Just like Jesus, Shri Mataji (Paraclete) too has met a most ignoble death!

"The T-square formations between Moon, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune indicate that some of the plans of Mataji might be hindered by obstructive activities of evil and negative forces. Also Mataji might have to steer through conflicting loyalties and aims of some of her so-called followers who are enemies in disguise."
Astrologer (Nirmala Yoga, Jan-Feb 1981 issue)
"The reaction of the world to the Paraclete will be much the same as the world's reaction was to Jesus. The world does not know or accept the Paraclete, much as it remained ignorant of Jesus' true identity and rejected him (5:43; 12:48)." Marthaler 2006, 276
"Mark 3:28-30 = Matt 12:31a, 32b; Matt 12:31b-32a = Luke 12:10
"Jesus says that the one who speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven. To speak against the Holy Spirit is to reject the message of the Kingdom of God and its messenger." Professor Barry D. Smith (Ph.D), Crandall University
"The blasphemy of the Holy Spirit consists of the willful rejection and slandering of the witness of the Spirit with regard to the grace of God in Christ. It includes attributing this witness to Satan, after having been convicted of its truth. It presupposes an honest revelation of this grace, via the Word of God by the Holy Spirit, which cannot be honestly or rationally denied. The convicted sinner rejects the truth even though this rejection contradicts the illumination and verdict of his mind (his conscience). In doing so, the sinner attributes what he knows to be the work of God's Spirit to the devil. The sinner thereby blasphemes God and His Word (Numbers 15:30-31), tramples the Son of God underfoot and insults the Spirit of Grace (Hebrews 10:29)." (Crampton 2004, 47)
"To those who refused to enter the Kingdom and who tried to prevent others from entering (Matt. 23:13), Jesus said, 'You serpents, you brood of vipers, how are you to escape the sentence of hell?' (Matt. 23:33.)" Goerge Eldon John 1996, 185
"And they are again crucifying Him by denying the living force of the living God." The Paraclete Shri Mataji

Shri Mataji at Guru Puja on 20 July 2008 at Cabella, Italy
Shri Mataji, at the advanced age of 85 (photo), publicly requested retirement "Now I have been working from the year 1970. And today so many years I have worked so hard, but I can't now do it, I have to go back and take some rest". She wanted to retire at Her residence in Pratishthan, India: "No, you have to save the world. All my work is that, and I would ask you to write to me in India if there is any difficulty." She officially blessed all disciples with unprecedented and complete freedom to form individual organizations, collect funds and spread Her message. The above July 20, 2008 photo taken after that final farewell shows a perfectly normal, mentally fit, and alert octogenarian. However, She was again drugged (Risperidol), sedated, silenced and subjected to unending public displays and puja parades in Italy till She suddenly succumbed and died on 23 February 2011 in Genoa, Italy at the age of 87. The denial of rest against express, public wishes and administration of drugs against Her clear written instructions took their toll in just 2 1/2 years and ended Her life! Absolutely shocking and inhuman, given the utter disregard of Her advanced age and decades of tireless, selfless, and relentless dedication to duty! Just like Jesus, the Paraclete too has met a most ignoble death! Those responsible—the negative forces and enemies in disguise who have, since the 1970s, always worked against the public declaration of the Paraclete—are now engaged in bitter, divisive power struggles to gain control and run the Sahaja Yoga organization. Till date they are against any disciple who wants to announce the advent and message of the Paraclete i.e., even after more than four decades! That official ban confirms the astrologer's 1981 prediction that "some of the plans of Mataji might be hindered by obstructive activities of evil and negative forces." The official AUM project of February 21, 2012 (appended below) clearly exposes the determination of the Paraclete's "enemies in disguise" who do not want to know or accept Her as the Paraclete and have always collectively suppressed Her advent and message. (They overwhelmingly prefer the public and themselves to know Shri Mataji as a kundalini/chakra/self-realization guru and want nothing to do with the Resurrection.) Now this rejection and suppression of Shri Mataji as the Adi Shakti/Paraclete is official and applies to all Sahaja Yogis, a blatant betrayal they never dared initiate when She was alive. This official statement outlines how that kundalini/chakra/self-realization guru image is to be cultivated, especially in public
The AUM initiative:
Preserving the image of Shri Mataji and Sahaja Yoga on the Internet

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"9.0 Reference to Shri Mataji on Blogs, Public forums, Sites and Groups

Shri Mataji is simplicity personified. Her language, Her demeanor and Her nature reinforce the simplicity aspect, which is why even communication about Her needs to be easy to read.

When describing Shri Mataji, care should be taken to avoid any kind of association of the following terminology
. Goddess
. Incarnation
. Religious or cult leader
. Religious leanings / ideas
. Any viewpoint or statement of Shri Mataji against any known figure or event or any popular practice.

Shri Mataji's reference and description is solely for the purposes of conveying our love for our Mother between yogis. But for non-yogis such terminology can be considered as blasphemy and thus should be avoided.

The problem is it that not all are ready for the real knowledge and we face the risk of repelling them even before they have a chance to find out about Sahaja Yoga and Self-Realization.


1981: Astrologer predicted Shri Mataji will endure "evil and negative forces" 1
1981: Astrologer predicted Shri Mataji will endure "evil and negative forces" 2
1981: Astrologer predicted Shri Mataji will endure "evil and negative forces" 3
2004: What happens after Shri Mataji leaves for eternal, external Spirit World?
2010 letter from dismantled WCASY accusing Sir CP and family
2010 coup d'etat was carried out by 22 ex-world council members
2010 "New Approach" Open Letter
2010 reflection of decaying, disintegrating and dwindling SY collectives
2010 legal action to 'rescue' aging Shri Mataji from forced medication (PDF)
2010 exposure of Sahaja Yoga financial mismanagement (PDF)
2010 confirmation of decay and disintegration of SY collectives (PDF)
2011: A challenge to the computer-literate children of the Adi Shakti
2011: Isabelle, their memory will always be of a lonely, sick, helpless Mother
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1995 - 2011: Till today this powerful negativity swirls around murmuring SYs
2011: To whom it may concern: 53 official reasons to flee from Sahaja Yoga
2011: Shri Mataji: "No, he is not Shiva, on the contrary he is the opposite."
23 February 2012 is the first anniversary of The Mahasamadhi
26 March 2012: Henna homage to a Sufi saint
4 August 2012: Shri Mataji asked me : "What's wrong with you? Why ...?"
Shri Mataji: "So the whole night I sat under a bilva tree near the seashore"
14 Oct. 2012: Commentary on 'chillies, limes and lemons' madness
September 12, 2014: "i again thank all the fools, cowards and hypocrites"

"It is through through your behaviour, through your pure lights, through your fragrance, people are going to know God Almighty. There are some, which can blacken the face. They are lights no doubts no doubts, but can blacken the face if there are impurities. Blacken the face of Divine, blacken the face of your Creator and that is what one has to be careful, that we are not blackening the name of God by our misbehaviour.

Now listen to me very carefully if there is no light out of the lamp, it does not blacken or enlightened, but if there is a light, it can blacken as well as enlightened. It's only the S.Y.s who can blacken or enlightened the name of God Almighty.

Say for example if you have fake man. He does not blacken the name of God, because he himself is black, so nobody bothers about that. If there is a person who teaching about God, talking about God, about religion and making money out of it. He blackens his own name. He does not blacken the name of God Almighty. The name of God cannot be blackened. It is ever shiny.

But it's only a Sahaja Yogi which can form that cloud to cover it. They only can finish the hope of this world. They only can bring the real the destruction of this world They will be held responsible. And they should be punished in time, so that the Name of God should not be ruined. For they have been given the right to enter into the Kingdom of God, others are outside. They are the only ones who can abuse the right.

Those who are outside this building cannot spoil it. You have the special privilege to enter into this beautiful building. You have got this right because of the great things you have done in previous lives. And if you now want to spoil it, you'd better understand that you will be very severely punished. The light which can enlighten can also burn. But this light will burn all those who try to burn the Kingdom of God.

So, on a Diwali day, let us know that we should have the lamps burnt in such a way that it has purest of pure love in it. Not a lip service, lip service of love, but from your heart, it should pour, like the Nature pours all its blessings upon you. Then, wherever the flowers of your feet will touch, the Nature will blossom with joy. There will be a Deepavali"

The Paraclete Shri Mataji
17 Nov. 1985-Diwali Puja, Italy

In Memory of H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Bring to Justice to Those Who Destroyed Her Life!

Target: To All The People Who Love Their Mother
Sponsored by: care2.com, February 12, 2011

We are all devastated by our Holy Mother's recent death on 23rd February 2011 due to long term poisoning by drugs. These were administered unauthorised since end of April 2003 by Her family with the full knowledge of doctors and leaders in Sahaja Yoga.

We wish to present an appalling situation that had been forced on to Dr. Nirmala Srivastava. For over seven years She had been subjected to harmful medication against Her wishes. We are doing this because we wish to protect Her human rights and those of the old and venerable in society who are neglected and not cared for in a dignified and respectful manner and to preserve Her great heritage. It is for that reason we would appreciate your attention and time to read the whole report.

Dr. Nirmala Srivastava was 87 years of age and affectionately known worldwide as Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi or The Great Mother. She started Sahaja Yoga in 1970 to help people to ascend, become deeper, to become greater personalities, to start to really enjoy life and to feel the joy of their own inner being. This has worked extremely well and countless lives have been beneficially transformed.

For the past 7 years She had spoken rarely in public and during this time some very unpalatable things have slowly been happening and now Sahaja Yoga is almost unrecognisable. Those changing the nature of it and destroying it are few - most of the people are still trusting their integrity and honesty not realising the dreadful nature of the situation. The family & few "leaders" have taken upon themselves leading Sahaja Yoga against Shri Mataji wishes and turning it into a business enterprise.

Her family and "leaders" have removed all those people around Shri Mataji who She desired to be there. They were replaced by people loyal only to the family. Anyone questioning their decisions has not been allowed anywhere near Her.

Issues to be considered in this respect:

DRUGS - Shri Mataji came to this earth to give life and hope to humanity and set it on a positive course - She wrote a letter in 1998 before some witnesses and She instructed that under no circumstances Her husband, Sir C.P. Srivastava, Her family members or any doctors within Sahaja Yoga be allowed to administer any allopathic drugs to Her (see doc. Shri Mataji´s letter).

Despite this evidence, She had been drugged with an anti-psychotic drug and other drugs to counteract very unpleasant side effects of Risperdal (risperidone) for the past 7 years, to silence Her. Some countries have banned the use of this drug. (See doc. Sir C.P. Shrivastava's letter and protest letter).

On 27th of March 2003, Shri Mataji attended the opening ceremony for the Centre of Destitute Women & Children - Vishwa Nirmala Prem (one of Shri Mataji's projects) in Noida, India. She looked healthy as was normal for Her and gave a public speech before dignitaries and government officials. When She arrived back to Italy, it was shocking to see that Her appearance was completely altered. The sudden deterioration in Her health continued to the present day, as you can see from the photo and collage pictures of Shri Mataji from 2003-2010 in the documents.

HUMAN RIGHTS - Shri Mataji´s human rights were violated as She was not free to do as She wishes and live where She wished to live (She was virtually under house arrest) and to have around Her the people She wishes around Her. She was constantly subjected to torturous schedules under duress to appear in numerous spiritual & celebration events, privately & publicly, at least on a weekly basis for several years. It was an enormously punishing schedule for a person of Her age, under the influence of anti-psychotic drugs which have extremely unpleasant side effects.

REJECTION - Formerly very few and very negative people were asked to leave. Ever since She had been drugged, many people who have been practicing Sahaja Yoga for anything up to 30 years have been humiliated openly within the organisation and were told to leave for no apparent reason.

TEACHING - Shri Mataji´s teachings are no longer handled in the appropriate manner.

FALSE ACCUSATIONS - Individuals have been falsely accused of improper behaviour and victimised.

MISMANAGEMENT - Misappropriation of funds such as Chhindwara Project in India and several others suspected of.

CRUELTY - The practise of the few of turning one person against another by interfering and ruining peoples private lives - causing problems and rifts in marriages, in families and amongst friends.

INTIMIDATION - The few controlling the lives of the many through fear of rejection and condemnation and through the expectation of large donations people cannot afford.

Or the restriction now on against those who dare ask about Shri Mataji´s health. Such is the nature of intimidation has driven many followers of Shri Mataji into hiding for fear of reprisal and, therefore, people who are devoted to Shri Mataji were unable to see and care for Her.

SUPPRESSION - There is growing impression that the great creation of Sahaja Yoga by Shri Mataji is becoming an organisation with restricted national & international communication - if they do not like the content, it is not circulated.

LATEST NEWS - Shri Mataji was hospitalized in intensive care for at least a month since early January in Genoa, Italy - similar to 2007 when She was in hospital in India for some time.


Shri Mataji, in Her tireless work encouraged people to evolve and rise through meditation, were nominated twice for the Nobel Peace Prize and were given awards from several countries.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi is a Divine personality intent on the resurrection of humanity. Even in Her childhood, when spending time in Gandhi´s ashram, he would often consult Her on deep spiritual matters, recognizing Her unique humane and Godly qualities. During the freedom struggle of India She would rather be imprisoned and even tortured as a student freedom fighter than get Her degree in medicine.

Her concern had always been for our well being and She had always taught us the importance of becoming our own masters responsible for ourselves individually and for the world as a whole. That we are able to do this from a position of total freedom so regulating, organising and living our own lives.The amazing spiritual and scientific knowledge She has shown us also integrates all the great religions so enabling the peoples of the world to unite. This ability comes through the initial event of Self Realisation followed by daily meditation and introspection and expanding of awareness. With a very tangible rapport, physically on the central nervous system, with our Inner Being revealing the science of how we affect and are in turn affected by our actions.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi has always also said that "Sahaja Yoga" (spontaneous immediate union with the Divine) is free – people cannot pay to become one with the Divine Power – with God.

People can volunteer small amounts for projects - audio and video tape production,schools, orphanages, visits of musicians, and people from lands bereft of funds and towards setting up collective events. As there are now thousands of Sahaja Yogis worldwide, it is obvious that this amount can be minimal. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Herself is from a royal family and has sufficient funds of Her own, She has no need or desire to receive money. She does not wish to be compared to other "Gurus" who divest people of all their wealth.

In 1970 Shri Mataji visited America and was guest speaker in many churches and other venues where She clearly warned the people to expect an influx of false prophets who would be coming to the West especially America (in some cases even taking them by name) to exploit and confuse Seekers of Truth and Spirituality.

She never requested royalties on the audio and video tapes of Her many speeches - quite the reverse She wished all of these to be available to all people at a basic cost of production and materials so that many more can access them.

In a speech in July 2008 Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi said that She desired to retire from public life (after 38 years working tirelessly on our behalf & traveling extensively around the world in Her concern for our ascent & spiritual development). They completely ignored Her wish to retire and they continued subjecting Her to punishing schedules (see video clip). We would be grateful if you could help us by signing this petition so that public concern will enable the freedom of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

Please refer to download papers and documents proving this terrible travesty is really happening now and needs to be revealed to the world.

Documents can be downloaded here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/6ynqub (is only available for limited time and please contact the petition site to inform us that it has expired)

- List of Honours
- Protest letter from Vishwa Nirmala Dharma
- Letter from Sir C.P. Srivastava regarding Risperdal
- HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi's letter
- Collage of photos 2003-2010
- Video clip Shri Mataji November 2010
- letter from a doctor
- Chhindwara Trust | Chhindwara Report


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Do we have 125,000 SYs worldwide?
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i am only asking for an answer to what many Sahaja Yogis believe
i am sure Kyyan would have quit like 99.99% of all seekers
I ask you to consider that it may be time to stop openly fighting
"I believe the Advent brought forward by Sri Mataji ... is taking place"
I call it the Sahaja Yoga Subtle System Religion (SYSSR)
I can't be in collective but you can be in Collective Consciousness
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I want to tell you something that Shri Mataji said about you
Jagbir, you are indeed an embarrassment to Sahaja Yoga
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Sir CP had no right to make public Shri Mataji's medical health and file
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Tell All The Nations ...
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That process already been put into motion with forum and archives
The Empire tarnishes back
The "enemies in disguise" that the astrologer warned about!
... then yours is the Kingdom of Heaven that Jesus promised
This evil of jealousy among human beings
Till today 10-29-2006 WCASY unable to muster courage and conviction
To all people around the world
To the general public the Sahaja Yoga message of Love is no different
To those management Sahaja Yogis who want to organize/suppress the Truth
Treatments are part of Sahaj but why do Sahaja Yogis remain sick?
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Until yesterday, I have never heard of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Vancouver Collective mirror problems that plague most Sahaja Yoga collectives
Bondar joins Wherry in WCASY covert campaign against www.adishakti.org
WCASY and Sahaja Yogis, do you know why they can meet the Shakti?
WCASY do not officially uphold Shri Mataji's Message as requested
WCASY now claims that Shri Mataji speaks through him
We have seven years to TELL ALL THE NATIONS and usher Satya Yuga
We must be able to speak our minds
We need to see the 'tares' among the 'wheat', Rajan
We should not throw pearls before swine like Anil, Alan Wherry, Ed Saugstad
We will have to celebrate the experience of the Great Mother
What do Sahaja Yogis know about Self-realization?
What happens after Shri Mataji leaves?
What has happened even before Shri Mataji's passing
What has WCASY and the SY priesthood done to promote the Truth?
What if this job is not done by 2012? Won't it be a bit late?
What we need today is a conscious effort to see the thread connecting all
What will save the sanity of subtle system Sahaja Yogis?
What will the ignorant masses make out of Adi Shakti's message?
When a Great Event ordained to mankind is tactfully avoided
80,000 SYs are 'crucifying' Jesus
When did Shri Mataji say "I am God"?
When I looked back, the whole palace had collapsed
Who is Shri Adi Shakti? A reminder to all Sahaja Yogis
Who is the 'Shri Kalki' who whispered into Yogi Mahajan's eager ear?
Why are Sahaja Yogis spending so much energy and effort to suppress Truth?
Why has Shri Mataji announced the Truth in public for three decades?
Why is the Sahaja Yoga bureaucratic machinery so slow to respond to a crisis?
Why more yogis do not proclaim the true meaning of Sahaja Yoga?
Will Shri Mataji expel us if we announce the Divine Message?
Will the faithful need lemon and chilli meditations for salvation?
Will the nations receive or reject Jesus' "brethren" who come?
Wikipedia:Mediation Cabal/Cases/2006-12-16 Sahaja Yoga
Without Her participation formation of a new organization takes place
100% sure Shri Mataji never insisted footsoaking be a daily ritual

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