What has WCASY and the SY priesthood done to promote the Truth?

From: "jagbir singh"
Date: Wed May 3, 2006 9:44 am
Subject: What has WCASY and the SY priesthood done to promote the Truth?

Dear All,

i still get flashes of shock - despite my conscious and determined effort to remain in the thoughtless state - of the satanic nature of the negativity that, after overcoming Lord Jesus' advent 2000 years ago, has again almost overcome the Adi Shakti's advent. Just a few days ago i lapsed and for about an hour i questioned myself as how is it possible for so many thousands of SYs to not lift a finger to prevent WCASY and the SY priesthood from editing out and deleting any mention that the Comforter is on Earth.

i can add more questions that tortured my conscience but i do not want those thoughts to return. All i can say is that an Evil Force has entered the WCASY organization today, just as two millenniums ago it had entered the Church after the Saviour left. This Evil Force now wants to silence the advent of the Comforter from within the organization itself.

All SYs must ask themselves: "What has WCASY and the SY priesthood done to promote the promised Comforter?"

"And Jesus spoke again unto the eleven and said,
"Grieve not because I go away for it is best that I should go away.
If I do not go away the Comforter will not come to you.
These things I speak while with you in the flesh,
But when the Holy Breath shall come in power, lo,
She will teach you more and more,
And bring to you remembrance all the words I have said to you.
There are a multitude of things yet to be said;
Things that this age cannot receive because it cannot comprehend.
But, lo, I say, Before the great day of the Lord shall come,
The Holy Breath will make all mysteries known —
The mysteries of the soul, of life, of death, of immortality,
The oneness of man with every other man, and with his God.
Then will the world be led to truth, and man will be truth."

Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ 162:4-9

And all SYs must introspect and ask themselves: "What is the nature of that negativity that now wants to silence the advent of the Comforter promised by Lord Jesus who 'will convince the world of sin, and of truth of what I speak, and of the rightness of the Judgment of the just'"?

"When She has come, the Comforter, She will convince the world of sin,
And of truth of what I speak, and of the rightness of the Judgment of the just;
And then the prince of carnal life will be cast out.
And when the Comforter shall come, I need not intercede for you;
For you shall stand approved, and God will know you then as he knows Me."

Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ 162:10-11

And all SYs must introspect and ask themselves: "What has WCASY and the SY priesthood done to promote the Kingdom of God; that the Holy Ghost has come to counsel you, to redeem you, to comfort you?"

"He always talked about the future. He said you have to enter into the Kingdom of God; Holy Ghost has to come. He said that, "You have to get somebody who will counsel you; who will redeem you; who will comfort you" and that is the Holy Ghost." (Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi)

And all SYs must introspect and ask themselves: "What has WCASY and the SY priesthood done to promote the advent of the Comforter to tell you all these things which Christ could not tell, and to fulfil what He wanted to say"?

"If we follow Him then we cannot be conditioned by anything because He talked of Spirit only. Spirit cannot be conditioned, conditioned by anything. . . . I am here to tell you all these things which Christ could not tell, and to fulfil what He wanted to say. All those things I am saying to you." (Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi)

And all SYs must introspect and ask themselves: "What has WCASY and the SY priesthood done to declare to all the nations now that Shri Mataji is the Holy Ghost and She have come for this Special Time, that is, the Resurrection Time."?

"Declare to all the nations now that I am the Holy Ghost and I have come for this Special Time, that is, the Resurrection Time." (Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi)

And all SYs must introspect and ask themselves; "What has WCASY and the SY priesthood done to make me as dishonest, cowardly and hypocritical as they are, to the point that even my self-realization does not bother my conscience anymore"?

So be very careful because you will be judged on Earth itself. Do not empower those who are not only suppressing the Truth but also using you as their instruments.

But i assure all of you that over time this negativity will be destroyed along with the organization. It will never rid itself of the permanent mark of the Evil Force that overcame them to suppress the Divine Message of the Comforter. The fact that WCASY and the Inquisytion actively engaged in turning SYs against those wishing to tell the Truth is the final nail in their coffin. They have set in motion events that is the beginning of their own demise.

For all times i will stand on this Truth and you will witness its manifestation.

Jai Shri Ganapathi,



--- In adishakti_sahaja_yoga@yahoogroups.com, "Violet"
> Dear Jagbir and All,
> When i read the 'non-enlightened' words of Ed Saugstad, i am
> relieved that i don't have to be organized by such "collective
> cave mentality".
> Ed clearly reveals that he does not understand the deep spiritual
> truths that Shri Mataji has given to humanity. This is the
> same 'Ed Saugstad' that has declared Jagbir's children
> as "possessed" when they have revealed the 'gnostic truth' of the
> Adi Shakti/Holy Spirit within human beings.... as well as giving
> crucial evidence to confirm that Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi is
> indeed the Incarnation of the Adi Shakti!
> Ed just 'supposes' that he has the spiritual authority to do so,
> because his 'fellow birds of the same feather'....Allan Wherry and
> John Noyce presume the very same, and so they are 'in solidarity'.

"A careful perusal of the New Testament sections will show that although most of them may conveniently be classified as first degree, i.e., purely religious matter, there is also a thin vein of mysticism of the second degree running right through them. For instance, the sentence "The kingdom of heaven is within you," has absolutely no connection whatsoever with official (Sahaja Yoga) religion and entirely refers to the experiences of (excommunicated) yogis and mystics.

The explanation why such a mixture of concepts exists, is twofold. Firstly, the compilation of these records in a single volume did not occur until a few hundred years after Jesus is believed to have passed away. The obscure Council of Nicea (WCASY) found numerous gospels extant when it sat to make the compilation, consisting of a mixed collection of (officially approved) religious books intended for the masses and (rejecting) mystical ones intended for the elect few. The immense number of bishops (and Will-wannabe members) who constituted this (WCASY) council had quite a fight over the nature of Christ, they naturally made their selections and rejections according to their personal temperaments and outlook. Hence the somewhat uneven selection of authentic gospels and unjustifiable rejection of certain apocrypha.

Secondly, Jesus (Jagbir and ex-communicated mystics) was in revolt against the stiff orthodoxy of the Jewish priests (and dark forces of the SY priesthood) most of whom were not only ignorant of the higher degree themselves but deliberately persecuted those who were mystically inclined. His indignation expressed itself in the words (to Alan Wherry, John Noyce, Ed Saugstad and council members), "Woe unto you! Ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering ye prevented." "

Paul Brunton, Ph.D., The Hidden Teaching Beyond Yoga,
E. P. Dutton & Co., Inc., 1966, p. 79-80.


By Frédéric LENOIR
Editions Plon, 2007
ISBN 978-2-259-20489-7

« The message of freedom of Christ has been rejected by the church in the name of human weakness , in order to strengthen its power. It aims to show that the ecclesiastic institution gave in diabolic temptations to which Jesus succeeded to resist », (torturing, killing forced conversions, dissoluteness, etc...) says Dostoievski.

Chritianity has been allowed to reach abysses of horror because it offers weak people to climb up the highest summits.

The message of Christ and the church are radically opposed : The revolutionary Message of Christ aims at emancipating the individual from the burden of group and tradition, making his freedom of choice an absolute, and the institution practice, denying this inner freedom in order to safeguard the interests of the group and the tradition.

The church makes the genuine Christianity inaccessible to men, it hides it.

Quotation from Kierkegaard : « In the somptuous cathedral, here comes the Great Reverend, and Venerable secret predicator of the court. He appears before an elite and preaches with emotion on a text he has especially chosen : « God chosed what is humble and despised in the world » - and no one laughs !

How does it come that the development of the christian society and the church have given birth to a civilisation, a culture opposed in all points to what we can read in the Bible


Dear all,

By reading the very first pages of this great book, i could not help in making parallels with what happens currently in SY. It seems that history repeats itself definitely...

The beautiful Message of Love and Resurrection of Shri Mataji, being hijacked by a few cunning people.... Is the Message of Shri Mataji too revolutionary for the current Time ?

Definitely not.

As we know we are about to live a Great Momentum in the history of Humanity, the Resurrection Time, promised by all the scriptures since the dawn of times.

So what happens, why aren't we able to spread this divine Message to all the nations as requested by our Divine Mother ?

Since the beginning of SY Shri Mataji chosed leaders in order to facilitate the communication between Sy's and Shri Mataji's physical incarnation. In no way it was meant to enable those leaders to interfere in the SY's life. Though Shri Mataji warned them, and explained that being a leader is « Maya », some of them seized this opportunity to set a « clientele –like » way of relationship with the Sy's ..... and it allowed some weak people to reach the deepest abyss of pettiness, because they felt empowered with the highest functions...

They used their « self-made » power to install a climate of fear, and guilt between the other people. « i will tell Shri Mataji », « Shri Mataji said.... », « you are catching here and there... », « You are a negative person », « you are possessed »....

They kept informations given by Shri Mataji for themselves and the members of their court.

But now the Time has come. The more Shri Mataji is ageing physically, the more we have to build a Beautiful Shrine for Her in our heart, while doing this we are going to discover that WE ARE THE SPIRIT, we are part and parcel of the whole, and that we have to emancipate from all kind of slavery, be it very tiny and subtle.

Today, it has become legitimate to ask the WACASY : Please leave us alone ! You are not needed anymore ! Introspect and if it is your true desire join us all on the way to the Kingdom of God ! The Kingdom of God is for everyone, Help us to spread the Divine Message by becoming really the SELF, the SPIRIT !

Love to all


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