WCASY now claims that Shri Mataji speaks through him

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> Dear Rxxxxxx (and Xxxxx Xxxx),
> i definitely did not receive any email from Xxxxx Xxxx for i would
> have responded. i just searched xxx name on my entire gmail account
> but nothing came up. Maybe it was not the correct address.
> If she still wants to resend the email(s) i will be glad to read
> them. As always i will assure xxx identity is kept secret by using
> Xxxxx, as i have always done for other SYs. For that purpose (s)he
> may send them to my personal email ........... which i would prefer
> not to be given to others. i am sending a copy of this email to her
> too. Thank you.
> regards,
> jagbir

Dear Jagbir,

Finally, I could send you this letter. The first few were sent to qmail instead of gmail. If you wish to publish this letter below in your most asked questions you're most welcomed.

Love, Xxxxxxx

Dear Jagbir,

Jai Shri Mataji! We're so glad to have been told about your Shri Adishakti website because it has been very difficult and frustrated of not being able to express our views in these past two years due to the total control of the Sahaj official website and national websites around the world by WCASY and their followers.

My husband and I, who have been in Sahaj for more than 20 years, truly admire you and your family for having such tremendous courage and inner strength to stand up for the Truth and sticking to your principles because we also have been subjected to similar fate as you have been through in the past 3 years. We also have great admiration for those true yogis like Sergei, Guido, Derek, Al Ganesh, Henry Ho, the late Dr. Harald Knobel, Avinash and several more of my true brothers and sisters, whose characters have been tarnished, vilified and defamed publicly around the world in recent years by WCASY and their followers. How many times have Shri Mataji talked of Love? It is so apparent that after all these years they've never felt God's love in their heart and this is why so many of them have fallen in the spider's web.

However much they try to attack and discredit me, they can never ever ever destroy my spirit, my faith and my love for Shri Mataji which are a permanent fixture in my heart! I must say, there have been times when the attacks they inflicted upon me was so horrendous that it has posed risk to my health and danger to me and my family, I thought I would not be able to last any longer. My survival through this awful time only comes from the protection, guidance and love of Shri Mataji and using clearing and cleansing techniques which She has recommended to us on a regular basis. She would come into my dreams regularly before, during or after an attack either to forewarn, to indicate, to soothe, to advice, to love, to correct or to reassure me.

My family and I withdrew from the collective which has nothing to do of how we've been treated, but it has to do of how they, disgustingly, have been treating our Holy Divine Mother, God Almighty, Shri Adi Shakti for the past 3 and a half years. Often I would cry my eyes out and feel so ashamed of us as human beings who have been giving the greatest blessing of all and look at what they've done in the name of God. They violate Her Divine body by silen(cing) Her with this anti-psychotic drug, they parade Her around without any respect for Her physical well being, they have group photos taken with Shri Mataji in order to pamper their ego, they totally disregard all protocols which are needed to be observed for Shri Adi Shakti, they anointed and pontificated Sir C P and claimed publicly that Shri Mataji speaks through him and that he is Shiva, they sanctified Kalpina and Sadna by using shri before their names, they show photo of Sir C P's feet in the official website, they praised Sir C P by chanting "Bolo, shri papaji qui jay!" at the last Diwali puja, and finally, the ultimate sin committed against Shri Mataji is that they are doing their utmost to destroy by politicising, organising and distorting the teachings and works of God Almighty!

Shri Mataji has said that She is the Adi Shakti and She is the only Incarnation on this earth, are they deaf or what? For all the years we've been in Sahaj, of course we've great respect Sir C P and his family, we never once regarded them as SYs. The only member of the family who is a SY was Shri Mataji's beloved brother, BabaMama. I would like to ask if anybody has witnessed any members of the family worship, meditate and bow to Shri Mataji at pujas in all these years?

I know that those who are now considered as 'outsiders' will continue carrying the divine flame of Shri Mataji's and no one on this earth, particularly the WCASY and their followers, can stop us from spreading the True Message of our Holy Divine Mother. Gregoire had mentioned about fear in us, but do they have fear of the wrath of God?

Jagbir, we'll keep in touch.



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Dear Xxxxxx,

Thank you for this 'shocking' mail. i did not know Sir CP is now regarded as Shiva. Shri Mataji never ever even once hinted that her husband was in any way divine. On the contrary, She did lament that even Her own family (husband and children) do not recognize Her. How come now when Shri Mataji is old, drugged and incapacitated we start hearing of things She never said? i.e., words are put in Her mouth because She refuses to say so on Her own.

So maybe we will have to wait for Sir C P to officially announce that he is Shiva. Perhaps then WCASY can request SYs to start meditating on his lotus feet too.



Note: i just realized that WCASY's Sir Shiva has a serious credibility problem that will now haunt all of them. It is as if Shri Mataji knew what was coming and gifted the guilty parties with enough rope to hang all who participated in this terrible transgression and blasphemy despite Shri Mataji's explicit instructions: "Specially my husband has no right over my body and any advice from him should not be accepted at all".

Why do i have this feeling that WCASY's Sir Shiva will need a lot of smoke and mirrors to pull this off? ................. sorry, i forgot wool for SYs. But does Sir C P know he has been elevated to Shiva by WCASY, perhaps without his knowledge or consent? WCASY is more sinister than we think ............... and time will tell.

> Dear All,
> i read Shri Mataji's 1998 letter again and compared it with Her
> previous chakra notes. Even with the brief notes i found that
> letters "a, b, d. h. m, n, r, y" matched in both documents i.e.,
> there is no need for a handwriting expert. By all means Shri Mataji
> did write the letter below to all SYs and is no forgery. So what
> did She declare to all SYs?
> To whomsoever it may concern
> I want to state that nobody has any right on my body, without my
> permission I should not be treated by any doctor vidya or any other
> person.
> Specially my husband and my family members should not at all have
> any say in my sickness, no one has to admit me in any hospital.
> Even Sahaja Yogis cannot admit me to the hospital or treat me or
> arrange any doctor for treatment for me.
> I want to declare that my family should never never admit me in the
> hospital. Specially my husband has no right over my body and any
> advice from him should not be accepted at all. In short I do not
> want to be admitted in any hospital by anyone.
> Before my death I will write what is to be done with my body.
> sg. Mataji Nirmala Devi
> Mrs. Nirmala Srivastava
> 10th. Dec 1998

> http://www.adishakti.org/images/sm_1998_letter.JPG
> What many SYs do not seem to understand is this explicit
> instruction from Shri Mataji:
> "I want to declare that my family should never never admit me in
> the hospital. Specially my husband has no right over my body and
> any advice from him should not be accepted at all."
> i want the spineless, patronizing Will-grabbing WCASY council
> members to admit or confirm that they were the ones, not Her
> husband or family members, who recommended risperidone be
> administered to Shri Mataji. Did they convene an emergency meeting
> to personally ask Shri Mataji if She wanted a psychotic drug? Are
> any of them aware that Shri Mataji has never disobeyed Her husband
> and would defer to him? Did any one of them even bother to adhere
> to Her explicit, written Dec. 1998 instructions that left no room
> for a deviant reading (that SYs are so proficient at whenever they
> want to circumvent Her teachings or directives)? Have they any
> proof so far that Shri Mataji wanted to be administered
> risperidone and that is why they agreed to the wishes of Her
> family members?
> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/adishakti_sahaja_yoga/message/6403

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Hi Jagbir and All

Well this is really shocking. And I would say its ignorance that is driving everybody in this direction. Few months earlier we had a Puja in Noida, Sadhna ji and Romil ji were also invited. I was shocked to see some igorant, infact lot of ignorant SY's bowing to them as if the goddess has herself entered the room. There was a short speech also from Sadhna ji.

I just can't understand that why most of the SY's become so ignorant that they can't see the reality and there are others who do whatever they see others doing (no matter its wrong or right). When I was a kid even at that time I never appreciated the idea of calling Shree Mataji's husband as "Papaji". I respect him as Sir CP and what I can see now is that the petrcentage of SY's who call him papaji is increasing day by day. Because instead of using their own mind people try to follow others.

On the other hand we have the World Council For The Advancement Of LEADERS In Sahaja Yoga. Mother has helped us to record her lectures and we should only follow those.

Jai Shree Mataji

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Dear xxxxxx, Jagbir, and All, Thank you xxxxxx for your letter, which further reveals what is happening in Sahaja Yoga (the organisation). In regards to the claim that 'WCASY now claims that Shri Mataji speaks through her husband, and that he is Shiva'... i am shocked... but not all that surprised. i could see all the small steps WCASY was taking to arrive at "just such" an external scenario, so that such a thing will be accepted by SYs without realising it, before it is too late to back down.

If this is really so (and i am not disbelieving you)... it shows that WCASY members themselves feel they need another external guru... but why??? They should know that Shri Mataji incarnated to introduce them to the "internal guru" that is there. The Internal Guru, Your Mother, will not be too happy if you ignore Her, and turn to Her Incarnation's husband! What is the matter with WCASY? It can only be that they have not yet found Her Within Them Selves. That is the only reason they would need another guru without. However... if even Shri Mataji could not help them to find the Adi Shakti Within, how is her husband ever going to do that?!

This scenario is really too sad, and i never would have believed that SYs could do such a thing to their "Mother Within". However, as Shri Jesus also says: "By their fruits, we shall know them". Obviously, they have been exclusively externally focussed and have forgotten Shri Mataji's most precious Truth of the "Divine Within". And in their exclusively external focus, they have forgotten, discarded, ignored, suppressed, and trampelled on all of Shri Mataji's most precious Truths that Shri Mataji has taught all these 30 years or so.

It seems that many SYs also... have 'had their heads turned round' by WCASY. But then... it is still Early Days in Sahaja Yoga! There is still Time for Sahaja Yogis to collectively awaken to what is happening in their beloved collectives and to remedy that. However, i think this may be the job of the young people now... "to change things". Young people with their ideals can stand up to the 'old fogies' who have 'lost their way'... and instead of vibrating with Sahaj Love, they are suppressing, coercing, and dominating others. One consolation is that the collective is awakening to this fact now. The chaff is starting to be seen. It is truly the Judgment Time when the chaff is being separated from the wheat... slowly but surely.

So... this is what Shri Mataji says about leaders in Sahaja Yoga:

"Men, for example, have power orientation and jealousies. Leadership is the greatest myth ever going. ... There is nothing like leaders in Sahaja Yoga, as such. It's just a joke and your Mother is very good at playing serious jokes. It's just a testing point." (Extract - Shri Guru Puja Message Synopsis - Avignon, France - 8 July, 1990)

That is why i am certain in what i have believed anyway. This is that "Shri Mataji did not expect... nor want SYs to blindly follow leaders". For.... according to Shri Mataji... leadership is a myth and a joke... that She has played. Can we then please have our "Aha" moment!... our "Surprise Clap"!... and our "Joyous Laugh" at this Serious Joke that Shri Mataji says She has played on us all... which She admitted to at the Guru Puja in Avignon, France in 1990! In fact, as we all know "Guru Puja" is very significant in the encouragement of SYs to become their own Gurus, Masters, and Teachers. It was very fitting therefore that Shri Mataji would say that "there is nothing like leaders in Sahaja Yoga as such". (And for the John Noyces and others who say: But we don't have leaders anymore... don't kid yourself! They have not gone away just because everything has been renamed or worded differently!)

So... for those who are still hung up on the 'leadership thing'... take comfort and reprieve from these Words that Shri Mataji gave at Guru Puja, but which the leaders of SY are not teaching you:

"Men, for example, have power orientation and jealousies. Leadership is the greatest myth ever going. ... There is nothing like leaders in Sahaja Yoga, as such. It's just a joke and your Mother is very good at playing serious jokes. It's just a testing point." (Extract - Shri Guru Puja Message Synopsis - Avignon, France - 8 July, 1990)

The really serious part of the joke, though... is for the benefit of the ambitious leaders themselves, for whom Shri Mataji played this Joke. And She explained everything to us in Her Visit to Australia of either 1994, or the Visit Thereafter. We SYs heard Her say that the ambitious religious leaders of past times had again incarnated and come to Sahaja Yoga. She also said that She was getting them to appear on the Stage of Sahaja Yoga early, and that this was The Plan to get them to discredit themselves early in the History of Sahaja Yoga, and get them quickly off the Stage of Sahaja Yoga. Then Her Message would be able to get out without their opposition or interference.

That so many leaders 'bit the dust' one after the other... Shri Mataji revealed... was a deliberate Plan of Hers. She also told us that She would give the leaders enough rope (of liberty) so that if they abuse that rope (of liberty)... they will hang themselves with that rope of liberty (meaning that they will discredit themselves in the eyes of Sahaja Yogis and the rest of the world.) Putting Sir C.P. as Shri Shiva would definitely be in that category. i would be very worried myself to do any such thing, for fear of displeasing the Divine. But then... the last of them have formed themselves into a Group Bossing All SYs Worldwide. The last of them have flocked together like birds of a feather. The birds that did not agree with them (not of their feather) they ousted. So much for their Sahaj Love.

But then, little do they know that The Final Joke is on them, for they are participating in the Serious Joke that Shri Mataji put in place to finally oust them all... every last one of them! They thought they were getting glory, honour, and power. But we shall see what they get... in the end.

The beautiful Message Shri Mataji gave at that same Guru Puja was:

"When the Guru principle is awakened our priorities should change. Our ascent, spirit and Sahaja Yoga should be the top priorities and everything else should be subsidiary. 'Parama Chaitanya' will look after everything else. We should have faith in the power of love and in 'Parama Chaitanya.' Whatever has to be done for our ascent we have to do." (Shri Guru Puja Message Synopsis - Avignon, France - 8 July, 1990)

So... once SYs have their spiritual footing and Guru principle awakened... then their Highest Priority must be "ASCENT", "SPIRIT"... and "UNION WITH THE DIVINE" (which is what Sahaja Yoga means). Shri Mataji stated in July 1990 that:

"Everything else should be subsidiary. 'Parama Chaitanya' will look after everything else. We should have faith in the power of love and in 'Parama Chaitanya.' Whatever has to be done for our ascent we have to do." (Shri Guru Puja Message Synopsis - Avignon, France - 8 July, 1990).

i note that there is no mention of any leaders helping us. But Shri Mataji assures that the Param Chaitanya will look after everything else. That is what we depend upon; "The Param Chaitanya".

Jai Shri Mataji!


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