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--- In, "sfacets" wrote:
> This is the clone speaking, articulating slowly (the cloning process
> went wrong, I only have 2/3rds of my vocal cords - also most of my
> fingers on my right hand are fused, and I have a club-foot.)
> I can only laugh at how bad your grasp of the situation is - do you
> apply such methods of research into all your writing?
> Also, the mediation hasn't concluded, nor does it overly-concern
> your website -that's just your selective interpretation (glad to
> see that that is consistent) at play.
> Have a good one,
> Sfacets

Hi Sfacets,

i am a bit distressed that, notwithstanding that you are a defective clone, you do not seem to have the manners to address others with difficult to spell words like "Hi", "Dear", "Members of the Forum". What i am trying to say is that you do not sound human despite having a name. i could be wrong because even cows and dogs have names that they respond to, so why not clones?

So why do i think you are a clone?

i) you took offence that i rubbed your master John Noyce the wrong way and reacted. But, sir, i have had the displeasure of meeting him in the past and i was warned by SYs that he is a control freak with an unstable personality and tantrum streak. And he proved them right!

i believe that you are just as cracked, maybe a fracture or two more. Despite self-realization you claim that "I edit Wikipedia as a way of maintaining my sanity, with varied success." Common sense tells me that you admit not being sane at all times. That's a great Sahaja Yoga success story, don't you think?

ii) like JN you have this tendency to laugh at others, only that JN does so hilariously when he ridicules others for the slightest error. This is a serious mental fracture i would say. So when i read that you "can only laugh at how bad your grasp of the situation is", i immediately remembered JN. You guys must have bonded extremely well in Melbourne ............. to the extend that few in cyberspace can differentiate your conniving ways and tendency to laugh off loud at others. See, you must give me the benefit of doubt that you _are_ a JN clone, shoddy as the workmanship is. But then neither is JN as stable as you think he is, and that only makes matters worse ..... ................. for both of you i mean. If ever you guys go to a park both will sit on the same side of the see-saw and think it's fun, that is until children tell that you are unbalanced. See how bad matters _actually_ are my friend?

iii) you said that "the mediation hasn't concluded, nor does it overly-concern your website -that's just your selective interpretation (glad to see that that is consistent) at play."

i beg your pardon sir but i know the mediation hasn't concluded. And perhaps you may want to rephrase "nor does it overly-concern" to something more honest, though that may not be in your best interest. i was under the impression that Will Beback was taking up the matter with the mediator because your clone Sahajhist (John Noyce) and others were constantly deleting links to But i am probably wrong to accuse you good folks of doing just that because English is a language that i do not understand well. i believe that both the mediator Somitho and Will Beback have no evidence or reason to believe that you guys are guilty of deleting links.

Now i do not even know what the whole commotion is all about. Yes, i agree that all the selective interpretation of Somitho, Will Beback and myself does not meet your exacting consistency. terrible as our comprehension of English is. My humble apologies sir.

iv) You believe strongly that:

"Censorship sucks. Auto censorship sucks more. I count warnings in articles as a form of censorship. Sfacets 05:56, 18 January 2007 (UTC)"

i now understand that neither you nor your clone Sahajhist were involved in any form of censorship i.e., removing links because they do not meet you interpretation of Sahaja Yoga. As self-realized souls both of you have advanced far in dharma, honesty and comprehension of English. So if i have offended any of you with my lies, ignorance, lack of evidence and English education i publicly ask for forgiveness. Let me know how i can atone for my terrible sins.

Hope you had a better one,


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