Without Her participation formation of a new worldwide organization takes place

From: "jagbir singh" <adishakti_org@yahoo.com>
Date: Sat Jul 30, 2005  10:10 am
Subject: Without Her participation formation of a new worldwide organization takes place

Guru Puja Weekend Report, USA 2005
Friday, July 29, 2005

"After we offered our collective pranam, the international and
national gifts were brought on stage, one by one, and Shri Mataji
stayed throughout the entire ceremony. After all the gifts had been
offered, Arneau took the microphone to announce the news that, just
two days earlier, the Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Sahaja Yoga
Foundation had been officially registered as a nonprofit
organization in the United States. Operating as the World Council
for the Advancement of Sahaja Yoga, this new foundation will protect
and preserve Shri Mataji's teachings, and support national
collectives around the world in spreading Her divine message."


Dear believers of the Last Judgment and Resurrection,

The above confirms that SMNDSYF, whose rigid centre of gravity is in
America, has effectively taken control of WCASY. Using the same
words to launch the sweeping inauguration of WCASY to advance the
Truth, "this new foundation will protect and preserve Shri Mataji's
teachings, and support national collectives around the world in
spreading Her divine message."

But we all know and have evidence that for management SYs the divine
message is not about the Last Judgment and Resurrection (Al-Qiyamah).
"Just give Self-realization" is the divine message that has always
been given official support. Over the years that is exactly what the
fossilized minds of many SYs relate Shri Mataji's advent to.

The next paragraph of the Guru Puja Weekend Report, USA 2005 reads:

"We realized we were witnessing history--the first time a major
world religion has been formally and legally brought into being with
the direct guidance of the incarnation! With the generous support of
Shri Mataji and Her family, the new foundation will have a solid

Can SMNDSYF quote verbatim what Shri Mataji said about this new
organization? Exactly what is the nature of that "direct guidance of
the incarnation"? All this just does not make sense. What is the
need for Shri Mataji to give blessings to another organization when
the birth of the original She blessed last year is still in diapers?

Since Shri Mataji would not have done such a frivolous thing then it is true
that the "time has come now, when without Her participation formation of a new worldwide organization named Sahaja Yoga takes place." Shri Mataji has nothing to do with the new SMNDSYF but management SYs say so, even though it is a lie.

Is is because of all this Perezhogin S.V. resigned as the leader of
Russia? What else can we make out of his conscientious exit from the
ongoing power struggle?

"Dear brothers and sisters! Sahaja yogis of Russia!

I would like to use this only possibility to address to you all. The
stage, when Divine Incarnation, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founded and
personally was in charge of Sahaja yoga, has finished. The time has
come now, when without Her participation formation of a new worldwide
organization named Sahaja Yoga takes place. The new leaders, basing
on their experience and beliefs emphatically suggested me to leave
the position of leader of Russia and a member of the World Council I
have been taking, as they need a completely controllable and easily
directed from abroad candidate. I do not see possibility for myself
to take part in such organization, as well as I do not want to fight
and act with the same methods they do. Thus I leave the position I
was given in 1999 by Shri Adi Shakti, as now a new organization is
created, where I cannot be a leader, as principles of it's formation
contradict everything taught by our Mother. I would like to thank you
for all your great love and support, which I felt for all these 6
years. Thank you very much for we together reached unseen spread of
Sahaja Yoga in Russia and are second (in quantity) collective in the
world. And in quality, I think, the first! I leave with clear

With all my love and best wishes,
ex-leader of Sahaja Yoga in Russia
Perezhogin S.V."

As i said before, the storm is yet to come. So brace yourself.



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> > Dear Jagbir,
> >
> > If what you say is true and WCASY have omitted/edited the Divine
> > Message out of Sahaja Yoga, this is bound to have very serious
> > consequences down the track; even in the immediate future.
> >
> What i am telling you is indeed true. The Divine Message is not on
> the WCASY agenda though practically all other aspects of Shri
> Mataji's teachings subtle system, chakras, self-realization,
> etc., and the methods of spreading Sahaja Yoga music,
> pamphlets, internet, books, schools, corporations, etc. - have
> been discussed. There is no mention of the Divine Message.
> You are absolutely correct to say there will be "very serious
> consequences down the track; even in the immediate future." One of
> the most serious will be that in future Sahaja Yoga will be
> tainted with falsehood and dishonesty. New seekers will always ask
> why the rank and file SYs kept quiet in the face of obvious
> ommission of the Divine Message. All this will only happen if
> official SY websites continue to stall for time and resist pleas
> to admit the real purpose and mission of Shri Mataji.
> Like diabetes, the longer the silent disease is not acknowledging
> and suppressed the more serious the damage. A day may come when
> the damage to vital organs of the organization is irreversible.
> That is why i keep insisting SYs must be honest and demand
> management SYs to publicly state the facts. There is still time
> but the window of opportunity is shrinking in proportion the
> mindset is fossilizing.
> Shri Mataji may not live to see the day when SYs had the faith to
> openly declare Her message to humanity. That would be the greatest
> tragedy, one that can never be undone. So SYs must wake up and
> demand honesty and transparency of Her message towards all seekers
> before it is too late. Please do not be taken in by all the
> ongoing hype of having a public program here and another one
> there. Even a million such programs will not change the fact that
> SYs cannot publicly stand on their faith and truth.
> > The "All You Have To Do Is Give Self-Realization" line that is
> > being touted, however, seems to confirm what you are saying.
> >
> Why do you think you were told to quit both forums by the
> management SYs? Others were told to do the same with orders
> apparently coming from WCASY. That is when i started looking for
> World Council decisions regarding the order given that you quit
> these forums. Not only did i find that there was no such decision,
> which would have been extra-judiciary any way, but more
> importantly discovered no mention at all about the Divine Message.
> (Had there been no such WCASY order to you i may never have
> stumbled on this fact.)
> So the Aussie facilitators were actually hoodwinked by a council
> member or two. That is why till today none of them have been able
> to produce any written directive from WCASY. It was a bluff that
> misfired when called.
> i was quite disgusted by so-called self-realized souls resorting
> to lies and deceit to prevent conscientious SYs like you from
> supporting the Great Message of Shri Mataji. As far as they are
> concerned all you need is to give self-realization. But to give
> self-realization and inform seekers about the Divine Message as
> well is a crime that calls for action against the guilty. It is
> only when you talk about the Divine Message that management SYs
> knock on your door and order you to stop. As far as they are
> concerned you can talk about the subtle system and self-
> realization till you are blue in the face. Just don't mention
> forbidden words like "Last Judgment" or "Resurrection".
> > Your announcement to state this case for all time has resounded
> > with shock in my whole being.
> >
> Actually i am still recovering from that initial shock. This is
> not a bad dream that i can wake up from and will have to deal with
> it. However, try as i may, i cannot fathom why managements SYs
> just do not want to talk about the Divine Message. Why do they not
> want humanity, the very people for whom the Great News is for, be
> told about it? Why this pervasive official secrecy to prevent
> seekers finding out about the Blossom Time?
> Ever since i started to know about Sahaja Yoga i have been asking
> the above questions. Despite all my efforts there is no SY or
> leader who can give any answer. All i hear is this: "Just give
> self-realization." Not even so-called world leaders have an answer.
> Thus when management SYs want to shut down forums/websites that
> dare discuss the Divine Message i am at a loss for words. What are
> they afraid of? Why don't they give me reasons that the Divine
> Message must not be made public? But why do they hypocritically
> profess that faith loudly in private only?
> So how are we SYs to spread Shri Mataji's teachings when we cannot
> openly talk about its very heart and soul? It just does not make
> sense.
> i am having great difficulties being associated with an
> organization that is untruthful about its founder and Her message.
> The saving grace is that Shri Mataji always said that Sahaja Yoga
> is a living organism, not an managed organization like the Church.
> i am in fact contemplating how to only serve the organism and
> refuse to have anything to do with, or submit to the authority of,
> the organization as it is today. It is only a matter of time and
> meditation before the Adi Shakti within will provide me with a way
> out of this predicament. i am sure She will respond and help me
> overcome this obstacle as She has on many occasions.
> > Whenever the Mission and Message of a Divine Incarnation are
> > diminished, there is always the forces of darkness behind it
> > somewhere.
> >
> What else can we make out of all the sustained opposition against
> making the Divine Message public? What is making management SYs
> and their underlings label those spreading the Divine Message
> as "non-SYs"?
> > Shri Mataji has verily said that only a certain number of Sahaja
> > Yogis are real Sahaja Yogis. She has said that there are enemies
> > within Her ranks. We know of some of them who have come and gone
> > on this Stage of Sahaja Yoga. I imagine many more will come and
> > go as the Truth of the Divine Message exposes them, because as
> > Shri Mataji has said, the Truth will expose all that is false
> > this time around.
> >
> That is true too. Just look at the number of leaders who have
> fallen and continue to bite the dust. Perhaps the greatest to fall
> from the apex is none other than Yogi Mahajan, the undisputed
> world leader who wielded enormous power. This guy was so arrogant
> that he even went against Shri Mataji's decisions that my children
> must remain in Dharamsala. That he used lies and deceit to have
> his way made me realize years ago that Shri Mataji is indeed
> having enemies within Her ranks. Now that She has receded from
> public functions and entrusted WCASY to carry on, i feel there may
> be one or two Yogi Mahajan clones to carry on the disgraced
> leader's vendetta. Who then is/are the council member (s) who have
> judged me a "non-SY" and requested Aussie facilitators to pressure
> you to quit the forums? Is this a sampling of the WCASY Love that
> is going to create Oneness?
> > We just have to stand up and be counted as Messengers of the
> > Mission and Message of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in all its
> > fullness.
> >
> i am more than prepared to continue on my own to complete Her
> Mission and Message. All we need is more SYs willing to do the
> same. Management SYs should realize that the Shakti in the
> Sahasrara is over and above everything, even Her incarnation as
> Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. She will get the Divine Message out in
> the open no matter how many obstacles are put in Her way. She
> indeed is the eternal Adi Shakti, the Holy Spirit or Ruh of Allah.
> All vibrations, guidance and liberation have come, are coming and
> will come from Her, and will continue for all eternity. All this
> will become apparent when Shri Mataji leaves Earth.
> However, since i am not a SY any longer according to the official
> census this leaves me immune to their rules and regulations. i
> mean such directives are only for those officially recognized as
> SYs. But there are great benefits of such excommunication namely
> you can truly become your own master and seek guidance/protection
> from the Adi Shakti within. There is no other authority i need to
> answer to. As Jesus said, "You will know the truth and the truth
> will set you free." The knowledge, protection and guidance of the
> Adi Shakti within is indeed liberating in all sense of the word.
> Maybe this is the living organism that Her incarnation Shri Mataji
> Nirmala Devi talked about. It is only from within that you can be
> truly liberated and be your own master, finally free from the
> whims and fancies of management SYs.
> > I would like to declare here and now that the instruction now
> > being given to Sahaja Yogis that...
> >
> >
> > ...is an untruth and a diminishment of Shri Mataji Nirmala
> > Devi's Message and that it is the forces of darkness who have
> > the need to so diminish Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi's Message to
> > all Mankind.
> >
> > Let this also stand for a record for all time.
> >
> Thank you for having the courage to follow the teachings of Shri
> Mataji and not be cowed by management SYs to compromise the Divine
> Message. The survival of Sahaja Yoga depends on truth and
> transparency in spreading the Great News to all humanity. Look
> around the world and you will realize that only such a universal
> message will compel humans to looks up to the heavens again.
> Giving self-realization to those who are first honestly told about
> the Great Message will go a long, long way to emancipate humanity.
> All other methods will fail because 99.999% of those given self-
> realization so far had no knowledge of the Divine Message .........
> and left. Three decades of sustained failures should serve as a stark
> reminder of the futility of suppressing the Truth.
> Jai Shri Mataji,
> jagbir



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