Will the faithful need Lemon and Chilli meditations for salvation?

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Date: Thu Mar 16, 2006 2:33 pm
Subject: Will the faithful need Lemon and Chilli meditations for salvation?

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> > You must also understand that Muslims in Malaysia are very
> > sensitive to the image of Islam and the Divine. They will
> > vehemently reject and protest any rituals and treatments or
> > external images - so be very careful about their religious
> > taboos.
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> i seriously doubt Muslims (and Christians, Jews, Sikhs) will ever
> accept the rituals that are being promoted. This is the latest
> update and we can see how vital cleansing rituals have become.
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> "See details of Books and CD's coming from India for sale at our
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> There will also be Clearing Sessions, Lemon and Chilli meditations,
> Onion Treatment, Camphor Treatment, String Burning, Oil Rubs and
> meditations"
> i wonder how will Muslims react to "Lemon and Chilli meditations".
> Management SYs have alienated most of the religious faithful and
> ordinary seekers with their obsession and insistence on cleansing
> rituals. Muslims will never compromise their faith with such
> practices. The only way will be the assurance that external
> rituals are absolutely unnecessary to take part in the Last
> Judgment and Resurrection. There is no room for compromise here.
> jagbir

i was thinking out loud whether any future believer of Her Divine
Message will require any cleansing rituals for salvation. The more i
pondered the more i am convinced that absolutely no external rituals
are needed for salvation.

But the least needed and lowest denominator for salvation has become
the official sacred cow of Sahaja Yoga.

Yesterday i asked my wife Shindi, as she baked walnut-carrot muffins,
why SYs need cleansing rituals. She replied that these rites are
required to keep clearing themselves, just like taking repeated
baths daily in order to constantly clean oneself.

So when will they become cleansed enough? Never, because they are
forever getting dirtied by catches.

Then what is the purpose of all this ceaseless clearing? (i liked
her answer) - so that they can become real yogis.

As i shook my head in disbelief i have come to realize how much the
core teachings of Shri Mataji are being lost, discarded by
management SYs since they cannot declare these thunderous Truths.
They are now comfortable with the cleansing rules and clearing
routine that is officially endorsed as necessary for salvation .....
..... er, i mean to become a SY. (Shri Mataji never even once
endorsed this idea that has over time been increasingly worshipped
as the sacred salvation cow of Sahaja Yoga.)

That brings the question that will determine its very survival: Will
the faithful in future need the Sahaja Yoga organization, with all
its cleansing rituals so alien to their religious background, to
take part in the Last Judgment and Resurrection?

i will save you from the inconsistencies of speculation:

"Tolstoy argues, very persuasively, that the core teachings of Jesus
have been lost to the modern Christian. Man is too comfortable with
the way things are to really adopt Jesus approach to life.

Most of what passes for Christianity today is nothing of the sort. A
great deal of it is self-serving. Jesus said salvation is personal --
you don't need a "church" to be saved. As Tolstoy explains,
church's are largely the invention of men, who crave a hierarchy and

This book "The Kingdom Of God Is Within You" is a revelation, and
can make Christians feel rebuked by Tolstoy's words."

i also cannot resist quoting the Bhagavad-Gita:

Undiscerning men, theologians preoccupied with scriptural lore,
Who claim there is nothing else, utter words with ephemeral results.
Their words promise better births through cultic acts,
Dwell at length on various rites, and aim at pleasure and power.
These men are full of desire, zealous for heaven.
They cling to pleasures and power and are fooled by their own
They have no knowledge consisting in commitment, fixed in
The Scriptures speak to the world's weave of integrity, passion, and
Transcend it, Arjuna, free from opposites, forever in integrity,
Detached from things, in command of yourself.
All the Scriptures mean as much — no more, no less — to the
discerning spiritual man, as a water tank in a universal flood.

Bhagavad Gita 2:42-46

My parting question: If all the Scriptures mean as much — no more,
no less — to the discerning spiritual man, as a water tank in a
universal flood, what will all the various daily rites listed in
the "Manual Of SY Cleansing Rituals and Clearing Techniques" mean?



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