To whom it may concern: 53 official reasons to flee from Sahaja Yoga

Havan at Shri Krishna Puja in Cabella
Monday, September 05, 2011

Dear Yogis World-wide:

The following conditionings were identified by a group of Yoginis working together over several months with a deep desire to help us dissolve some of our thorniest negativities.

A representative from nearly every country in attendance at the recent International Shri Krishna Puja came forward after the havan and requested this list to work on in their countries. You can download the list here.

Let us pray that through our collective offerings of these at havan and shoe beating they will be defeated.

Jai Shri Mataji!!!

Conditionings Shared by Yogis World-wide:

1. Fear of finding oneself taken out of the established system (for example, by the government system, such as Soviet Gulags, that forced people into labor camps).

2. Fear of going against the widespread opinion of the masses, even if the opinion is false.

3. Fear of being deprived of love from the majority.

4. Fear of not being recognized as being a part of the majority; fear of being ostracized by the majority.

5. Fear of disobeying due to threat of punishment; fear of being persecuted.

6. Negativity of inner slavery requiring a strong leader (such as Tzar or the leader of the Communist Party) to hide behind for safety.

7. Negativity of inner slavery enabling blind obedience to any authority or domination.

8. Negativity of inner slavery enabling subservience, groveling, or "bootlicking" towards any leaders.

9. Insecurity that enables hypocrisy, lack of sincerity, and showing off.

10. Attachment to power, money and privileges enabling corruption.

11. Blind faith towards any imposter promising a quick, easy way to be healthy and wealthy.

12. Negativity which enables discourteous, rude and sarcastic speaking.

13. Negativity of mental dishonesty or hankering towards trickery and deception.

14. Negativity of blind, fanatic faith.

15. Lack of self-confidence and confidence in others.

16. Lack of self-respect and respect for others.

17. Lack of access to truthful information.

18. Lack of understanding of one's own divine nature.

19. Lack of recognition of freedom of the Spirit.

20. Lack of courage to face oneself with honesty; lack of introspection.

21. Lack of maturity about the Guru principle.

22. Lack of true humility.

23. Lack of self-discipline.

24. Negativity enabling superficiality with no desire to investigate a question deeply.

25. Lack of ability to have one's own opinion.

26. Lack of capacity to support one's own point of view without aggression.

27. Lack of discrimination.

28. Lack of joy and capacity to enjoy life.

29. Lack of ability to appreciate others for their qualities and inner being, instead of only for their deeds and results.

30. Negativity of being competitive in one's approach to Sahaja Yoga, preventing being deep and inward.

31. Negativity of aggressive and reactive behavior.

32. Negativity of arrogance, vanity, and making excessive assumptions.

33. Negativity using blackmail as a common practice against someone with a different opinion and discrediting them in society.

34. Negativity of fear that produces cowardice preventing decision making and taking responsibility on oneself.

35. Negativity causing people to discourage others.

36. Negativity causing people to shirk their responsibilities.

37. Negativity enabling substitution of Sahaj notions to be confused with negative behaviors.

38. Negativity enabling punishment to be defined as tapasya.

39. Negativity enabling blind obeisance to be defined as collectivity.

40. Negativity enabling lack of discipline to be defined as spontaneity.

41. Negativity causing lack of required organizational structure to be defined as democracy.

42. Negativity causing indifference to be defined as detachment and wisdom.

43. Negativity causing a get-together to be defined as collectivity.

44. Negativity causing right-sided fanaticism to be defined as devotion.

45. All the problems in Sahaja Yoga worldwide, problem of all Sahaja Yoga organizations.

46. Any negativity attacking the collective body of Sahaja Yoga through any organisation which is off balance and its followers .

47. Any attempts to control Sahaja yogis and Sahaja Yoga.

48. All the negativity that splits us into countries, groups and organizations.

49. Any negativity attacking the purity of Sahaj principles in Sahaja yogis of the world.

50. All the impure knowledge, impure methods and false gurus in Sahaj Yoga.

51. Everything that attaches us to organisers, organisations and false autorities.

52. All illusions and miss-beliefs, all resentment and lack of forgiveness that dominate over the Spirit in Sahaja yogis.

53. Everything that is in the way for all of us to pass through the collective Agnya and get established in the Sahasrara.

--- In, "abcdef.ghijklmn2011" wrote:

Dear brothers and sisters,

I just wanted to share a few thoughts with you, since this seems to be the only appropriate place I know of. I will not disclose my name or my country, because I do not want any reaction started. I will just call myself John. And these are just my thoughts.

Please excuse me for mistakes, English is not my native language:

I first attended a Sahaja Yoga programme in the summer of 1990; I instantly recognized The Mother and never had any doubt.

I enthusiastically joined the Sahaj collectivity that was forming in my country. Of course, I soon found out that things were not as they should have been. After an initial "golden age" phase that lasted just a few months, suddenly everything went down-hill in a way. A host of half-baked people burst in and relatively quickly transformed the vibrations-driven community into a very funny and ritualistic thing. Vibrations and thoughtlessness were taking a lesser importance (and never regained first place).

A strange short fellow with a big ego, little wisdom and absolutely no sense of vibrations practically pushed himself into the leader position (but at least I must credit him with the frankness of declaring that he did not feel any cool or hot breeze). A few years later he went to the US; at his level of wisdom I suspect him of managing the McDonalds-like site of

Another, a young man with a very "angelic" face and very shrewd ways became a big hit amongst the Yoginis of all ages and a central force of ego influence (I must say that I saw some pictures from the Guru Puja 2008 and he was there, aged and balding but with the same trickery on his face). By the grace of God he also left the country.

Well, in a short time the collectivity evolved into something else, a sort of a social place, a place where people would meet, laugh a lot, meditate a little (not too much, because a rumour spread that a lot of meditation is not good for you), work on each other, again, just a little (because everyone was afraid of catching), sing a lot. And I mean A LOT! They became so enamoured of singing that almost every time in a public programme, some guy (disturbed maybe by the flow of vibrations) would start singing, disrupting the precious moments of meditation. Personally I always found bhajans unpleasant the way they were sung in an European collectivity which had nothing to do with Indian culture. But I love ragas, which I find the most evolved kind of music.

So, it seemed that our meetings had very little to do with Nirvichara but a lot to do with all sorts of left and right sided energies which were fascinating to watch but became harmful to my subtle body. I would go home and cleanse for hours in order to achieve a little balance (this was not a sign of me being highly evolved, I don't say that; I was way over sensitive and vulnerable). Oh, and a little funny thing: while in the beginning the mantras were of Shri Nirvichara, later they were about Shri Nirvikalpa, as if the whole collectivity had gone to a Nirvikalpa state; in reality, they had almost no interest even in Nirvichara; the laughing, the jokes and the singing were more interesting.

After barely surviving for a few years, I got fed up of all the bowing to each other like little Japanese geishas, the cult-like things and jargon, inuendos, groups forming based on common catches, mutual accusations of being off-center and other low level manifestations from people who were supposed to be realised souls. I primarily resented the fact that actual thoughtless state and vibrations were not important anymore. And of Shri Mataji being portrayed as "a lady from India who has special powers". So I left the collectivity. And to my surprise I found out that I was moving easier between people that knew nothing of Sahaja Yoga than between people who did things wrong in Sahaja Yoga.

I now fast forward the following 15 years, which are of no importance. Starting with a few months ago, I had noticed that it was getting increasingly easier for me to meditate. I was more and more in a state of joy. And then, as a lightning, at the beginning of this March I found out that Shri Mataji was no longer with us in physical form. I took two days leave and cried almost non-stop. My mind told me that She is not really gone, just the illusion has changed, but it was hard to get over this "earthly" reaction.

I suddenly realised that I meditated quite a lot and profoundly even in the days after Mother's so-called death and I had sensed no unusual things, just the opposite: joy. I remembered that some years ago I felt Her attention on me (or maybe on the whole collective) when she had travelled by plane over my country, so I should have felt something if something was intended to be felt. Ergo, the logical conclusion is that She did not want me (or any of us) to feel pain or grief. And so I became centered once again.

But a new sense of responsibility has developed now. It is clear that it is now only up to us to make Her vision reality. And since She can (by "can" I mean "can, accordingly to the laws that She Herself set when She created our Reality") act now only through our Sahasraras, we really have to wake up and do whatever we were meant to do. I do not know what that is and I do not think I will ever be anounced beforehand. But this is Sahaja Yoga. This is about The Present.

For me, the things that I must urgently do (and I beg Mother's forgiveness for postponing them for so long) are to first fully establish the Nirvichara state and then receive the Nirvikalpa (if I will be judged worthy of it). I will not do the mistake of waiting to be "perfect" until I start again giving Realisation to people. But I must first remove all catches and main imbalances, so that I can really be a wide-open channel for Mother's love (exactly as said in the little mentioned 2008 Guru Puja Talk). Because it is not a question of talking about Sahaja Yoga. I see it the other way round: people feeling vibrations from me, maybe being temporarily relieved of their pains and imbalances when they are near me, and then giving them Realisation. Otherwise, if nothing is to be felt from me, if I do not give strong vibrations, what is the use? Will I battle with people's egos and super-egos?

Now a few words about certain very disturbing facts:

- The site: it is horrible. No "Yoga" mentioned. No Shri Mataji, except where she is mentioned casually as an object of meditation, on the same level as candles and music. Her biography is a watered down version. For the demons that concocted this site, Shri Mataji is just a person like you and me. And Sahaja (remember, no Yoga) is nothing but a meditation technique. There is no mentioning of Kundalini, chakras or Divinity. The subtle system is replaced with a stack of points, no channels, nothing. Deep supraconscious stuff.

It is as if they try to by-pass the necessary recognition of Shri Mataji in order to enjoy the side-effects (health and low stress levels) of Her Advent.

It is very sad that the US (world's Vishuddhi, aren't they?) have gone to this low level. God knows what will happen to them. It is very wrong to try to alter the message of an Incarnation to suit the stupidity of the people. This will cause some punishment and I fear it will be severe.

I read that this site had some PR company behind it. I simply cannot comment on this in civilised terms: it is the stupidest thing I have ever heard (apart from "Papaji Ki Jay" mentioned below).

When I visited this site, my whole subtle body got numbed down for quite some time. Really. It seems that this "New Approach" burns through the right side of a person. Ironically, I read that US yogis against this demonic venture are deemed negative. Instead, the promoters should be thrown out until they realise what they have done.

- This WCASY business, National Councils and other Councils: people, have you forgotten the meaning of "Sahaj"? What is wrong with you? Do you really think that you are above "regular" Sahaja Yogis? What happened to "Mother, I do nothing, You do everything" ? Did you say this affirmation just once in the last ten years? Do you really think you can organize the Divine? Do you think Mother's Love flows to us through you? Don't you realize that even if you cease to exist this very day, it would mean absolutely nothing? Get into your thick ego-covered over-pressurised heads that you are no higher than any other Sahaja Yogi. As long as you think you "do" and you keep whatever you have "done" in your head, you are bloating your ego. Just surrender everything that you have "done". Meditate and meditate and meditate. Just realise that you have been in an illusion of ego so many years, say "Mother, forgive me" and then do not think. Simple.

- Sir CP: I never liked him. When I left the collectivity years ago he still had the common sense (or maybe he was patiently waiting for his time to come) to stay behind and keep quiet. I was astounded to find out that he somehow managed to become a central figure in Sahaja Yoga. I really don't think that this man has received Realisation. That "telepathy" thing that he boasted is nonsense. Of course that if Mother needed a translator She would have chosen a realised soul, not this bone-dry right-sided person. I think that it takes a special demonic type of person to stay so many years near Shri Adi Shakti and remain (or become) evil. Because he is clearly driven by greed and ego.

I fell off the chair laughing when I read that so-called realised souls greeted this person with "Papaji Ki Jay" !!! Oh really? I do not know what kind of powers these mislead guys imagine they have but I can tell them that Guru principle is just a joke in them. Hundreds of Sahaja Yogis bowing to a non-realised person? If he had any wisdom, he should have firmly protested and forbid anyone to greet him like this a second time.

And this person dared to drug Mother? We all know that going against The Holy Ghost is a sin not to be forgiven.

Of course now he wants to erect I don't know what kind of monument. He is good at organising, no doubt. Just like Paul was (they do seem animated by the same energy). And a bulding means, of course, more money. Obviously he likes money.

He gave his full measure in the final lie about the power of decision that his beloved world leaders should have.

It is very absurd to me. This old guy is now nothing. He means nothing. He has no saying in Sahaja Yoga (he never should have had). The Sahaja Yogis should take care of him as a courtesy for Mother (even if he acted so devilishly), but no more.

We shouldn't be very concerned, because he can do nothing but Mother's will. He will destroy the organisation that is called by the name of Sahaja Yoga. And this is a good thing, because that organisation is nothing Sahaj. And we do not want a new dead religion.

We have a world to redeem. There are so many people that have to receive Realisation.

All of these problems should never have existed. It is quite easy, actually: get your connection. Meditate. Establish the vibrations. Establish Nirvichara. Find out (only in vibrations and meditation, the rest is just a pitiful attempt to convince your own ego of something that goes against its limited laws) about Shri Mataji and Her message. Act accordingly to your meditation state, not to what your mind says. Just BE and let the Paramchaitanya guide you. All things Sahaj start when thoughts end. That simple. No need for leaders, no need for Councils, no need for an old man being like a cork in the Sahasrara (sorry for the last cruel image, but I dare anyone to think about this CP and feel cool vibrations at the same time).

We have to give more and more vibrations to this world, until it heals completely and we enter the Golden Age.


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"Now, the principle of Mother is in every, every scripture - has to be there." Shri Mataji, Radio Interview 1983 Oct 01, Santa Cruz, USA

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