Love and taking Realization - that is being poured in new bottles. SYs in India are already getting intoxicated as they cannot hold their drink from all the rounds of toasting ...... now that success is now just a realization or two away. Maybe all this is for collective consumption. (It was so moving and awe-inspiring that a huge crocodile tear fell into my tea and splashed onto the laptop.)

There are hundreds of gurus also giving the same message of Love and taking Realization ......... most of whom are considered false by these drunk SYs. To the general public the SY message of Love and taking Realization is no different from any other guru, as distinct as peas in a pod. So why are these SYs celebrating like crazy?

But what about Shri Mataji's original and distinct message of the Last Judgment and Resurrection which no guru or religious institution has any power over? i guess neither Sir CP, WCASY, leaders nor SYs are interested.

So party on effective instruments of the Divine!


"Gifts from the little angels of the Nirmal Prem NGO project at Greater Noida, ISPS, Dharmshala and the state of West Bengal from India added to the collective offering of the gifts at Her Holy Lotus Feet.

It was after a long pause that our beloved Pappaji, Sir CP stood up to address the collectivity with very powerful words and expressions that touched all our hearts. It was indeed a part of the resolution taken by the collective on behalf of the world Sahaja collective and vowed before our most Holy Mother. Sir CP began with these words..."May I wish you all a very happy Christmas and a very happy New Year! He said you know when a new year comes every one makes new resolutions every time. People have many wishes to make that they expect to be fulfilled. Continuing in his flawless diction Sir CP said "he has a wish to make that She (Shri Mataji) should continue to be presiding here like this and we should be sitting here. And accompanying this wish is the need of the world for Her to spread the love and the message to be one. He further said, that if this world created by Her becomes one, it will be the greatest of the wishes. Then like a father he assured and desired for us to take a strong resolution that Shri Mataji has played Her role and whose turn should it be now? The entire collectivity after a pause affirmed -"Ours" with the hands raised spontaneously. Pappaji repeated, "Yes, indeed it is now your turn". "Do you promise that"? "I stood up just to get that promise from you on this New Year"

The curtains were drawn at quarter to eleven as the collectivity stood up with freezing chilliness in the air. The coolness spoke for itself of the level of vibrations that rose at that moment. Mother in Her Shri Jesus Form blessed us on behalf of the entire collectivity of the world with all fortunes for the years to come. Thank You Mother for You accepted our prayers and the Christmas Puja at Your Holy Lotus Feet.

Mother, we promise you on behalf of the world collectivity that we shall abide by the resolution we just now made to Sir CP on spreading Your message of Love and taking Realization to the farthest corner of the world by Your blessings. Please make us Your effective instruments to carry forward our desire as You are the Doer and the Enjoyer."

--- In, "jagbir singh" wrote: >

and neither is Self-realization and Kundalini awakening. i just came across this request:


Param Pujya Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj would like to invite everyone on this earth to participate in a Global Introductory Trial of Mahayoga Shaktipat (Siddhayoga) for the uplift of all humankind. This introductory trial will be held on January 25th, 2007 from 7:06 am to 7:27 am local time, and those interested can participate during that time at no cost from the privacy of their own homes. All are eligible to participate in this trial regardless of religion, race, sex, age, caste or creed. This world-wide trial can be considered to be a "trailer" or a precursor for the awakening of one's Kundalini Shakti (Universal Life Energy) through Shaktipat (transfer of Energy) from a Siddha Yoga Master.

Here's how to participate:

* At the designated time (January 25th, 2007 from 7:06 am to 7:27am local time) sit comfortably with your eyes closed in a quiet location in your home. Instantly observe a wave of energy along your spinal column.
* Relax your body completely in order to minimize the awareness of your body.
* Let your mind observe your involuntary breathing.
* Observe your experiences during the designated time interval and please report them by e-mail to P. P. Narayankaka Maharaj at mahayoga_kaka@... .

India, from time immemorial, has considered our world as one nation, with Prana Shakti/Universal Life Energy as the common basis for all human beings. P. P. Narayankaka Maharaj intends to demonstrate our Universal Brotherhood through this Global Trial of Mahayoga Shaktipat.

P. P. Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj (Kaka Maharaj) is a leading teacher and proponent of Mahayoga (Siddhayoga), a centuries-old tradition of spiritualism and Yoga that guides its followers to spiritual self-realization, while continuing to live productive lives in society. He is the only living disciple of P. P. Shri Loknath Tirth Swami Maharaj, who initiated other leading 20th century luminaries of Siddha Yoga, including P. P. Shri Gulvani Maharaj. Kaka Maharaj's objective is to spread the practice of Siddhayoga so that as many people as possible can achieve spiritual self-realization, thus making the world more peaceful and serene.

More details of Mahayoga (Siddhayoga) can be found at

So now the foundation stones of the official version of Sahaja Yoga are the same used by so many gurus and spiritual paths. There is no difference at all between the Love, Self-realization and Kundalini awakening advertised. To the general public Sahaja Yoga is obviously the same as any other yoga. But as far as innovation and intelligence is concerned the Sahaja Yoga leadership has a long history of poverty.

Thus after three decades Shri Mataji remains as obscure and forgotten as ever, just another yoga teacher at best. But the SY leadership have had an enviable track record .......... success in keeping Her advent and message suppressed and hidden from 99.99% of humanity. i wish WCASY and their supporters further success in 2007!



--- In, alice abergel
> Dear Jagbir,
> Jay Shri Mataji,
> I'm sorry I don't understand why you sent us this mail
> about a Maha Yogi willing to give en mass réalisation,
> You know only Our Holy Mother Can do that . An dont't
> worry many many yogis western I don't know about the
> others do Havan after Haven asking Lord Agni to take
> off the veil of the seekers and non seekers of the
> wold.
> Any so called yogi does his best to spread Mother's
> Message, and no, no, Jagbir Mother is not Forgotten at
> All , Never .We are doing our very,very best to be <
> Her Hands>, with love, compassion and knowledge, Pure
> Vidya, silently, but surely...
> Regards . Sharmila

Dear Sharmila,

i am just giving an example of other gurus/groups offering whatever official Sahaja Yoga is offering. We cannot reject/ridicule them because as far as seekers are concerned Sahaja Yoga is no different from other yogas. Our faith in Shri Mataji is not an issue here and neither is the way SYs praise Her in private. It is the unbelievable, unforgivable and unprecedented way Her advent and message has been suppressed in public that matters most, and the decades-old damage now becoming painfully apparent. If SYs had spread and explained Sahaja Yoga the same way Shri Mataji was doing/saying we would have had far more seekers who could easily discern the difference between the Mahayoga of the Adi Shakti and the ordinary yogas of hundreds of gurus.

So which of Shri Mataji's teachings would have made Sahaja Yoga tower over all? They are the heart and soul of Sahaja Yoga - Last Judgment, Qiyamah, Holy Spirit, Adi Shakti, Comforter, Mahdi, Shri Lalita, Kingdom of God, Deity in Sahasrara, Bible, Quran, and the list goes on. These are words/topics that have almost disappeared from the lips, heart and mind of leaders and SYs. Had SYs the faith to declare all of them in public from the 70s then today seekers would not be misled by falsehood. The later cannot be faulted for not having the ability to discern truth from falsehood. The SY websites have never given seekers the truth to convince seekers to stay. As far as seekers are concerned the same subtle system yoga is just a mouse click away. So is self-realization, kundalini awakening, thoughtless awareness etc. That is why people are willing to participation in a worldwide mass awakening of the kundalini, and no amount of SY indignation will change anything. A simple introspection will tell us that false gurus and their followers claim far more than SYs dare admit about their advent and message of the Adi Shakti. Their devotees stand and shout from rooftops to advertise their gurus. SYs can hold a candle to any of them.

But why is the entire organization of Sahaja Yoga afraid of expressing their faith and beliefs in public with the same conviction and thunder they have during private pujas? Why can't they tell newcomers the same truth that Shri Mataji tells complete strangers during public programs? On what basis do SYs take it upon themselves to discriminate as to whom is delivered the message of the Adi Shakti's present incarnation and by what convoluted process that message is selectively delivered? Other spiritual organizations do not behave in this dishonest way. On the contrary, they go to great lengths to proclaim loudly and openly their claims. Thus why should we feel insulted when gurus claim they can raise the kundalini of thousands. They have all the right to declare their convictions. After all, SYs have always claimed on their official sites that She is a great guru. The devotees of other gurus are saying the same too, including claims of divinity which SYs have no stomach for. The mass kundalini awakening is but an example and reminder of how advanced and confident other yoga organizations and devotees of gurus are, and have left Sahaja Yoga far behind in the dust. i am just explaining today what SYs will see tomorrow when the dust settles.



> Violet wrote:

Dear All,

What Shri Mataji says about "recognising Her"...

It was a momentous Time of Great Joy in the late 70's when Shri Mataji declared openly Who She Is. Such awe, wonder, and joy! Shri Mataji had prepared yogis to receive the momentous truth of who She Is, by helping them spiritually in so many ways. Once She had done that, She asked Her Devotees to do the same and also prove Who She Is:

"But now it is for you people, who have to prove it, that I am that." (Guru Puja - Dollis Hill, UK - 2 December, 1979)

Of course, we now know that Sahaja Yogis did not openly declare Who She Is to the world, but those with the sway, preferred to advertise Her as a Meditation/Subtle System Teacher. However Shri Mataji wanted more than that!!! She wanted the World to know She is the Adi Shakti!!! This is happening now... fortunately. The "special personalities who Shri Mataji said would give evidence of Her Incarnation from Montreal, Canada"... are finally proving Who She Really Is, and you can read all about it at:

The above website is therefore very important, as in it is the proof of Who Shri Mataji Really Is!!! It also proves that Shri Mataji has fulfilled the Spiritual Eschatology (prophecies) about the Divine Feminine in all Scriptures. There is the Hindu 'Adi Shakti'... the Christian 'Comforter'... the Muslim 'Ruh of 'Allah'... the Buddhist 'Maitreya'... the Sikh 'Aykaa Mayee'... the Jewish 'Shekinah' and the Taoist 'Great Mother'.

In addition to this Request to Sahaja Yogis, Shri Mataji also makes it most clear how very important it is to "recognise Her". We are not talking about just any ordinary human being here... folks!!! We are talking about a Very Special Spiritual Incarnation, the likes of which have never been seen on Earth before!!! This Incarnation is no less than the Great Mother of the Universe... The Holy Spirit Incarnate!!!

The fact that "the Holy Spirit Incarnate"... has told us that recognition of Her is of utmost importance for our spiritual benevolence, therefore this is something that we need to follow if we wish to have the spiritual benefits. It is in fact my belief... that any meditation or subtle system work is only as effective as is "recognition of Her". "If the recognition is not there"... according to Shri Mataji... "it will not work out". Take it or leave it folks... but it will not work out, unless you recognise Her.

So... please enjoy these momentous confidences of Shri Mataji which were originally just for Her Devotees, but now is for all the Seekers of Truth to read and understand and to benefit from spiritually.

Jai Shri Mother!


Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi...

"Today is the day I declare that I am the One who has to save the humanity. I declare I am the One who is Adi Shakti, who is the Mother of all the mothers, who is the Primordial Mother, the Shakti, the Desire of God, who has incarnated on this Earth to give its meaning to itself.... to this creation, to human beings... and I am sure through My Love and Patience and My Powers... I am going to achieve it.

I was the One who was born again and again. But now in my complete form and complete powers, I have come on this Earth... not only for salvation of human beings, not only for their emancipation, but for granting them the Kingdom of Heaven... the Joy, the Bliss that your Father wants to bestow upon you.

These words are to be kept within the bounds of Sahaja Yogis only for the time being, and today is the day of Guru Puja... not My puja, but your Puja as Gurus. I anoint all of you as Gurus, and today I will tell you what I have bestowed upon you, and what great powers you already have within you.

Among you there are people who have still not been able to recognise. My announcement will work it out within them... 'the recognition'. Without recognition, you cannot see the play. Without the play, you cannot have confidence within yourself. Without confidence, you cannot become the Guru. Without becoming (the) Guru, you cannot help others. Without helping others, you are not going to be in any way happy.

So to break the chain is very easy... but to build the chain one after another is what you have to do. This is what you were all wanting to be. So be Confident and be Joyous and be Happy... that all my Powers will Protect you, my Love will nourish you, and my Nature will fill you with Peace and Joy. May God Bless You."

(Extracts from Guru Puja - Dollis Hill, UK - 2/12/79)

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi...

First of all you have to know you are prophets, and you must know that I am the Holy Ghost. I am the Adi Shakti. I am the one who has come on this Earth for the first time in this form... to do this tremendous task. The more you'll understand this, the better it would be. I knew I'll have to say that openly one day. But now it is for you people... who have to prove it... that I am that.

Because I have said now "I am the Holy Ghost"... everybody seems to be 'over happy' and joyous. I have told you whatever was needed for your counselling. I have taught you how to redeem others and comfort them. You know everything. Now just become masters in this art... forgetting the past. You are all great people. All of you. Declare to all the Nations now that I am the Holy Ghost... and I have come for this Special Time that is the Resurrection Time.

(Shri Mataji's 60th Birthday Puja - Sydney, Australia - 21 March, 1983)

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi...

Then how you behave is very important. You should not be artificial or superficial. But best is to put your hand on your heart... both the hands... and just try to feel (that) your Mother is (the) Adi Shakti. She has created all this Universe. She has created all this World, and She is for your Protection. As soon as I come to know about your problems, my attention can work it out.

All this protection is given to you because you are seekers of truth, and the truth is that I am the Adi Shakti Incarnated. Once this truth becomes one with your Self, there's nothing to fear... because all the Deities know this fact. They know about this Incarnation very well. They'll do anything to substantiate your belief in every way: my photographs... in the sky... they are so anxious! They are behind the stage... before the stage... all sides of the stage... listening to me... feeling very happy that I am telling you the truth. But the way they recognise... the way they act... they never disobey. If you behave in the same manner, you are completely protected from all these problems I have told you about.

Once you have recognised... you will have no fear from anyone and the more you show that recognition, the more you realise it. You get higher and higher... not only spiritually, but every way, mentally, socially, economically, politically. (It) is very remarkable that not only (do) you recognise me as a Mother who loves you very much... but (also) a Mother who is powerful to protect you.

So just behind this recognition... is all the powers. But if you are doubting... still half way 'this that'... then things won't be alright. You shouldn't worry about your reputation. Just go full speed into any direction, knowing one thing... "that you are my child, and that I am Adi Shakti". Everything that looks horrible will become better. You have seen it now. Don't worry about anything! Just know that I am the Adi Shakti. That all the Powers of Gods and Goddesses 'and all that are within me'... and they "are" within me, and they are "all" looking after!

But if the recognition is not there... they are not going to recognise you either. Supposing I correct you sometimes. Instead of feeling sad, you should see that how fortunate I am that Adi Shakti herself is correcting me. She is taking (an) interest in me. How fortunate I am to be born at this time... to be with her in her Great Work."
(Navaratri Puja - Cabella - 13 October, 1991)

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