Will Shri Mataji expel us if we announce the Divine Message?

From:  "jagbir singh" <www.adishakti.org@gmail.com>
Date:  Tue Feb 8, 2005  11:10 am
Subject: Will Shri Mataji expel us if we announce the Divine Message?
Dear All,

A SY asked me what will happen to her should she decide to tell
seekers upfront that Sahaja Yoga is about the Last Judgment and
Resurrection. i mean she is afraid that Shri Mataji may expel her
should she decide to tell the truth.

At first this message seemed like an insult, an affront to tens of
thousands of great souls who died for the sake of Truth. And there
can be no worst insult than that to our Savior Shri Jesus who died a
most painful death defending the Truth with His life. And here we
have SYs in the 21st century afraid of being sacked by Shri Mataji
for merely saying what She Herself has been announcing for decades.
And when we remember it is Shri Jesus who sent Her in the name of
the Father, it is indeed a fitting insult. The Savior died for Truth
but kept His promise to send the Comforter who will teach all that
He was unable at that violent age. And what do we have? - SYs so
scared that they even prevent those who have a far better conscience
and sense that we are not doing the Will of the Divine.

But then i introspected on why this SY was so afraid of speaking
about the very heart and soul of Sahaja Yoga and her beliefs? It did
not take long to comprehend and gauge the immense resistance within
the organization to silence the Divine Message. It is this baseless
fear of the public reacting and nothing else that compels SYs to
keep quiet. Never have i met such ignorance and cowardice against an
imaginary enemy that none have seen. SYs have for years harbored
this fear in their hearts and projected it onto others. We are all
paralyzed by this collective fear and this negativity has
overpowered many into inaction and aloofness even as the world
continues its path of death and destruction. Even as the faithful
look towards the heavens and cry out for deliverance those with the
Divine Message keep a satanic silence.

So will Shri Mataji expel those who want to announce the Divine
Message? Such a threat is a falsehood induced by those who most fear
telling the Truth to humanity. They are just using Shri Mataji's
name as a means to enforce this silence. i will be the first to
leave Sahaja Yoga if i am not supposed to tell the Divine Message to
humanity. My conscience just does not allow me to participate in
this hypocritical silence. Shri Mataji has always told about the
Last Judgment and Resurrection in public and extolled us to leave no
stone unturned to inform others this Divine Message. What then is
the nature of the negativity that sustains the satanic silence?

Jai Shri Mataji,


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