Who is the 'Shri Kalki' who whispered into Yogi Mahajan's eager ear?

At this time 'Shri Kalki' was also in India, and approached by SY Mahajan. Kash was the topic of discussion. 'Shri Kalki,' who was sure that Kash was possessed by the same demons that tormented him, probably did not have much kind words. Evil spirits had possessed this 'child of darkness' and given him the visionary powers. This child was dangerous to Sahaja Yoga and had to be dealt with quickly. The fact that he was now inside the compound of the Adi Shakti's school, mingling with the children of realized souls, only made matters worse.

(V): Jagbir, i don't recall you ever mentioning that 'Shri Kalki' and SY Mahajan discussed together about Kash. Could you tell me who Shri Kalki is in this instance? Since SY Mahajan followed this false Shri Kalki's advice, it is evidence that SY Mahajan did not discern him to be false. In other words, he did not feel the vibrations of warning. According to Shri Mataji, "anybody who cannot feel the vibrations, should not be listened to, because they have no spiritual authority"!!!

Jagbir, it seems increasingly evident that more often than not, it is the leaders themselves who do not feel the vibrations. SY Mahajan who was a power-broker at the top of the organisation is a prime example of this, until Shri Mataji sacked him. i know that Shri Mataji has appointed many of these leaders just to expose these perennial priests and get rid of them. She openly told Sahaja Yogis (including myself) at Sydney Airport about this Game Plan of Hers. These priests must have gotten the message too, that Shri Mataji was working against them, and sacking them left, right, and centre. Maybe that is why they also worked together against Her Mission, Message and Mystical Evidence.

"They Do Not Know From Where They Get This Knowledge"

Over the months, as Kash's father kept recording all spiritual experiences of Kash into the computer, the negativity in Montreal increased. Newcomers coming for weekly collective meditation began to claim that they were also achieving Kash's 'state of consciousness.' Next, they were able to 'talk' with Shri Mataji and 'hear' Her walking around the house at night, looking for food. (When there was none She would wake them up and ask for snacks.) Not long afterwards Shri Mataji became more intimate with them than Kash, helping to do things that made it clear that they were Her favorites — shopping together, advising, spying, conferring super powers, flying them to India, visiting deceased parents in heaven, helping in immigration matters, inflicting accidents on nasty ex- spouses, pinpointing the location of the Holy Grail off South America, preparing for Armageddon, granting vast powers of mass destruction . . . and the list goes on. They claimed that Shri Mataji had bestowed them with powers superior to that of Kash, and his father was very happy that they were also blessed. He genuinely believed that they were telling the Truth.

One of them had just undergone the trauma of a failed business, financial losses, self-abuse and a divorce (and sought refuge in meditation.) Within days he believed himself to be 'Shri Kalki', endowed with 'supreme powers' that would unleash worldwide destruction with his laser eyes, and begin Armageddon. He told that he had already meditated and 'talked' with Shri Mataji about cleansing the world. He then prepared a statement addressed to all Sahaja Yogis in North America. In it he declared he was 'Shri Kalki' and gave a list of commands for the Sahaja Yogis to follow. He told Kash's father to fax copies of this letter to all centers. Being the incarnation of Shri Kalki, he would lead the Armageddon as Lord Jesus was about to appear over New York city any time. According to him the Bible had predicted that only 144,000 were to remain alive. He admitted it was a heartless task but he had to perform his duty!

Kash's father remained in thoughtless awareness, a state where "you simply become a witness, like a wheel of a fan is rotating but it remains still." "To open the Agnya Chakra best is to go into thoughtless awareness. To be in thoughtless awareness, Agnya can open. But Agnya, if it is closed, it can be very dangerous, very dangerous, and can harm you or harm others. Sometimes, people who are possessed also get those possessions in their Agnya Chakra and they start acting according to the mutation of these horrible, evil forces within them. As a result, these evil forces take over and we don'tknow why such a person is behaving in this manner."

A lot had happened since Self-Realization and he was going through a spiritual crash-course. Maybe he had to learn something from this devilish drama and sought refuge in the thoughtless state.

And by the way, who was he to deny the 'visions' and 'spiritual powers' of others while supporting those of his son.

Moreover, the Great Divine Mother had already told Kash in the Sahasrara that Shri Kalki has manifested on Earth. So who was he to judge. If this stranger said he was 'Shri Kalki' so let him be, but his 'command' to send his manifesto to all North American yogis was disobeyed. The damage, not only to Kash and his family, but also to the very integrity of Shri Adi Shakti: The Kingdom of God would have been tremendous.

However, this stranger began to get even stranger. The 'voices' in his head began to make him do crazy things — get down on all four limbs and bark like a dog, buy hundreds of Lotto 6/49 tickets, hand money to passersby, instantly analyze character, probe intentions, read minds, and other peculiarities. Nearly every human being he met was having a satanic stench, and he was having an extremely hard time keeping the little sanity he had. Evil was everywhere and he had nowhere to run!

A few days later he came with about a dozen assorted secondhand books that the 'voices' had told were for Kash's father. He was taken to the basement and told to calm down. That only further agitated him. Suddenly he saw a protrusion in the ceiling, vaguely resembling a boat's hull, and exclaimed, "This is the ship with the Holy Grail."

That was the end of the witness state. Kash's father told him to stop hallucinating, and bluntly told him that all his visions were figments of his imagination. 'Shri Kalki' got very hurt, started crying and stomped away, muttering that no one believed him. He never came back again.

Instead he went into deeper into his own nightmarish world. Just before going to India he was plotting to kill a priest because 'voices' within were pestering him to do so. He hung around the Saint Joseph's Oratory in Montreal, the largest shrine in the world dedicated to St. Joseph, to familiarize himself with the area, the movement of priests, and the escape route. A number of times he was on the verge of committing this heinous act, but for some reason was unable to carry out the order of the 'voices.' Had he done so the blame would have been clearly on Kash, his father, Sahaja Yoga and Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. The world media would have had a feeding frenzy and Shri Adi Shakti: The Kingdom of God never seen the light of day.

But for some reason he was just unable to carry out his crazy scheme. Some power of the Great Adi Shakti prevented him from lifting even a finger from carrying out his demented desire. A few Sahaja Yogis tried to stamp out this mess by sending a fax to the American leader SY Dave Dunphy, urging action, only to retract their allegations, and then accuse again. In their bewildered state there was a consensus that this negativity in Montreal was again due to Kash's father, and he had troubled them enough. The Canadian leader SY Jay Chudasama, who was on his way to India, was handed a letter (requesting urgent intervention) to be personally handed to Shri Mataji. But he did not do so.

The self-proclaimed 'Shri Kalki' then went back to Toronto and laid the cause of his troubles squarely on Kash and his father. (On September 18, 1996 he told his father that he will not believe any word of Kash in this book.) Experienced yogis now scoffed and dismissed Kash's spiritual journeys within himself as 'supraconscious visions' and a bid to attract attention. As far as they were concerned Shri Mahamaya had deluded both father and son. There was a consensus that She was going to teach them a well- deserved lesson very soon. It was only a matter of time now.

Shri Adi Shakti: The Kingdom Of God, 1999, page 111-2

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