What if this job is not done by 2012? Won't it be a bit late?

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> > Dear All,
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> > For years i believed that there were more talks that Shri Mataji
> > made in the 1970s ............ although there was no evidence of
> > them. But yet this feeling persisted, enforced by a realization
> > that these were Her most awesome and mind-blowing knowledge. i
> > kept telling others that these talks, even non-existent at that
> > time, were far better and enlightening than any of the late 80s
> > and 90s.
> >
> > Last year i received about 24 GB of Shri Mataji's earliest talks
> > but did not have the time to listen. Many of these talks have not
> > been heard by SYs as they were kept quite 'secret' till recently
> > when a SY managed to make a hard copy and send it to me. (i
> > believe the SY organization is now in the process of transcribing
> > them.)
> >
> > Just a few minutes ago for the first time i listened at random to
> > a 1979 talk. i am at a loss to describe my feelings, especially
> > after hearing Her say "You have no time to waste now. This is the
> > Last Judgment". SYs were supposed to spread the same knowledge
> > and message to the rest of humanity, explaining to them the same
> > way Shri Mataji was doing. They were supposed to glorify Her
> > advent and declare the Great News way back in the late 1970s. But
> > nothing happened. Over the years it was all but forgotten. Today
> > SYs are opposed to it!!!
> >
> > All i can say is that the damage done to Shri Mataji's Advent and
> > Message is unbelievable, unforgivable and unprecedented. The SY
> > leadership will have to pay for their active role in suppressing
> > the Truth Shri Mataji began declaring so early. Their SYSSR is
> > but a collective corruption of Her teachings, a fitting grand
> > finale of their end after decades of dereliction of duty and
> > dharma. One day SYs will realize what really happened. Right now
> > ignorance is bliss.
> >
> > Jai Shri Mataji,
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> > jagbir
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> Dear Jagbir,
> So these early talks, which a person would believe would be
> transcribed first, have been delayed by at least twenty-five years
> or so, which is as long as it takes for a generation to grow up!!!
> That explains why the new generation of Sahaja Yogis knows very
> little about the Last Judgment and Resurrection, for example, as it
> is not generally taught in Sahaja Yoga now. And it seems that
> those 'with the say and the sway'... did not believe it important
> enough to inculcate in the younger generation either. So these have
> grown up, ignorant to a lot of what Shri Mataji unequivocally gave
> in the late 1970's to the early Sahaja Yogis!
> What are they all going to do now, when these tapes are finally
> transcribed and made known to the younger generation... now grown
> up? What are they going to make of it, when they realise that
> knowledge which Shri Mataji considered vitally important... is
> information that has been kept secret/hidden away from them? Surely
> this must be a 'time bomb ticking away' for WCASY et al?
> i mean... will it not show them up to have been derelict in their
> duty to the Adi Shakti? After all, the leaders had 'their way and
> sway' with the Sahaja Yogis in regards to what SYs could tell and
> what they could not tell, while Shri Mataji said all along to "TELL
> IT!!!" What if this job is not done by 2012? Won't it be a bit
> late? i mean in the late 1970's Shri Mataji said there was not much
> time left.
> violet

Dear Violet and All,

We are trying here to re-establish faith in God Almighty and His Divine Message to humanity delivered by the incarnation of His Shakti Shri Mataji, and not the petty subtle system that 1001 gurus are peddling too. There is nothing to be concerned as to whether the SY leaders/organization will do the same by 2012. You should realize that the pen is a mighty weapon, the Truth far more. A single SY armed with both can do more in a year than what the entire SY organization accomplish in a decade. The reason is that, unlike them, you are using the awesome potential of both pen and Truth. While they are scribbling subtle system notes for stress relief you are doing entire essays on the Last Judgment. While they are externally experimenting with petty treatments you are explaining in detail how the Spirit within wholesomely heals mind, body and spirit. While they are justifying phantasm and deceit to explain about Shri Mataji you are openly declaring the plain truth about Her advent and message. Thus there should be absolutely no room for failure or cause for concern because Truth has its own innate potential to destroy all obstacles and negativity and reach into the hearts and minds of humanity. Truth is divinity itself. So protect it at all times, cost and personal sacrifice.

So even if the SY rank and file does not want to help, you just keep working with a single-minded purpose to stand on the Truth and declare it. It does not matter at all how SY leaders/organization feel. Truth will overcome all the obstacles placed by them to suppress Shri Mataji's Divine Message. If you are chosen to become Her instrument then never falter in this blessed task. One day She will triumph and we look forward to 2012/13 as the excitement is slowly building up. This time we will be fully prepared for the future global interest, whether the SY organization is willing or not. That is why the end of www.adishakti.org homepage reads:

Note: Except for quotes of Her incarnation Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi this site is almost entirely about the Divine Feminine (Shakti/Holy Spirit/Ruh/Tao/Mother) within all humans. Those wishing to take part in the Last Judgment and Resurrection will learn to meditate on the Divine Feminine within themselves. Absolutely no external rituals or worshipping of images or any monetary payment whatsoever is required. There is no hidden agenda. This site contains all the knowledge and evidence required to re-establish the faith, belief and conviction in the Divine and Afterlife - 2000 pages and counting. Thus, unless desired, there is no need to join any Sahaja Yoga organization. In fact you will progress faster and further by being your own master, without any human intermediary between you and the Divine. Self- realization is, after all, an internal spiritual quest to attain the eternal afterlife by meditating on the Divine Feminine and purifying mind, body and soul. Spirituality can not be legislated or manipulated externally.

We are evolving and the daily experience of Cool Breeze (Rach, Chi, Ki, Prana, Ruh, Pneuma, Spiritus) is evidence of the promised spiritual evolution backed by the holy scriptures! So get in touch with the truth of your being. Live consciously and mindfully. Release yourself from negative cultural conditioning and regain a clearer perspective concerning the spiritual potential of humankind. Let go of all worldly cares and concerns and experience the bliss of being here. Meditate on your own everlasting Self within and learn to live conscientiously in the eternal present. The promised Golden Age of the Spirit has arrived!


You asked: "What if this job is not done by 2012? Won't it be a bit late?" Answer: We are at the earliest dawn of the Golden Age of the Spirit. i am sure my grandchildren will be fine and have nothing to worry. Shri Mataji's plea in those early years was that Her message be spread with a sense of great urgency and utmost responsibility while She is still around to help propagate it. She had everything set up for the pieces of the spiritual puzzle to fall perfectly in place at the appointed time. The only problem was that the so-called leaders were not happy the way Shri Mataji wanted the pieces to be placed. We are now helping Her to again place the pieces the way She wanted all along so that others can admire it. i am sure we are at the earliest dawn of the Golden Age of the Spirit. Why is that? - Shri Mataji is withdrawing Her external, physical incarnation and revealing Her internal, eternal Self for all future generations. She will eventually triumph and 2012/13 will be the starting point of Her ascend into the hearts and minds of humanity! So devote all your tan, man, dhan (body, mind, wealth) to ensure Her victory!

Jai Ganapathy,


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