We have seven years to TELL ALL THE NATIONS and usher Satya Yuga by 2-21-2013

From: "jagbir singh" <adishakti_org@yahoo.com>
Date: Thu Feb 9, 2006 3:32 pm
Subject: We have seven years to TELL ALL THE NATIONS and usher Satya Yuga by 2-21-2013

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> The latest WebTrend report for www.adishakti.org shows that the
> 5,000 visitors per day mark may soon be breached. Remember, we had
> around 2,000 plus average last October and that has doubled now.
> For this week ending 1-25-2006 they are:
> Thursday - 4,257
> Friday - 4,366
> Saturday - 3,876
> Sunday - 4,190
> Monday - 4,896
> Tuesday - 4,333
> Wednesday - 4,255
> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/adishakti_sahaja_yoga/message/5591
> The latest WebTrend figures for daily visitors are:
> Thursday Jan. 26 - 4,460
> Friday Jan. 27 - 4,139
> Saturday Jan. 28 - 4,095
> Sunday Jan. 29 - 4,311
> Monday Jan. 30 - 5,055
> Tuesday Jan. 31 - 5,529
> Wednesday Feb. 1 - 5,486
> Kyyan, everything is working well according to Semira's dream and
> WebTrend is evidence of this optimism. The Divine Message is
> definitely spreading and can no longer be tied up or restrained by
> anything. All the negative forces working against it within the
> Sahaja Yoga organization are being overcome - leaders, WCASY and
> murmuring souls. Over time increasing number of SYs will realize
> all your concerns and come to their senses. It is the younger
> generation who will work for honesty and transparency because the
> senior SYs are not going to change the subtle system mentality.
> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/adishakti_sahaja_yoga/message/5655

The latest WebTrend figures for daily visitors/hits are:

Thu Feb. 2 - 5,419.......Hits 18,884
Fri Feb. 3 - 4,910.......Hits 20,374
Sat Feb. 4 - 4,696.......Hits 16,815
Sun Feb. 5 - 5,086.......Hits 19,538
Mon Feb. 6 - 6,215.......Hits 25.086
Tue Feb. 7 - 6,119.......Hits 25,208
Wed Feb. 8 - 6,153.......Hits 22,325

i wish to thank the SYs who are working quietly in the background
that your efforts are indeed bearing results. When Shri Mataji told
SYs about two decades to TELL ALL THE NATIONS She did not mean that
they should stand in street corners with placards announcing the
Divine Message. She wanted SYs to utilize all the venues avaliable
to spread Her Divine Message to the rest of humanity.

Of all the means available the Internet is the undisputed king, the
Google of mass communication. No other means will ever rival it as
the gap will only increase with the convergence of new technologies.
As mentioned earlier the websites will be:

1. Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs - www.adi-shakti.org
ii. Christians and Jews - www.adishakti.org
iii. Muslims - www.al-qiyamah.org

That is why we are now embarking on using Textpattern for all three
websites to optimize Shri Mataji's Divine Message and ensure maximum
exposure in future.

"Sites published with Textpattern can employ unlimited registered
contributors, each of whom may be assigned privileges by the
publisher of the site. Five levels of privileges (publisher,
managing editor, copy editor, writer and designer) are provided, and
each reflects different access to article creation, approval,
editing and deletion, and to image uploads, page design and CSS, and
of course adding more contributors. "

This collective effort will require help from members. Unfortunately
at present 99% of SYs use silence to consciously suppress the Divine
Message and will not help us. It will be a waste of time seeking
their help because management SYs want things be done their way. And
if SYs here think things have/will improve let me tell you what
management SYs will do to destroy those they dislike for any reason.

Just last month Dr.Mary Ann wanted to present Shri Mataji with the
book she had just finished. Shri Mataji had instructed her years ago
to complete that book. The Melbourne Collective, led by
their `leader' Colin, attempted to prevent Dr. Mary Ann and husband
Dr. Reza from even being allowed to enter the Burwood Ashram. Can
you believe that these SYs attempted to prevent Mary Ann to present
her book to Shri Mataji, thereby obtaining Shri Mataji's blessing?
Their reason: Dr. Mary Ann and husband Dr. Reza did not attend the
collective regularly. Even at this critical endangered species
juncture SYs are still willing to destroy a valuable contribution by
a long-established SY doctor, work that was sanctioned by the Adi
Shakti. If they can use such a dumb excuse to prevent a book from
being published, what are they then not capable of destroying? The
same dumb excuse of me not coming for collective meditation have
also been used by management SYs to suppress/destroy evidence
validating the Adi Shakti and Her Divine Message to humanity.

So it is up to the remaining 1%, most of whom are members here, to
ensure that Shri Mataji's call to TELL ALL THE NATIONS is obeyed to
the letter. We just cannot afford to wait for the management SYs or
WCASY because they are NOT going to do anything about the Divine
Message. There is just too much infighting and pettiness (and
stupidity) affecting the collectives. We will have to work with the
resources available. Thus those with creative writing skills and
knowledge of Shri Mataji's Divine Message will be asked to
contribute their talents in future. Evidence that seekers will
listen if the Divine Message is well articulated has grown to 6,000
+ per day. We have seven years to collectively TELL ALL THE NATIONS
and usher Satya Yuga by 2-21-2013.

Jai Shri Mataji,





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