Why more yogi's do not proclaim the true meaning of Sahaja Yoga?

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Date:  Wed Sep 22, 2004  6:34 am
Subject:  Why more yogi's do not proclaim the true meaning of Sahaja Yoga?
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> 2) Secondly, I was curious why more yogi's do not proclaim the
> true meaning of sahaja yoga and moreover the whole point and
> mission behind its practice and spreading it. I read something
> regarding this in your FAQ section and its true, most all the
> pages I have seen and read online by yogis, official and
> unofficial, have been promoting it as simply a relaxation
> technique that balances the chakras and that was founded by Sri
> Mataji and that is all. Why are more people, especially the yogi's
> who know the truth, not proclaiming that this yoga is to benefit
> mankind, bring them into the kingdom of god on earth, and that
> this is the last judgment and a sure fire way for each person,
> with dedication, to reach his ascent?

1) How on earth can genuine-like SY fare so badly in relation to
cult-like sai baba?

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Date: Tue Aug 17, 2004 8:02 am
Subject: How on earth can genuine-like SY fare so badly in relation
to cult-like sai baba?

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> Apart from sri matagi as being the adishakti, the numbers of sy is
> only a handful compared to the believers of sai baba, many of them
> prominent business men and politicians amongst them many muslim
> too. I attended sy collective regularly, there is almost no
> deliberation on spiritual pursuit to seeker like me. Instead it
> confine itself more to developing healthy bodies and mind. There
> is a lot of goodwill like any other fellowship. Although we
> acknowledge sri matagi via prostration and reciting her name in
> the mantra, I seriously doubt the sy really understand what is
> pure knowledge or self realisation.
> As for me my ego is still intact and i only have superficial
> understanding by login on to the shri adishakti web site. I wonder
> how we can manage to avert the doomsday if our consciousness
> continue to remain on this mundane level, even though we can feel
> the cool breeze and improved health. How on earth can genuine like
> sy fare so badly in relation to cult like sai baba?

Thank you Sampalee for bringing these salient points that reflect SY
collectives worldwide. It is the same sad situation all over the
world, whether in Kiev, Kolkatta or Kuala Lumpur. Contrary to what
senior SYs may think, it is those standing up to demand reform and
have the courage to change things who will ultimately triumph where
others have failed. i presume that the first World Council for the
advancement of Sahaja Yoga came up with nothing, given the silence
despite great expectations. It was the FIRST meeting. Have we really
become bankrupt of ideas and sense of direction? All we know is that
Shri Mataji donated the bulk of Her properties to SYs. Other than
this there is nothing else to give hope that things will change.

But things must change drastically. Your observation with a
compassionate eye and Alex's scrutiny with a critical mind brings
into sharp focus the pressing problems that need to be addressed
less they spread to the Yuvashakti. However, i believe they are
already infected and that is why SYs behave like paranoid puppets
afraid of this non-SY world. It will take years for this mindset to
be healed and i am really getting concerned with their obsession
with the mundane, whether it is catches, cures or creepy crawlies.
If they are so sick and afraid how can the much advertised and hyped
claim that Sahaja Yoga leads to the development of healthy bodies
and mind be true?

Alex has good reason not to send anyone to the local collective
since he is afraid they are going to end up becoming paranoid
puppets. Chances are they will most probably leave in
disillusionment and never come back, or become infected and diseased
if they enter a catch-conscious collective. This is a lose-lose
situation, a powerful negativity that continues to consume the
prodigious energies SYs have put over the years to spread Sahaja

A friend of mine rang me up yesterday. He was a SY for a few years
and left in the mid-1990s. For the last few months he has been
meditating again after i questioned his fallen state and reminded
who Shri Mataji was and why She was on Earth. So after nearly a
decade he had expected the North American collective to be in the
thousands. i replied that it was less than 1000, with South America
thrown in. He was shocked. He questioned: "Didn't they start

Thus, that is the real problem retarding our progress. We SYs are
just not being honest about Shri Mataji's core message, and
transparent in the problems affecting Sahaja Yoga. Unlike the
devotees of Sai Baba (or Amma, Chinmoy, Rev. Moon etc.) SYs just do
not have the guts or conviction to even meekly whimper in public
what they so bravely roar in the privacy of Her pujas. This is the
biggest hypocrisy and one that makes me most ashamed.

Yes, Sai Baba has a lot of power with politicians, businessmen and
even Muslims worshipping him. His devotees have been declaring that
he is the Bhagwan (and Adi Shakti as well) for decades. So have the
devotees of Amma and all others. All this has brought forth much
success in the form of numbers.

But the internet is just beginning to expose and destroy these false
gurus, and opening the eyes of their misled followers who will look
for alternatives. At the same time religious organizations are being
battered with criminal wrongdoings and scriptural falsehood. Their
disillusioned faithful are leaving in droves. The modern age of mass
communications enables instant transmission of knowledge that leaves
none immune. People are beginning to know about 'bad religion' and
are increasingly seeking spiritual paths that self-empower and allow
self-enlightenment. This seismic shift in consciousness is just
being set in motion. All these new race of seekers will look for a
great guru. Those who know want, and will wait for the arrival of,
the promised Messiah.

The great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi completed Her job
years ago and laid the groundwork to overcome all false gurus and
bad religions. There is absolutely nothing left for Her to do as She
has entrenched Herself in all scriptures, one that even a billion
fanatical followers cannot dislodge. SYs should not insult
themselves by wondering how to spread Her message, or why so few are
attracted to Sahaja Yoga. The writing is now on the wall. All we can
pretend is not to acknowledge the simple plain truth.

Yes, we are also wondering how on earth can genuine-like SY fare so
badly in relation to cult-like sai baba. But have no fear because the
camel will drink the water, ............... eventually.




2) How long will this chakra charade continue?

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Date: Thu Jun 24, 2004 3:00 pm
Subject: Re: how long ?

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> "But for how long will this chakra charade continue before the
> common sense of WHY prevails - 5, 10, 20 years?"
> Unfortunately there is no longer that kind of time. Now I've been
> hearing that in the states people are getting their self
> realization like that's all there is to it. I'm happy on one side -
> because that means less insanity walking the streets. But on the
> other end, you have awakened their Kundalinis to still be in the
> Dark about what is going on in our world today.
> So what do we do?

i remember the days of the Vietnam War, an event that consumed quite a lot of my attention. At that time war was justified by the
Americans drumming up the fear of the domino affect, which may have
had an element of truth. It was argued that other countries - Laos,
Cambodia, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore - will fall in quick
succession to the Communist tide unless a determined stand was made
in South Vietnam. Those were the days when the Cold War was at its
height and i became concerned that if Vietnam fell to the Vietcong,
it would only embolden their ambition to spread communism to the rest
of South-East Asia.

So i started looking for an exit out of Malaysia. The closest
sanctuary was Australia. The only problem was that at that time
the "whites only" immigration policy was in place, and i could only
dream of their apples, pears and cheese constantly advertised in Asia
Magazine to lure tourists and students. Colored folks were only
welcomed to spend money in Angle-Saxon Australia to benefit
the "white" economy. The most insulting of this discriminatory policy
was that apartheid-mentality South Afrikaans were given red carpet
welcome in a land seized by hunting down aborigines with the same
zeal and respect given to dingoes.

i realized that there was little chance of seeking refuge overseas.
Worse come to worse i would flee to India and live off the few acres
of my father's land in Punjab. So i paid special attention to the
progress of the Vietnam war.

The B-52s were raining bombs like nothing else in history. More bombs
were dropped by American planes in the Quang Tri province in Vietnam
than in the whole of Europe in World War II. As the United States is
the most advanced industrial nation in world it made full use of the
latest developments in technology in its war against North Vietnam.
B-52 bombers, that could fly at heights that prevented them being
seen or heard, dropped 8 million tons of bombs on Vietnam between
1965 and 1973. This was over three times the amount of bombs dropped throughout the whole of the Second World war and worked out at approximately 300 tons for every man, woman and child living in

By all counts America should be having the upper hand and achieving
victory soon.

After a few years of body-counting i begun to realize that there was
something wrong with the numbers. By my calculations the almost daily
sorties, coupled with American search and destroy missions, would
have killed a disproportionately far higher number of Vietcong.
Search and destroy were missions aimed at flushing the Viet Cong out
of hiding, while the body count was the measuring stick for the
success of any operation. Competitions were held between units for
the highest number of Vietnamese killed in action, or KIAs. Army and
marine officers knew that promotions were largely based on confirmed

But there was one major flaw.

The pressure to produce confirmed kills resulted in massive fraud.
One study revealed that American commanders exaggerated body counts by 100 percent. No wonder my calculations stopped making sense.

So how is this Vietnam search and destroy missions even remotely
related to giving self-realization and Sahaja Yoga? Well, we SYs are
happily counting the number of people trying self-realization, and
keep hyping about the number of people attending health fairs etc.,
and getting free services at SY stalls. What we fail to see is that
those visiting such fairs will try anything that is free. Why not
just check out this free self-realization, whatever it might be, when
others stalls charge money.

So SY organizers have kept counting the number of bodies receiving
kundalini awakening, and are quite pleased with the success of their
operations. And they keep reporting their "successful operations" to
those in charge of spreading Sahaja Yoga.

But there is one major flaw.

The desire to produce confirmed self-realized bodies has resulted in
massive self-delusion. No matter what SYs do no amount of figures is
going to change anything, and the night of Kali Yuga just gets ever
darker. Those hundreds of thousands given self-realization over the
years have not been transformed at all because none have any idea
what happened and why they have to continue doing Sahaja Yoga. They
have had a brief fling with kundalini awakening and, not knowing why
they should carry on meditating, have just disappeared ..........
.......... and continue to do so. And Shri Mataji thus remains as
obscure as ever.

There has to be a way to stop this huge loss of souls who have come
so tantalizingly close to moksa in the promised Blossom Time. This
unforgivable waste must end.

My only suggestion would be that we SYs must announce that the Last
Judgment and Resurrection has begun, an approach that has never been attempted. It will only take a single paragraph or page on all SY
websites, a miniscule investment of time that will pay incalculable
dividends far in excess of all our efforts over the last three
decades. The benefits are just too overwhelming to comprehend at
this early stage. Seekers must know why they should sustain their
self-realization for the rest of their lives.

As long as this truth is deliberately kept away from the public
Sahaja Yoga will never spread. More than 30 years have passed since
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi opened the Sahasrara and less than 0.001% of
the world knows about Sahaja Yoga. (i have been liberal and presume
that 6,000,000 people have received self-realization.) But this
generous figure falls to 0.0005% if we speculate on the number who
know it is the Last Judgment.

If it takes 30 years to announce Shri Mataji's message to a mere
0.0005% of humanity, how long will it take to reach just 1%?

6,000,000,000 X 0.001% = 6,000,000 received self-realization over 30
6,000,000,000 X 0.00005 = 300,000 remain in Sahaja Yoga and know
about Last Judgment over 30 years.
6,000,000,000 X 0.00005% X 200 = 60,000,000 (1% of world population)

Right now 0.00005% of humanity know about the Last Judgment. So it
will take another 200 X 30 years to reach 1% of humanity and we can
all celebrate this milestone in AD 8003. Do my calculations make
sense that we SYs must tell what Sahaja Yoga is all about and why
they must stay on to sustain the self-realization?




3) I don't understand that why you argue about Last Judgment and

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> i don't understand that why you argue about last judgement and
> resurrection.


i think SYs in general have missed the point despite all the input
Shri Mataji has put in over the last few decades. Sometimes you
cannot see the global forest for the localized collective flora and
fauna. i will now try to explain why i keep telling that SYs must
talk about Last Judgment and Resurrection, and not just about the
subtle system of Sahaja Yoga.

Sahaja Yoga is a very "Hindu" sounding name. Actually it is.

Last Judgment is a very "Christian" sounding name. Actually it is.

Al-Qiyamah is a very "Muslim" sounding name. Actually it is.

A Hindu hardly understands the circumstances surrounding the Last
Judgment or Al-Qiyamah, even less believe it.

A Christian hardly understands the circumstances surrounding the
Self-realization or Al-Qiyamah, even less believe it.

A Muslim hardly understands the circumstances surrounding the Last
Judgment or Self-realization, even less believe it.

Until and unless SYs can synthesizing the holy scriptures and equate
the 'Hindu' Self-realization with the 'Christian' Last Judgment
and 'Islamic' Al-Qiyamah, proving beyond doubt they are one and the
same, hardly any Christian or Muslim will be interested in it. They
may be interested in the Last Judgment of the Bible or Al-Qiyamah of
the Qur'an but not Sahaja Yoga. It is just as simple as that.

> a Sahaja Yogi Who regularly continou official local
> Sahaja Yoga collectivite and always in regularly
> Sahaja Yoga meditation and technic When time is come
> for that yogi, they can learn what they need ...

SYs have remained stuck at the subtle system level for decades and
now the mindset is that it is all there is to Sahaja Yoga. They feel
very uncomfortable trying to associate it with the Last Judgment and
Resurrection. And that is the reason you are wondering why i am
arguing about Last Judgment and Resurrection. You believe it has
nothing much to do with Sahaja Yoga and thus there is no urgency.

What i am saying is that it is the heart and soul of Sahaja Yoga and
it is imperative SYs begin saying so. If you advertise Sahaja Yoga
to Hindus/Buddhists/Sikhs then advertise the Last Judgment to
Christian and Al-Qiyamah to Muslims. After all, they mean one and
the same thing. But you just will not be able to sell Sahaja Yoga to
Christians or Muslims no matter how hard you try. They are not
interested in a Hindu thing. Neither are Christians interested in a
Muslim/Hindu thing, or the Hindus in a Christian/Muslim thing, or
the Muslims in Hindu/Christian thing. Does the futility of selling
Bibles in Mecca or Upanishads at the Wailing Wall make sense?


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> dear Jagbir
> You have articulated the position very well. sy may have been
> promoted the last forty over years. This is a short time compared
> with other religion like buddhism, judaism, christian and muslim,
> all of them equip with very elaborate doctrines and detail
> teaching. Rather than repeating the entire work, it is important
> to highlight the relevance of sy and how neatly it dovetailed into
> the respective religion esp on prophecised events that are expected
> to come to pass. In fullfilling these sy have a much bigger role,
> than as the stand alone new discovery towards better health. We
> are talking of delivery in the final hours!!!!
> sampa



4) SY websites have failed to deliver message of Shri Mataji

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Date: Mon Apr 5, 2004 8:31 am
Subject: Re: SY websites have failed to deliver message of Shri

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> Dear all,
> If these sites were wrong (or had a negative effect on the long
> run) as Jagbir seems to believe, there vibratiuons would be hot,
> won't they ? It is an issue that overpasses my ability to foresee
> the future (and who really can ?) so I can really rely only on
> vibrations.. If you assume vibrations are an expression of
> Chaytania, then you admit that Chaitanya Knows better than our
> minds, isn't it ?
> sincerely,
> adina

Dear Adina,

One of the amazing ability of the western mind is the ability to
tweak and twist words to mould any wishful thinking or satanic sin.
Just a few months ago i watched a documentary on sado-machismo and
bondage sex. There was one particularly fat, hairy and ugly guy who
had clients coming to get whipped and subject to all kinds of sexual
depravity. Though revolting i could not help admiring the eloquent
and convincing manner in which he explained the merits and necessity
for others to indulge in sexual deviation. It was if he was
describing a wholesome hobby that should be pursued by even our
mothers. i was mesmerized by the words he used so innocently and
convincingly to justify his pursuit of pleasure. Mere words to turn
sin into virtue. Even Shri Mataji is at a loss at how they can
justify anything - ANYTHING - by rational explanation.

You must have heard of the half-full glass. That is our case, to a
certain extend. i am saying that the glass must be full whereas you
are convinced that it is fair to be half-full. But you are not
understanding what i am telling you in plain words. You insist that
there is nothing wrong with a half-empty glass and your vibrations
are cool. Yes, they should be cool as you are convinced that you are
telling the truth. i am not disputing that fact. What i am saying,
and read my lips, please: T...H...E G...L...A...S...S I...S
N...O...T F...U...L...L. The official websites are only telling
half the truth and hiding the most important, relevant and critical
message of Shri Mataji to humanity. They are not telling seekers
about the Last Judgment and this, IMO, is tantamount to stealing away
their right to participate in the Last Judgment. SYs have no right to
take away their birthright to salvation!

There is a limit to how long Shri Mataji's message of the Last
Judgment and Al-Qiyamah is hidden from public. i cannot condone the
way my brothers and sisters are presently behaving and not letting
others know of this central message of Sahaja Yoga ........... even
as this world increasingly continues its path of death and
destruction, ........ even as Shri Mataji continues reminding us
of our profound responsibility to humanity! i cannot remain silent
just because others are conditioned to remain silent by fear of
public reaction.

And you, Adina, are using mere words to justify the contents of
official SY websites. All i am saying is that they must say, even in
a single sentence, that "Sahaja Yoga is about the Last Judgment".
Are these words one too many to be included in all SY websites?




5) Until yesterday, I had never heard of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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Date: Thu Jun 17, 2004 10:50 am
Subject: Until yesterday, I had never heard of Shri Mataji Nirmala

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> >
> > I just joined the list. Until yesterday, I had never heard of
> > Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. I have a few questions now. I will
> > likely have more:
> >
> > 1. I have been reading through the website (adishakti.org). Is
> > there a page which describes your basic beliefs, meditation
> > practices, etc.?
> >
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> The basic belief is that Shri Mataji is the Adi Shakti (Sanatana
> Dharma) sent to deliver the message of the Last Judgment (Bible)
> and Resurrection (Quran) to humanity. The holy scriptures promised
> this eschatological event, and that is exactly what has happened.
> The aim of Sahaja Yoga (Last Judgment/Resurrection) is to awaken
> the kundalini in order to attain Self-Realization (second birth of
> spirit/Baptism of Allah). Over months/years not only are we able to
> significantly heal ourselves in mind and body, but also to
> understand the deepest secrets of the Sahasrara (Kingdom of God)
> that destroys all religious falsehood and conditioning.

Dear SYs,

The reason Mark has not heard of Shri Mataji is because for the last
three decades Her followers have failed to deliver Her message.
Instead they have claimed, and still continue to claim that She is a
teacher of the subtle system. Shri Mataji is now one of the hundreds
of teachers competing for the attention of those who want to learn
the basics of yoga. Actually She is not competing. It is Her devotees
who are jostling with other gurus and teachers, and the rest feel the
strain of their efforts. But with the mushrooming competition getting
so intense these days i am absolutely convinced that SYs are hopeless
lost ........................ and, perhaps, tired?

That is why he will not find any information on the Last Judgment and
Resurrection at any sites on Sahaja Yoga, even the official
www.sahajayoga.org. The reason is that SYs think that seekers like
him will flee in disbelief at the mere mention of words like "Last
Judgment", "Al-Qiyamah", "Adi Shakti", "Comforter", "Kingdom of God"

Everyone seems to be afraid of telling the Truth that it is the Last
Judgment and Resurrection because the intervention of the Divine in
human affairs is too touchy, contentious and explosive an issue. (Is
it mere speculation if some even regard that this Truth puts Her
physical presence on Earth at risk?)

However, few SYs seem to understand that Shri Mataji's advent is
entrenched in the Bible and Qur'an. At times i almost doubt if they
really believe this is the case. The Last Judgment and Al-Qiyamah of
the holy scriptures are not subjects that SYs want to discuss, even
if Shri Mataji has repeatedly proclaimed their commencement over the

So far this is the only forum that upholds the very essence of Sahaja
Yoga. The rest have abandoned their posts and fled. The Truth is just
too much a burden to bear.

But why write about this yet again.

Well, sooner or later those in charge of spreading Sahaja Yoga will
have to face the fact that those reading the links to the 'official'
www.sahajayoga.org from www.adishakti.org and www.al-qiyamah.org will question the integrity of self-realized souls. Seekers like Mark will
search the official sites and find nothing on the Last Judgment and
Resurrection. Surely we cannot pretend that the difference will not
be noticed when the contrast is literally between heaven and earth. i
have my doubts that those wishing to learn about chakras are
interested in salvation. And how many will be pleased to know, after
a few weeks/months, that Sahaja Yoga is actually about the Last
Judgment and Resurrection?

Maybe one day someone will ask: "Why don't you SYs just tell the
truth?" i even hope that SYs will begin to feel guilty and try to
provide an answer, perhaps even request transparency. But what i
really look forward to is the answer to this question: "When
will 'official' websites finally admit that Sahaja Yoga is nothing
else but the Last Judgment and Resurrection?"

Yes, people will flee from Sahaja Yoga if they know the Truth. Better
they flee in knowledge that the Last Judgment has begun, than in
ignorance about the human subtle system. Common sense dictates this
honesty. So for how long will this present chakra charade continue?
Can't we read the writing on the wall? ................... or is
the graffiti still difficult to read?




6) When a Great Event that is ordained to mankind is tactfully

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Date: Fri Aug 20, 2004 9:52 am
Subject: When a Great Event that is ordained to mankind is
tactfully avoided

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shriadishakti@yahoogroups.com, "sampalee2003"
<sampalee2003@y...> wrote:
> Dear Jagbir
> What you said reflects the true situation with the sy and
> the unexplained lack of confidence in declaring the truth, though
> they may themselves embrace it. I have made copies of shri matagi's
> declaration to my group, quite a number are unaware and wanted to
> know more. As such i handed the material to the yogi in charge
> thinking that he will use the occassion to confirm the declaration
> and have the web address posted on the notice board. None of which
> happens. When a great event that is ordained to mankind is
> tactfully avoided in favour of activities like promoting cross
> cultures such as lion dance and colouring contest, the gathering
> degenerates into just another social club with much talk about
> foot soaking, but little on the path towards samadhi. Since many of
> the sy have no religeous background, they are in the dark about
> ressurection of the christian and the muslim as well as the
> upanisad. Or should Shri Matagi address the world authoritatively
> like Jesus when he declare i am the truth and the way, so that the
> poor sy will then wake up
> sampa

Dear Sampa,

How on earth can SYs not know about Shri Mataji's numerous
declarations about the Last Judgment and Resurrection? If you check
tapes of public programs you will realize that the audience were
told just that on many occasions. Unlike SYs, Shri Mataji never
balked at declaring the Last Judgment and Al-Qiyamah to complete
strangers. It did not matter to Her whether they believed or not,
just as it did not matter to Jesus. But both did address their
followers and masses authoritatively - no question about this! The
Adi Shakti has done Her job and still continues today, despite an
advanced age, when She should be retired and resting.

But those members of the public who came for subsequent follow-ups
to learn more of the Last Judgment must have been taken aback by the
complete lack of information on this great event. It is just like
entering a store advertising "Last Judgment" and finding out there
is no such thing, only chakras and some subtle system stuff that
thousands of competing stores promote in their weekly fliers. Many
leave quietly without complaining about the deception because it is
FREE. (Try charging $5 and see what happens.) Even those attending
public programs and subsequently checking the official SY websites
to read about the Last Judgment that Shri Mataji talked about are in
for a surprise, even shock - not even a single reference! The most
daring hint is Blossom Time! But what does Shri Mataji mean by it?
What is the public supposed to make out of "Blossom Time"? (Can they
imagine it to be springtime in Japan when millions of cherry trees

Moreover the hundreds of thousands of seekers who visit the official
websites mistake it for some Hindu organization teaching about Self-
realization. (Hundreds of Indian gurus/disciples claim the same
ability and 152,000 hits on Google should be sufficient.) There is
not even a single paragraph or sentence. Nay, there is not even a
single mention of Last Judgment!

Most leave and never return because in their minds Shri Mataji is
just another guru giving Self-realization, and little else. They
have no idea that She is the promised Comforter to explain about
Jesus' teachings, or what She has done in the capacity of Imam Ma
Adi to enlighten humanity about the Last Judgment and Al-Qiyamah.
The damage, though invisible, is incalculable if taken over the span
of three decades as our leaders time and again squandered countless
opportunities to declare the advent of the Adi Shakti.

It is no different today. You can crack your head and almost break
the wall to find answers! But you can never find out why this
deception and hypocrisy is perpetuated and encouraged at all levels,
starting from our leaders and working all the way down to teh
YuvaShakti. No leader or SY can tell us why we must hide the truth
from the public, but hide you must. That is why Sampa the yogi in
charge did not put up the website addresses. It does not matter if
quite a number of SYs are unaware and wanted to know more about Shri Mataji's declaration of the Last Judgment and Resurrection. For all
intent and purposes Sahaja Yoga is about the subtle system, chakras
and self-realization, one that the general public is comfortable
with. We must not tell them about the Last Judgment even if Shri
Mataji has done so repeatedly over the last three decades. It is as
if SYs must not repeat the mistake Shri Mataji is making in
declaring the Last Judgment in public. What else can you make out of
this contradiction?

Thus if SYs fear this announcement even with the Adi Shakti around,
how on earth will they ever have courage when She leaves?

But the Last Judgment and Al-Qiyamah is not the apocalyptic end of
earth that most religious Christians and ordinary Muslims have been
indoctrinated over the millennia. It is the Blossom Time when the
promised Messiah/ Comforter/ Ruh/ Shakti/ Ma Adi/ Ma Treya arrives
during Kali Yuga to enlighten humanity. She extracts the profound
parables of the scriptures and synthesizes all religions into a
wholesome, harmonious unity. This Great Event is a time of great
awakening and spiritual transformation. Humankind are just stirring
to the Dawn of the Millennium prophesied by John of Jerusalem in AD

"When the millennium that comes after this millennium ends, men
will have finally opened their eyes. They will no longer be
imprisoned in their head and in their cities, but will be able to
see from one end of the earth to another and understand each other.
They will know that what makes one suffer hurts another. Men will
form one huge body of which each one will be a tiny part. Together
they will form the heart of this body. There will be a common
language spoken by everybody and thus, finally, a glorious humanity
will come into existence.................. because Woman will arrive
to reign supreme. She will be a great master of the future time. She
will be the Mother of the Millennium that comes after the
Millennium. After the days of the devil She will make the softness
of the Mother flow. She will , after the days of barbarity, embody
beauty. The millennium that follows the millennium will metamorphose
in an age of lightness: men will love each other, share everything,
they will dream and their dreams will turn into reality..

Thus man will have his second birth. Spirit will possess the mass of
men who will be united in brotherhood. So an end will be proclaimed
to barbarity. It will be the era of a new strength of belief. The
dark days at the beginning of the millennium that follows the
millennium will be followed by days of jubilation: man will once
more find the righteous path of humanity and Earth will find harmony
once more

There will be roads that connect one end of the earth and the sky to
the other; the woods will once more be dense, the desert will once
more be irrigated and the water will once again be pure. The earth
will be like a garden: man will take care of every living thing and
he will clean everything he has dirtied. He will understand that the
whole of Earth is his home and he will think with wisdom of the
morrow. Man will know everything on earth and his own body.

Diseases will be cured before they are manifested and everybody will
cure themselves and each other. Man will have understood that he has
to help himself to stay upright; and after the days of reticence and
avarice, man will open his heart and his purse to the poor; he will
define himself curator of the human species and so, finally a new
era will begin. When man has learnt to give and share, the bitter
days of solitude will be at an end. He will once more believe in the
spirit, and the barbarians will be unheard of.

But all this will happen after the wars and the fires, all this will
arise from the ashes of the burnt towers of Babel."

When a Great Event that is ordained to mankind is tactfully avoided
by our leaders the collective karmic debt piles up. More than three
decades have passed and this debt has now become unforgivably
enormous. Those in charge of spreading Sahaja Yoga can evade the
truth and responsibilities for as long as they want, and continue to
waste the now dwindling energies and confidence in the subtle
system. There are 152,000 ways to learn about Self-realization. How
many are there regarding the Blossom Time?

Those who deliberately avoid announcing the Great Event that is
ordained to mankind will ultimately pay the price. i am not talking
about SYs standing in street corners with placards and shouting,
"This is the Last Judgment". All i am saying is that official SY
websites MUST gives details so that it will make the job of
spreading Sahaja Yoga so much easier to those who want to take part
in the Great Event that is ordained to mankind. Is this too much to
ask members of the World Council?




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