Viktor Bondar joins Alan Wherry in WCASY covert campaign against

Subject: RE: Editing of book
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 15:29:29 -0400
From: "Kumar, Manoj (MMRX)"
To: "'Jagbir Singh'" ,
"'Arun Goel'"
CC: "Kumar, Manoj (MMRX)"
Dear Jagbir,

I presented your book to Shri Mataji when I was in India. She spent almost half an hour to go through the book. Overall, She was very pleased with the book and especially with your effort in compiling the information. She Mataji felt that it needs some editing. She asked me to convey to you "Tell Jagbir now to leave it to Her".

She suggested that She will get it published in India in 4 volumes because the print is very small in its existing format which will be made bigger and will than be more readable. She suggested that since it is going to be a priced item that you should remove it's free availability from the web.

You can contact the leader of India Arun Goyal who was present at the time of my discussion with Shri Mataji to get further status. Shri Mataji will be India till the 18th and then will come to Europe. Arun Goyal's email address in India is

!jai Shri Mataji!

Your brother,


Note: The editing that Shri Mataji wanted done was the toning down of the harsh criticism of the Catholic Church. Other than that the book was "a miracle" according to Shri Mataji and She even commented on the beautiful vibrations flowing from the pages.

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From: Viktor Bondar
To: "Yura" < inspired@...>
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2006 17:23:59 +0200
Subject: Fw: Hi Viktor

John Noyce of Australia has been keeping a close eye on the activities of the owner of, who used to be in SY but clearly isn't a Sahaja Yogi now, and is openly critical of all Sahaja leadership, including, at times Shri Mataji Herself.

He is somewhat eccentric and for example, advocates not using a photo of Mother when meditating, not footsoaking etc. The owner of this site, one Jagbir Singh of Canada is on a crusade to spread his own eccentric, supraconscious view of what Sahaja Yoga is, and where possible we should advise people not to go there - although of course, individuals are free to do what they like.

John tells me that the web site links to

Obviously, I don't know the owner of that web site, Yuriy Linnyk, whether he is Sahaj or not, but in the event that he is known to you, is it possible that you might prevail upon him to remove the link as it contains much erroneous and inaccurate information. Yuriy lists before the official Sahaj Yoga website.

Much love and best wishes

Jai Shri Mataji

Dear Jagbir and All,

You wrote:

> So you can see that the Adi Shakti took care of everything to ensure
> that the evidence will be presented. i had to write the book to
> prevent these negative forces within the SY organization from
> destroying Her Advent and Message to humanity. WCASY and NIPC
> are powerless because SHRI ADI SHAKTI: THE KINGDOM OF GOD is < > personal, not collective intellectual property. Had that not been the
> case i can assure all that WCASY and NIPC would have shut the
> sites.

It is a miracle that you wrote the book, as you did not know that this was the 'loophole', that would prevent these negative, adversarial forces, within the Sahaja Yoga organization from destroying Her Advent and Message to humanity. As you say, WCASY and NIPC are powerless because 'Shri Adi Shakti: The Kingdom of God' is personal and not collective intellectual property. That is just fantastic and many Sahaja Yogis "with conscience" can work with us in future.

Jagbir, Shri Mataji has told us that every detail regarding Her Incarnation were planned beforehand. i remember Her saying that "the special personalities from Montreal, Canada that would give evidence to confirm Her Incarnation" - would come from outside the organisation of Sahaja Yoga. By 'saying so', Shri Mataji gave very clear approval for your family not to stay in the organisation of Sahaja Yoga. As it happened, there was this impetus to have to leave the organisation of Sahaja Yoga due to the organisation's disapproval towards the spiritual experiences/mystical evidence of your children, given to them for a specific eschatological purpose, for a specific time, by the Great Mother in the Sahasrara. But by speaking about your family in the mid-1990's Shri Mataji showed that She was standing by you all! And She said so, in front of leaders and rank and file Sahaja Yogis, alike!

For their part, the now-failed-leadership were just dancing around Shri Mataji's wish to get your book published in 4 parts, and instead, actively worked against it - misinforming and disinforming Sahaja Yogis against it. They did not help Shri Mataji get the book published and worked covertly against its publication. In other words, they helped the Adversarial Force that is against the publication of a book about the Kingdom of God in the Sahasrara. And it is unbelievable how many Sahaja Yogis have fallen hook, line, and sinker for the Voice of the Adversarial Force against a book that is full of never-before-read mystical evidence of Truth, Beauty, and Love! i guess they just weren't quite ready for it. But how Sahaja Yogis have been so deceived is beyond my comprehension, since they are supposed to be the 'awakened ones'!

Getting back to the publication of your book, i am sure that Shri Mataji is bound by the wishes of the Sahaja Yogis, even if that wish is based on misinformation, disinformation and the sheer ignorance of being deceived by the Adversarial Force. Shri Mataji is, i believe, what She calls "bound by the wishes of the Sahaja Yogis" - even if those wishes in this instance happen to be misinformed. Shri Mataji does not force Her will on anyone. It is against the spiritual laws for any Incarnation to impose their will; the people have to discern the truth for themselves. It is a test for them to see if they can discern the truth of what has happened. It is part of their spiritual growth to have their spiritual eyes and ears opened up. They have to learn to stand on their "own two legs" as Shri Mataji liked to say. She can't forever bottle-feed them, burp them, and put them to bed!

So, that is why i believe your book did not get published in 4 parts by Shri Mataji, because in the end, She was bound by the Sahaja Yogis' misinformed wishes and spiritual ignorance. The now-failed-leadership are responsible for your book not getting published, when Shri Mataji wanted that all along! As Her Horoscope predicted, not all of Shri Mataji's wishes would come about. The publication of your book, in four parts, was one of them:

"The T-square formations between Moon - Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune, indicate that some of the plans of Mataji might be hindered by obstructive activities of evil and negative forces. Also Mataji might have to steer through conflicting loyalties and aims of some of her so-called followers who are enemies in disguise. But despite all this, she will find her way to the goal of her life, viz., universal Self-Realisation!"

Nirmala Yoga - Jan-Feb 1981

Well....the Manoj Kumars and Yogi Mahajans of Sahaja Yoga have gotten a bit of what they wanted, in that your book did not get published in 4 parts. But they haven't gotten off scot-free neither! Everyone who reads the adishakti site are going to read openly what these guys did covertly--in secret--and i hope they will be ashamed of themselves, for how they have gone against the Adi Shakti. Each Sahaja Yogi is going to have to chose for themselves, in their own liberty, who they are going to follow. Is it going to be God or Mammon; the Para-Prakriti or the Apara-Prakriti?:

"These two aspects of Prakriti [Para- and Apara-Prakriti] correspond to the Christian designations of Holy Ghost and Satan. The Holy Ghost in tune with Christ Consciousness creates goodness and beauty and draws all manifestation toward a symbiotic harmony and an ultimate oneness with God. Satan (from the Hebrew, literally "the adversary") pulls outward from God into entanglement with the delusive world of matter, employing the mayic cosmic delusion to diffuse, confuse, blind, and bind."

The Second Coming of Christ (The Resurrection of the Christ Within You) Volume 1, Discourse 7, pg. 141.

warmest regards,


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