We must be able to speak our minds

From: "my2pai" <my2pai@...>
Date: Fri Sep 30, 2005 7:11 am
Subject: We must be able to speak our minds

I refer to the following post which appeared on this forum recently:


I must say that at first I felt uncomfortable at the rather colorful
adjectives and nouns used: idiotic, disgusting, evil, offal,
excrement, madness, stupidity, obnoxious, tomfoolery, dim-witted,
repugnant, vile, grotesque, numskulls, sly, devious, buffoonish. And
for starters these choicest of words were being used on fellow
Sahajyogis! One can't imagine what would be suitable descriptions
for non-SYs.

But seriously we must be able to speak our minds when the need
arises. The problem with Sahaja Yoga is that there is too much
political correctness within the organization. And political
correctness tends to breed hypocrisy and cowardice. Even when
serious wrong-doing occurs Sahajyogis will just shrug their
shoulders and pretend everything is fine and say, "Let the
Paramchaitanya act." But Paramchaitanya acts only when Sahajayogis
themselves desire and act for a positive outcome. In the incident
mentioned in post 4524 there were probably a sufficient number of
SYs desiring and acting for a positive solution. Otherwise the
negative forces would have won the day.

This forum plays a very useful role for Sahajyogis who are daring
enough to think for themselves. This is where politically incorrect
views can be aired and where unpalatable opinions and stories can be
shared. If it didn't exist, God would have to create one, at least
to maintain the balance.


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Date: Fri Sep 30, 2005 7:10 pm
Subject: Re: We must be able to speak our minds

--- In adishakti_sahaja_yoga@yahoogroups.com, "my2pai" <my2pai@y...>
> This forum plays a very useful role for Sahajyogis who are daring
> enough to think for themselves. This is where politically
> incorrect views can be aired and where unpalatable opinions and
> stories can be shared. If it didn't exist, God would have to
> create one, at least to maintain the balance.
> Chandra

Not to forget that the forum and websites state the truth openly
without any hidden agenda. If only WCASY and management SYs do the
same they will not be subject to the abuse of those hurt by the
deception. Maybe our leaders should respond to this recent outburst:

"Sahaja Yoga doesn't tell the truth about itself. It specializes
in deception.

In 1983, I responded to a magazine ad that promised "Free
Meditation Workshop." "Sahaja Yoga."

In 1983, the only yoga I knew about was Hatha yoga--I'd had an
introduction to it in my workplace, and I enjoyed it.

In 1983, Sahaja Yoga promised to take me deeper than Hatha
yoga, make me feel better than Hatha yoga, and bring me the
ultimate wisdom and health--something Hatha yoga didn't

In 1983, I had very little money to spend, so "Free" sounded
great. As did the rest of the hype.

At the time, I had no idea there was anything religious involved
practicing in Sahaja Yoga. I was an atheist and had no interest
in joining up with a religious group.

The SY brainwashing is very gradual and very subtle. It doesn't
happen overnight. It happens over weeks, months, years."

From this letter i have to presume that this person, despite
spending years, never heard anything about the Last Judgment and
Resurrection. Perhaps no one really talked about it although Shri
Mataji did explain in many of Her speeches, especially during pujas.
Perhaps if it had been openly discussed this atheist would never
have joined in the first place and wasted so many years. Still i do
not believe she is telling the truth of being unaware of the Divine
Message despite years in Sahaja Yoga. It just does not make sense.
(Personally i think atheists should be specifically told right away
as the Last Judgment is anathema to their lifestyle and belief, and
will make them leave right away.)

Others have joined Sahaja Yoga for different reasons e.g., health,
stress relief, cure some disease, learn about meditation etc.,
thinking Sahaja Yoga had nothing or little to do with religion. We
have no idea how many left in anger and disgust without even finding
out the truth about the Divine Message.

Yet WCASY in particular and SYs in general do not feel ashamed or
offended or insulted enough to change their official homepage lies.
We know 100% that Sahaja Yoga is about the Adi Shakti delivering the
Divine Message of the Last Judgment and Al-Qiyamah (Resurrection).
The teachings of the prophets and holy scriptures form the very
foundation of Sahaja Yoga. Shri Mataji has referred to the Bible,
Qur'an, Vedas and Granth Sahib to back Her teachings of the Last
Judgment and Resurrection. How more religious can Sahaja Yoga get?

Despite being insulted in the past by those who felt cheated and
hurt by dishonest advertisement nothing much has changed. The
official homepage of Sahaja Yoga as dictated by WCASY still reads:

"Sahaja Yoga is a unique method of meditation based on an experience
called Self Realization (Kundalini awakening) that can occur within
each human being.

Through this process an inner transformation takes place by which
one becomes moral, united, integrated and balanced.

One can actually feel the all pervading divine power as a cool
breeze, as described in all religions and spiritual traditions of
the world.

This is the actualization of such transformation, which is taking
place now, worldwide, and has been proved and experienced by
hundreds of thousands in over 90 countries.

It is entirely free of charge, as one cannot pay for the experience
of Divine Love."


What will it take for so-called self-realized souls to be honest and
stand on the truth that is supposed to be openly announced for the
benefit of all humanity? To clarify this point i would like to again
present a scathing letter addressed years ago to all SYs:

"It is astonishing that the sahaja yogis, who believe Shri Mataji to
be the savior of humanity prophecied by many religious scriptures,
have not the conviction to promote her to the world openly, honestly
and unashamedly as that. Promotion of the savior will draw more
serious attention from many more people than do the current vague
claims about stress relief and peace of mind. This lack of
conviction speaks volumes and is the same reason they fail to
respond to those who challenge SY. You simply can't be one thing and
then attempt to portray yourself as another - no matter how clever
you are, it shows and people see it very clearly. This is called
hypocrisy. It indicates the vast majority of sahaja yogis are in a
state of denial.

On the premise that Shri Mataji is indeed the Adi Shakti, on what
basis do the sahaja yogis take it upon themselves to discriminate as
to whom is delivered the message of her present incarnation and by
what convoluted process that message is selectively delivered? To
take upon themselves to make such discriminations is an expression
of an elitist, missionary culture motivated by power and authority
over others. The message must be very plain and simple if every
person on the planet is to be afforded the opportunity to draw their
own conclusions about the goddess incarnate. Why do the sahaja yogis
make something so simple so complicated?. Why are they doing so poor
a job in telling the world of Shri Mataji, when as the goddess she
will surely stand and be recognised as the reality they claim she is?

My parting word is that like it or not, Shri Mataji and her sahaja
yogis must face the issues presented by those who challenge them.
Intelligent response is required and what remains to be seen is
whether they are capable of this. The longer they avoid it, the more
SY will be clearly identified to be lacking in credibility and its
members in integrity. The more they will appear to be a cultish
throw-back to the dark ages. I recommend the sahaja yogis today
change their whole approach and start promoting SY as what it is - a
religion focused around a personality who has claimed, and is
understood by them, to be the Adi Shakti, divine mother of the
universe. This is, after all, the year of exposure for SY.
May truth prevail.


i believe Alex's letter did nothing to change official policy or
prick the conscience of the rest. Probably he was labeled
"difficult", "unbalanced", "egoistic", "against Her teachings", "full
of hot vibrations", "uncollective", "going out of Sahaja Yoga", "non-
SY" or any of the labels management SYs pin on those who dare
question or challenge their authority/integrity/intelligence.

Yes Chandra, this forum plays a very useful role for Sahajyogis who
are daring enough to think for themselves. We believe Shri Mataji
told everyone to be their own masters, making clear leaders are
just like postmasters delivering Her messages. Under no circumstance
whatsoever were they to ever take over the Post Office or, horror of
horrors, proclaim themselves "The Post Office". Yet it has happened
right under our noses. If the few of us do not now maintain these
unpleasant checks and unsavory balances who else will deliver Her
truth in future?

Jai Shri Mataji,




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