"When I looked back the whole palace had collapsed with its occupants inside"

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Feb 4, 2007
Dear Jagbir,

I have completed the french translation of the front page. i am now in the cosmetic phase. You will get it soon.

To illustrate what is going on now, let me tell you a dream I have made at the very beginning of my being in SY.

I entered the Palace of Sri Shiva; It was beautiful, all made of ice. There I saw the "priesthood" and many others all in cocktail dress, drinking champagne....

I was wondering what I was doing there with them. This situation seemed odd to me. Then small people came to me and told me that I was not to stay here, I had to go with the children. They invited me to climb on a huge sleigh and we escaped the palace through a big hole in the wall. When I looked back, the whole palace had collapsed with its occupants inside....

This dream proved to be useful to understand what I was to experience with these people, and seems more than ever tangible.

Truly yours


Feb 4, 2007
Dear Nicole et all,

Thank you for doing the French translation of the www.adishakti.org homepage and i will wait for the final finish.

Your dream years ago was really unique and a premonition of things to come. Probably you did not expect that the SY priesthood would become that bold ............ to the extend that they have the audacity to publicly claim to be presenters of Her Will. The point missed by Sahaja Yogis is that WCASY has no courage to admit Shri Mataji's true identity and message but yet have the temerity to publicly claim to be representers of Her Will. It is just like having no courage to admit being a child molester but more that willing to not only parade nude in kindergartens but also publicly execute the calls of nature .......... and bask in all the limelight, attention and adulation.

So when you looked back, the whole palace had collapsed. i am sure that it's demise, accelerated by tragic post 2004 events and splits, is well on the way. You have seen evidence of how WCASY, through hit men like Alan Wherry and John Noyce (just to name two), have been active in undermining http://adishakti.org, a webite whose contents are based entirely on Shri Mataji's own revelations, powers and approval. The SY leadership, headed in the early 90s by ex-world leader Yogi Mahajan, has _always_ been against Her approval. When he was sacked the pre-council members just continued behind Her back. Today we now have Wikipedia evidence of John Noyce's latest attempt to undermine Her Advent and Divine Message to humanity. This transgression is another entry in the long list of names and leadership-backed events marking the sustained resistance to Shri Mataji's repeated approval of all that was witnessed by children and recorded at the site.

i will see where WCASY and their SYSSR will be a decade from today. Your dream only confirms the inevitable. Just like Yogi Mahajan's downfall the Devi too will grant us the demise of the SY "priesthood". We will see for how long the WCASY emperors can continue showing off their new clothes to many others ........... all in cocktail dress, drinking champagne and toasting in celebration to all the make believe blessings purportedly bestowed by an ailing, incapacitated, medicated, and silent Shri Mataji. Time is on our side, friends, time is on our side. The whole palace _will_ collapse.

regards to all,


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