When did Sri Mataji say 'I am God'?

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> > And why do SYs keep claiming She is God when Shri Mataji has
> > ALWAYS claimed She is the Adi Shakti? It is so much easier to
> > announce She is the Adi Shakti instead of God Almighty. And Shri
> > Mataji has always claimed She is the Divine Feminine. That is
> > why the following websites are being set up:
> >
> > http://www.adishakti.org/ (Divine Message of Divine Feminine)
> > http://www.al-qiyamah.org/ (Divine Message of Divine Feminine )
> > http://www.adi-shakti.org/ (Divine Feminine of Hinduism)
> > http://www.tao-mother.org/ (Divine Feminine of Taoism)
> > http://www.aykaa-mayee.org/ (Divine Feminine of Sikhsim)
> > http://www.ruh-allah.org/ (Divine Feminine of Islam)
> > http://www.holyspirit-shekinah.org/ (Divine Feminine of
> > Christianity)
> >
> > i will see how WCASY will announce Allah (SWT) was on Earth after
> > Shri Mataji leaves. The Muslims will instantly issue a fatwa on
> > such blasphemy and demand the beheading of all council members
> > supporting that declaration. That is why i have always insisted
> > that we declare Shri Mataji as His Ruh (Spirit/Shakti).
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> Hi Jagbir
> This makes sense to me to...I have heard many yogis say Sri Mataji
> is God and must admit the first thing I felt is that something
> doesn't seem right with them! Isn't God all knowing as our
> creator...anything we can possibly do God is always steps ahead
> as our creator...right? Well, Sri Mataji herself joked once that
> she wouldn't know how to open a milk carton! My point being she
> doesn't know everything but she knows about kundalini, that's her
> area hence just being the adi-shakti! I suggest that people going
> around saying she is God check themselves that they haven't become
> brainwashed - mind you, I am no expert in all of this by my own
> admission.
> Adam

Dear Adam,

The main reason SYs are at times puzzled and confused by the human
nature of the Adi Shakti is due to their external projection of
senses on the physical Shri Mataji. Thus they have hardly understood
Her inner nature.

But when Shri Mataji claims She knows everything it is indeed true.
However, first you have to thoroughly understand that Shri Mataji
Nirmala Devi is the INCARNATION of the Shakti/Spirit/Ruh within all
humans. This is difficult to believe but true, and conforms to all
the Holy Scriptures.

The Shakti within is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient.

Below are my original notes made about a decade ago that will help
you understand the difference between the temporary, external and
physical Shri Mataji and the eternal, internal and spirittual Shri
Mataji. It is aptly titled "The Case of the Double Mothers".

After years of observations and analysis of answers obtained from
thousands of audiences with Her in the Sahasrara i have compiled
many similar topics that provide irrefutable evidence that the
Shakti within is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. Shri Mataji
Nirmala Devi is shakshat the incarnation of that Shakti. They are
One and the Same. Shakti and Brahman (God Almighty) are also One and
the Same. Brahman is Shakti, like the sun and its light. Shakti is
Brahman, like the light from the sun. All universes, incarnations
and humans spring forth from the Shakti. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi is
the first time ever the Shakti, not God Almighty but His Power
(Shakti), incarnated Herself. This is a really important point that
need to be understood. She is the Divine Feminine.

Shakti is the creative aspect of God Almighty that sustains and
nourishes all. She is the Power of God Almighty. Thus, ultimately,
She is God Almighty too. But Shri Mataji is the incarnation of the
Shakti within who is the Power of God Almighty. This distinction
must be defended because God Almighty is beyond anything known to
humans, and yet more.



The Case Of The Double Mothers

Months after Self-Realization it began to dawn that there might be a
difference between the Spirit of the Lord on Earth and the Spirit of
the Lord in the Templum Spiritus Sanctus. Although the physical Shri
Mataji Nirmala Devi and the spiritual Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi were
One and the same, the father felt that the Shri Adhiparasakthi Shri
Nirmala Devi in the Sahasrara was the Divine World of Reality
(Lahut). There were a number of reasons and incidents, but two stand

It was felt that the Great Adi Shakti in the Kingdom of God knew
everything, instantly, whereas the Great Adi Shakti on Earth had to
meet Her Spiritual Self in the Sahasrara to check facts out. This
was based on the speculation that physically Kash did not know
anything, and was totally devoid of any spiritual powers. However,
the moment he transformed into his spiritual self in the Sahasrara
he was able to meet the Great Adi Shakti, ask questions, solve
mysteries, visit the Spirit Beings, travel back into time, explore
the Kingdom of God, and so forth. The same physical Adi Shakti on
Earth also had to consult Her own self within Her own Sahasrara if
She wanted to know anything, just like Kash.

The Spirit Adi Shakti in the Sahasrara had infinite awareness at all
times whereas the physical Adi Shakti did not. The Toronto public
program soundly proved this fact when Kash tried to hand over the
Rock of Shri Ganesha to Her.SD

However these thoughts were always banished from the puny mind,
sometimes forcibly. There was already Knowledge that the Great Mater
Divinae Gratiae (Mother of Divine Grace) knew all thoughts; only an
arrogant fool would now try to analyze the Divine. Although by this
time it was possible to be thoughtless at most times, this rational
thought that the corporeal Holy Spirit and the spiritual Holy Spirit
were two different entities persisted, and was cause for concern.
After some time the inability to shut these thoughts out began to
bother. How could this mundane mind analyze something that it had
practically no knowledge of? Why is this banal brain try to conjure
something that it could hardly understand? Why is this empty ego
deducing something beyond its comprehension? Here was a mind
suggesting to itself what it thought of the Spirit of the Living
God, despite full knowledge that She is completely aware of the most
secret thoughts of every being at all times. Soon guilt began to
creep in as he had become a sort of `murmuring soul' gossiping to

On September 14, 1994, Kash came back from meditation and told his
father that Shri Mataji had told him that the Shri Mataji on Earth
and the Shri Mataji in the Sahasrara were two different persons.

She had to manifest Her Infinite Form as an earthly creature so that
humankind could know Her with all their senses. She had to manifest
as a human being and, even then, had to be covered and camouflaged
by layers of illusions. She had to be the physical guru representing
the inner Divine Guru. She had . . . The father was suddenly
silenced into surrender — the Spirit of the Living God had again
answered a question that was not even asked! The Spirit of the
Living God in his Sahasrara knew that he had nagging doubts. The
Spirit of the Living God in Kash's Sahasrara also know that he had
nagging doubts. The Spirit of the Living God in the Pope's
Sahasrara, the Ayatollah's Sahasrara, the Dalai Lama's Sahasrara
also knew that he had nagging doubts. The Spirit of the Living God
in every Tom, Dick and Harry's Sahasrara also knew that he had
doubts. The Primordial Spirit Of The Living God know his thoughts
and that of billions of others simultaneously. The Universal Mind is
linked to all human minds — This Revealed Truth is Absolute. The
Primordial Spirit Of The Living God knows everything that is
happening right now, happened yesterday, last week, last month, last
year, last century, last millennia, last eon, and so on right back
to the Primordial Creation, and beyond.

The physical Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi is just another human being
among the 6,000,000,000 humans, just another snowflake in the
winter; just another leaf in the forest; just another raindrop in a
monsoon; just another wave in the ocean. Then She is also the entire
winter, the entire forest; the whole monsoon, the ocean itself: "If
you understand that although My physical Being is here, I am all
over." It is impossible to comprehend even Her mundane form as Shri
Mataji Nirmala Devi, the latter admitting that "if I want to analyze
or think about Myself, I get lost — It's beyond Me." Put simply,
when the physical Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi meets the spiritual Shri
Nirmala Devi in Her own Sahasrara what can She deduce from it? Can a
cresting wave describe the mighty Ocean? Can a leaf describe the
forest? Can a flake reflect the entire winter? Can a raindrop
express the monsoon? O foolish mind! Meditate on this Truth and
merge with Reality!

She is everywhere and within everything, from the single atom to the
countless swirling universes. She is all the atoms; all the
Sahasraras; all the Universes; all the Beyond and the entire
Unknown. She is Matter, Time and Eternity. She is the Creator,
Sustainer, and Destroyer. She is also you and me. We are part and
parcel of the Holistic Whole, individual cells of the Creator.

Note: This in no way indicates any handicap on Shri Adhiparasakthi
Shri Nirmala Devi's part. She has to maintain Her Mahamaya form —
Her human form — in order to communicate with human beings. In short
She tries to remain as human as possible (at times even ignorant),
so much so that many cannot even see the slightest divinity in Her.
This Supreme Illusion allows humans to approach, talk, confide, and
even joke with Her. If God is made in man's image and that all
humans are Her conscious cells, then this is the greatest proof


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