We need to see the 'tares' among the 'wheat', Rajan

From: "Violet" <violet.tubb@optusnet.com.au>
Date: Fri Mar 10, 2006 4:01 pm
Subject: We need to see the 'tares' among the 'wheat', Rajan...

Dear Rajan,

Rajan, it is not about the false gurus and their organizations that we need to concern ourselves with, as much as it is the 'tares' among the 'wheat' of the very Organization of Sahaja Yoga itself.

The 'tares' have managed to spread widely and to overcome and dominate the the crop of 'wheat'. The way things are going there will not be a great 'harvest', because the 'tares' have ruined the crop of wheat by not looking after its Grains of Truth.

It is the 'tares' that have diminished Her Personhood to the "Outside World"...yes...even while revering Her as a Divine Incarnation within the "Inside World" of the Organization of Sahaja Yoga, she is being 'touted' as a mere meditation teacher to the "Outside World".

She IS, after all, the Queen of the Universe, but as far as the "Outside World" knows, she is only a meditation teacher. She is Mary, the Mother of Jesus, but as far as the "Outside World" knows, She is just a meditation teacher. She is the 'Comforter' that Christians are eagerly awaiting, but they don't know that She has come because they only think that She is a meditation teacher among heaps of meditation teachers today. She is actually the Incarnation of the Holy Spirit, but is only being promoted as a meditation teacher. Any "Outside Person" will tell you that the Organized Sahaja Yoga Promotion Department is doing a shoddy job.

At this forum we are no longer holding only the Sahaja Yoga Organizers responsible...but we are now telling that every Sahaja Yogi themselves is responsible. Lets put it this way:

REAL SAHAJA YOGIS... (and at one point, Shri Mataji said that She would be happy if She had ONLY five of them)... WILL DO the RIGHT thing by Shri Mataji, regardless of any opposition from the Organizers of Sahaja Yoga...who ARE NOT DOING THE RIGHT THING by Shri Mataji.

It is WAY PAST the DUE DATE to gather the strength and fortitude to be honest to the "Outside World" of Who She Really Is. There is no excuse anymore. Any excuse can only be a symptom of the 'tares' having dominated the 'wheat' which just cannot produce its grains of Truth to
the "Outside World". And if Sahaja Yogis cannot see this, then they too have become 'blinded' by the high stalks of 'tares', which by the way, have promoted themselves VERY WELL and have also strengthened themselves very well with all the nutritional resources from the 'wheat'.

When Shri Mataji Has Her Mahasammadhi, these same 'tares' in the organization will continue to promote the Physical Incarnation of the Divine Mother, rather than encourage SY's to get to know the Divine Mother Within themselves. But this is why Shri Mataji had to come on Earth in the first place! To introduce us to the Divine Mother, Holy Spirit, within ourselves!

As it stands....when Shri Mataji has Her Mahasammadhi, Her Divine Message will not be promoted by any 'stretch of the imagination' by Sahaja Yoga Organization, because Her Divine Message is not being promoted by Sahaja Yoga Organization EVEN NOW!!!

Rajan, at risk of repeating myself...She came to introduce us to the Divine Mother Within Ourselves so we can worship Her there, of which Her Physical Incarnation on Earth is only a temporary vehicle. Sure, the Incarnation of the Divine Mother is worthy of worship on Earth, however, it is Shri Mataji's Wish that we worship the Divine Mother within us, and that is why She has introduced the Divine Mother to us. The physical incarnation was only a temporary vehicle of the Divine Mother to achieve that outcome... so that we can worship Her in Spirit and in Truth within ourselves, and so will all Nations on Earth be able to do that, whether they are Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, or Sikh.

All these important factors are NOT EVEN NOW being taught or promoted by the 'organizers' of Sahaja Yoga. All these important factors are EVEN NOW being completely disregarded. THIS IS THE DANGER. THIS IS THE ANTI-GOD FORCE that is worse than any other false guru, because it is right within the Organization of the TRUE GURU HERSELF!

Jesus speaks quite clearly and in detail on this subject below.



"While Jesus was speaking to me, a group of people, led by several priests, ran up to us. They were carrying large stones and shouting angrily. I thought that they were going to throw the stones at us and kill us, but Jesus said to me, John, don't fear death, for death is an illusion. I have told you many times that those who come against us are blind, with no guide to direct them. If you want to see what they see, place your hands over your eyes.' When I placed my hands over my eyes, I could see nothing. `That is what they see of Reality,' explained Jesus. `Now place your hands over your eyes again.' This time I saw a bright Light, brighter than the light of the sun, which descended until it enveloped us. `This is the Reality which they cannot see,' explained the Redeemer.

"Then he said to me, `Cover your ears, and you will hear what the priests and the people are saying.' When I covered my ears, I could hear the priests and the experts in the Mosaic Law murmuring to one another, but I could not make out their words because of the noise of the crowd. When I told this to the Redeemer, he instructed me to cover my ears again. This time I could hear the priests and the experts in the Law. To my surprise, they were commending Jesus' teachings, although they were doing so grudgingly. `His teachings must originate in darkness,' one of them said, `for we cannot fault anything he says, but if he continues saying it, it will mean the end of our existence as a nation.' I don't think he realized how true this was, for the Spirit of Truth was speaking through that man, prophesying the destruction of their nation because they rejected that Truth which could have preserved them.

"I perceived that many of the people were favorably impressed that their teachers could find no real flaw in Jesus' teachings. When I told the Redeemer this, he replied, `Many of them will follow us for awhile, but then they will turn away, returning to the father of lies who is the source of their beliefs and of their fears. They will follow us until they glimpse the Reality I have come to reveal, but they will be so frightened by the vision of it that they will race back to the darkness from which they have come. After I have left you, you will see this happen. They will accept me as a dead man, because then they do not have to deal with my Reality, just as their predecessors have honored the dead prophets while rejecting the living ones. I am the Living One who has descended from the Living Parents. Although they will think they have killed me, I will continue to live, for I will ascend back to the Parents where I will live forever. All those who become part of me will likewise ascend to Eternal Lives, but those who follow a dead god will remain dead. For them there is only Eternal Death.

"`When I have departed from you, many will come in my name proclaiming their version of Truth, but they will be dead guides of those who are dead. They will build great churches in my name, but there will be no life in them. You will recognize them by their deeds, for they will take those who come to them and enmesh them more firmly in the chains of darkness than they were before. They will lock them into their systems of dogma so that their spirits cannot ascend to the vision of Truth. They will teach them to reject me, the Lord of Life, in favor of the Lord of Death who does not grow, does not progress, does not rise above the mortal condition. He who does not rise cannot raise others up to Light. I go before you to mark the Way. Those who follow me will ascend forever through Endless Lives.'

"Then I asked the Redeemer, `How can we discern between those who are following you and those who are following an Anti-Christ, one who appears to be you but whose substance is illusion?' This is what the Master explained to me. `John, there are three different entities, all of whom are called mankind. There are those who are trapped in physical existence. These eat and sleep. They drink wine and promiscuously engage in sexual intercourse. They act according to instinct, doing whatever pleases their bodies, and whatever does not please their bodies they abstain from doing. They are no different from any other kind of animal. Their bodies become their gods, governing their decisions and their deeds. These form the vast majority of mankind.

"`Separate from these is a much smaller group which is trapped in mental existence. These have the capacity to be human, although they may never develop that capacity. They govern their choices by their mental processes. They are reasonable and logical, but they cannot rise above the limitations of mortal mind. They act according to rational thinking, doing whatever pleases their minds, and whatever does not please their minds they abstain from doing. Their minds become their gods, governing their decisions and their deeds. These are the servants of the demiurge, who maintain that their way of thinking is right and all others are wrong. They are so convinced of their self-righteousness that they cannot perceive the Sun of Righteousness when it shines right before them.

"`The smallest group of all consists of those who live on a spiritual plane. These transcend the limitations of mortal existence. They join the angels and rise to dwell among the Eloheim while they are still in mortality. These are not trapped by their bodies or their minds, for they bring body and mind into subjection to the Light within them so that they are transformed into the Divine image. These put on the mind of Christ. They become the Father and the Son, the Son submitting to the Father in every situation.

"`As long as you remain in mortality,' he continued, `you will not be able to discern who is in what group, for they grow as tares among wheat, but those who ascend to live on a spiritual plane will be called out by the More Sure Word of Prophecy and brought into the Body of the Firstborn through a holy anointing so that you will know them. Others may not know them, but you will know them, just as you will be known by them. Those who are deaf and blind to Truth will join together, for mortals prefer the company of their own kind, and they will separate themselves from you, for they will be uncomfortable in your Light. They will set up their own churches in the image of my Body, but there will be no Life in them except that which they borrow from my teachings, so that while they may have the illusion of life for a little while, they will eventually die and dissolve into that darkness which is their Source. Ultimately there are only two churches, the Church of the Lamb of the Eloheim and the church of the gods of darkness. You can know them by their fruits, for people do not gather figs from thorn bushes or grapes from thistles. As long as a church is leading people toward Light, it is the Church of the Lamb of the Eloheim, but when it sets stakes around them to confine them within its dogma, it becomes to them the church of the gods of darkness. You will know them by their fruits."



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